‘SoNaturelle by Milan’ is a VIP first-class, bespoke ‘Wellness Experience’ and Coaching Service for the busy woman in midlife who feels she needs MORE! These are busy, career focused women who find themselves dining out often and enduring a hectic work/life balance, which has lead to some added weight gain and their wellbeing neglected.

Everybody is talking about “Self-Care” these days—but what exactly is that? Why is it so essential that we thrive in finding balance, growth and a healthy mindset committed to a more vibrant and age-defying, healthier lifestyle? Because women will attract more of EVERYTHING when they feel better—inside and out!

If this sounds like you, then you have connected to the right place!

You’ve found yourself gazing in the mirror wishing you could get in last seasons clothes or just get ready for a professional event.

You are in your best mode of life, but feels frustrated instead of celebrating it to the fullest. I want to support you!

But the first step is to determine your ‘WHY’ …Why you are not living a vibrant lifestyle that supports the ‘8 dimensions of Wellness’.

Mindfully consider 3 personal questions…

1. How do you REALLY feel  NOW (frumpy), and—how do you WANT to feel?

2. Have you EVER felt really complete in your full potential and power?

3. Would you love to feel some of that inner confidence you used to have?

Imagine effortlessly fitting in your favorite clothes, know what,when and how to eat for healthy living.

Well; it’s time to kiss the old and tired you ‘Au revoir’!

I’m Milan, a Culinary Nutrition Expert, Herbalist & Healthy Lifestyle Consultant in Chicago. I love to empower women age 40+ or #womenover50 who want to LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD + EAT WELL without dieting and deprivation!

If you find yourself with a hectic schedule that does not allow balance, mindfulness, self-care regimen and healthy lifestyle to thrive.

My goal is for you to embrace the art of living, wellbeing and feel good ‘in your skin’ with that chic ‘joie de vivre’ that you want to exude. This may at first seem a bit challenging and out of your comfort zone. But with the right amount of support and accountability you can reach your goals. Your body is amazing but it may need just ‘un petit’ re-calibration.


Are You Ready to Commit to the Art of Wellbeing?! 


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