‘SoNaturelle by Milan’ is a VIP first-class, bespoke ‘Wellness Experience’ and Coaching Service for the business woman over 40. Who feels the need to lose some weight or transform to a more vibrant and healthier, age-defying lifestyle.

Maybe you’re satisfied with your physical shape now, but you need some strategies to keep the weight off.

If this sounds like you, then you have connected to the right place!

Have you ever found yourself gazing in the mirror when no one is watching and sucking in that frustrating belly pouch; imagining yourself a little thinner?

You’ve tried the trendy diets, B12 shots, HCG shots, P90 workouts, the two-week juice cleanses but nothing seems to motivate you anymore.

Mindfully consider 3 personal questions…

  1. How do you feel NOW…frumpy and grumpy, or chic, fit, vibrant and graceful? How would you LIKE TO  feel?

  2. With a vibrant, healthy and age-defying life you foresee living—are you feeling complete in your full potential and power?

  3. Would you love to get to a healthy weight in order to regain that type of confidence which you had in your 20-30’s?

I’m Milan, Culinary Wellness Expert in Chicago. I provide a partnership for women 55 – 64 whose business, clients, and meetings dominate their life leaving little to no time for self.  It’s time to kiss the old and tired you ‘Au revoir’!

Then we mentor you on how listening to the wisdom and language of your body will get you sustainable results.

My clients find that getting to a healthy weight even as they travel becomes easier and more natural once they stopped emotionally obsessing over food, diet and body size.

I love empowering middle age women like me over 50 who know the importance of self development. Working with me you will learn the Feng Shui to fill your body + mind + soul with good energy. Clean living, mindfulness and intuitive eating is important for any changes to your image that you put out into the world.

Making this shift will help you to Look and Feel Fabulous After 50 by creating sustainable weight loss. Plus show you how to cater your diet for your body type and live a healthy lifestyle on your terms without dieting.  So that you can age well, at 50 and beyond.

Imagine living your life on the go, traveling with that chic “joie de vivre” and healthy radiance. This may at first seem challenging but your body is amazing and may just need un petit re-calibration.

Are You Ready to Commit to

The Art of Living Chic, Vibrant and Healthy… Mind + Body + Soul?!


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