Milan Perry

PHOTO’s TAKEN 20 YEARS APART (2019 vs 1997).
Your Age-Defying Wellness Within A Lifestyle


  • Completed Holistic Health Practitioner Program; Global College of Natural Medicine
  • Master Herbalist; Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness
  • Honors/Associate Degree in Professional Cooking & Nutrition; The Art Institutes International Culinary School
  • Food Styling; The Art Institutes International Culinary School
  • Educated in premium wines and gourmet food pairings.

As a 52 year old, my mission is to empower, support and inspire you to be that chic, healthier version of yourself. So that you can age gracefully by truly listen to the language of your body.

Working with diverse women locally and around the world through my online virtual bespoke wellness program, ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’!

‘SoNaturelle’ came about years ago when I was a French language student and working as a commercial print model in Chicago. My wonderful husband Mark (who is also my Co-founder, Copywriter, and Content Manager) encouraged me to develop my concept. This vision was inspired by a book from Author Mireille Guiliano entitled: “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. After reading her book:

  • I experienced an epiphany

  • My way of eating changed radically

  • This began my journey to ‘wholistic’ wellness


What People Are Saying

Being in this program I lost weight and felt so much better. Less bloated and fewer stomach issues. I will be continuing to eat cleaner now that I know how easy it can be. There are some challenges with my work-life balance that I do need to work on, so that is the next step to a healthier me. 

C. Smith

(Naturally Yours Events) Chicago, IL

Milan Perry taught me proper food combinations, what foods to avoid, how to read and decipher confusing or exaggerated nutrition labels, etc. I was able to lose 17 pounds and eventually went from size 12-14, down to size 10. As of now I’m a comfortable size 8. In addition; my knee and hip pain greatly subsided. I am so thankful to Milan! 

A. Harris

Chicago, IL

This was a most enlightening experience for me as the Cooking Class combined education, entertainment, and great food tasting experience that broadened my view of food preparation and how it relates to body health. I would rate 4 1/2 stars out of 5! 

A. Blackmon

Chicago, IL


More About Me

Guide, Educate, & Motivate YOU

I have experienced transitions in life where I was an emotional and mindless eater.

From 1st hand experience, I know that this guilt makes you deny delicious foods that you can have.

Then you go down the hole of feeling shame from ordering online and sending the clothes back multiple times because they don’t fit.

After the passing of Roxie who I considered to be my 2nd mother, I became an emotional and mindless eater then I hit menopause which changed my body. Not even my amazing husband's compliments helped me. We both knew the truth of what I looked like.

When I experienced transitions in life I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

➡️ My weight, health, and eating habits were inconsistent and uncontrollable.
➡️ I was conflicted reaching for excuses and shame.
➡️ Sending back clothes that I ordered online because nothing would fit me the same.
➡️ Not being able to tap my inner radiance and power to feel my most confident in my skin with my husband.


Sitting in my car crying, I was told by my doctor that because of genetics and heredity factors—I too was at risk for heart disease.

I realized at that moment that... I hadn't been taking care of Milan! The way I knew how.


  • I lost weight and regained my feminine strut again.
  • I start enjoying food without feeling guilty about it.
  • I lost the 20lbs allowing me to wear my clothes again.
  • The love handles diminished, boosting my self-confidence.

How you feel in side is important to me and I want to help you step into how you want to look and feel! My clients are women like you who are just too busy and having a difficult time making themselves a priority

I understand and want to support you! 

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