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Get your copy of Eat Chic Drink Bold Wine Guidebook to enjoy elegant meals with ease. Download and take it with you. Gourmet Recipes plus snack pairings included in this guide.

Confused about what food and wines to pair together? As a trained chef, wellness coach whose wine certified this is my love language. And I want you to have a copy!

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CHIC COOKING ACADEMY - 8 Week Cooking Course (weekly LIVE classes)

Get ready to smell new aromas, allow the music of pans clacking in your kitchen as you have fun, then set your table for a gourmet dinner by candlelight.

Let's make it SIZZLE! 

Backstage at the Chic Virtual Cooking Academy this week. 💋

I've been teaching our women over 40 members how to improve their eating habits and learn healthy, chic cooking techniques so that they can manage their weight. 💃🏽

And then the second topic of The Chic Cooking Academy is elegant cooking redefined so that you can bring more elegance in other areas of your life and still be true to yourself. 💄

I get to do this. I'm honored. I'm humbled these women trust me to teach them my process, my proven protocol that's worked for all of my clients. 💌

It's all part of my program CHIC WOMEN DON’T DIET™ ...Chic Cooking Academy. I have seen the most amazing transformative results from losing weight, balancing symptoms of menopause and feeling more confident.

I'm excited you are joining me! Can't wait to see you in our culinary course 🍾. 

Learn more about us then reach out! You won't regret it, can't wait to meet you.


You'll get an amazing transformative experience! 

  • Learn how to cook amazing meals that you will long to eat.
  • Discover over 10 chef inspired culinary techniques to wow your dinner guest.
  • Discover the best herbs and spices to use so your meals pop every time.
  • Tools to up level your cooking skills to match your lifestyle NOW.
  • See how the French eat and stay slim.
  • Bring the Mediterranean home to you anytime!

Even if you’re just making a sandwich, food tastes a lot better when we put a little love into it. Pay attention to the preparation of your food, think about who’s going to eat it, and say in your mind, “May this food help you be strong, healthy, and happy.”

Chef Milan Perry teaches you how to cook chic healthy food and wine etiquette 
from her virtual kitchen LIVE hands on with you.


My passion for cooking started in 1993 after I became a new bride. This strong desire to cook amazing foods is what motivated me to enroll in the culinary arts.

My culinary education studies and training included: Food Styling, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and healthy Mediterranean cuisines from the International Culinary School of Chicago-at the Art Institutes. 

After an intensive study in holistic health, my goal was to blend wellbeing with the culinary world. Years later I received mentorship from top Chicago executive chefs at The Chopping Block Recreational Cooking School where I also taught cooking classes, events, wine tastings and cocktail classes.

The way I teach my clients how to cook is based on my own style of cooking which is gourmet, with taste, texture and loads of flavor. You will learn how to nourish yourself chic and elegant while dining at home.

My love will become your new love, creating spa quality, delicious, healthy meals, inspired of the Mediterranean and South of France in your own home! This is Chic food that speaks to you!

Experience the art of using natural ingredients, feel the benefits of culinary/medicinal healthy herbs for your body, and spices that makes your food not only look good but taste good. Feeling empowered and confident is waiting for you!

Chef Milan will be your personal chef, as you create each meal from the menu planned for the evening plus a list that will support you, taking the thinking out of what to shop, prepare and eat so you can enjoy delicious chic food inspired of the Mediterranean. Meals that actually leave you satisfied through busy days.

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[All sales are final as classes are LIVE and hands-on. The recipes chosen are not in many cases cannot be, exact duplications of the authentic dish). Digital or downloads are non-refundable once purchased. We do not provide refunds or cancellations of any kind for any reason. This is a digital product that I've created from my years of experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in my own education and mentorship. It's my life's work. Thank you for respecting my business #womenempowerwomen ]

DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Check with your healthcare provider first if you have concerns about your health. In addition, you should speak with your healthcare provider or pharmacist before making adjustments to your diet or lifestyle and prior to introducing herbal and nutritional supplements as they may affect any treatment you may be receiving. You are advised to disclose any and all nutrient and herb supplements you are using to your healthcare team.