‘SoNaturelle by Milan’ is a VIP first-class, bespoke ‘Wellness Experience’ and Coaching Service for the busy woman in midlife who feels she needs more. Your body is off balance, you’re not positive anymore, gaining weight and having a hard time retaining your health.

And self care…what is that?

Or; maybe you’re satisfied with your life but you’re still not feeling quite you. Is it physical or emotional?

If this sounds like you, then you have connected to the right place!

Have you ever found yourself gazing in the mirror asking where did the time go. Here you are in midlife feeling frustrated instead of celebrating life to the full. Then I want to support you!

But 1st to determine if you are living a healthy lifestyle, I want you to…

Mindfully consider 3 personal questions…

1. How do you feel NOW…what got you to this point in life?

2. Are you feeling complete in your full potential and power?

3. Would you love to regain some of that confidence you used to have?

I’m Milan, a Culinary Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Expert in Chicago. I love  empowering like-minded women 40+ and #over50 who recognize the importance of self -care and rejuvenation. Who want to LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD + EAT WELL without dieting!

My clients often have ‘full-plates’ and energy draining, migraine-inducing hectic schedules that have not allowed for self-care or a healthy lifestyle. Well; it’s time to kiss the old and tired you ‘Au revoir’!

My investment is to mentor you on how to fully listen, be intuned, then connect with the wisdom and language of your body. Rather that be through culinary services, wellness coaching, or a luxury self-care retreat.

Imagine living your life more positive, reducing stress levels and feeling good in your skin with that chic “joie de vivre” you deserve. This may at first seem challenging, even out of your comfort zone but you are worth it and may just need ‘un petit’ re-calibration.

Are You Ready to Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle?! 


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