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You’re a woman 45- 65 and you have been told by your doctor, ” you need to lose weight, you are at risk of cardiovascular problems”!

An overwhelming feeling comes over you thinking, “Will I have to skimp on eating delicious foods to bland ones? Can I have my nightly glass of wine? Will I have to live off smoothies every day? I don’t have willpower!”

Maybe you’ve tried the trendy fad diets in past years, marketed to help you lose weight but weren’t sustainable. Now you want to truly enjoy life, but not at the risk of your health.

Now what? You’re overweight by 30 lbs, your clothes aren’t fitting the best anymore, you start to feel frustrated and your self-esteem affected.

Mindfully consider 3 personal questions…

  1. How do you feel NOW…frumpy and grumpy, or chic, fit and graceful? How would you LIKE TO  feel?

  2. With the life, you’re living and the life you foresee, are you feeling completely in your full power?

  3. Do you need to slim down at least 2 dresses sizes in order for you to have the ultimate level of confidence?

We can help you commit to the art of living well, unapologetically! 

  • Incorporate chic lifestyle habits that will reverse your symptoms of heart disease.

  • Learn to dine and travel with “NO guilt” so that you can eat delicious 5-star foods.

  • Discover your “je ne sais quoi”; lose weight without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

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Milan Founder & Owner of ‘Sonaturelle Wellness’ empowers professional women over 40,  or 50-65 who are holistically oriented and reaching a point in life where living a healthy lifestyle is important to them!

I work with women who are not whiners but see the need to continually invest in improving her health and wellness.

As a Culinary Nutrition & Holistic Wellness Coach, I’m providing a partnership to help you kiss the old and tired you ‘Au revoir’! Learn to listen to the wisdom and language of your body, our clients find losing weight becomes easier and more natural when they are no longer emotionally obsessing about food or your body size.

Living your life with that chic “joie de vivre” may at first seem challenging, but your body is amazing and may just need a re-calibration. Commit to The Art of Living Mindfully! Mind + Body + Soul

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