Everybody is talking about living a “Healthy Lifestyle” these days—but what does this mean for you?

Women will attract more of EVERYTHING when they feel better—inside and out!

I help high-achieving women in leadership like you; look and feel amazing in their skin, eat your decadent dessert guilt free while dining and lose weight in a healthy holistic way without dieting so you stay at the top of your game.

You’re in the right place to live a healthy lifestyle, If… 

You’ve found yourself frustrated shopping for clothes in stores and online, since your clothes no longer fit and you have to size up.

You are living your best years but your weight is at a standstill, after 40 years old it just doesn’t seem to come off easy anymore.

Now, you need to lose weight but your time is limited and you’re in information overload not knowing what to eat or cook healthy.

Lately, you’ve felt overwhelmed and stuck wanting to slim down for your man without counting calories, points or macros.

Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, eat your favorite foods while not gaining weight.

As a trained chef, herbalist and wellness coach I look at food as a gift and an experience regardless of where you are dining and it’s physiological responses in the body on a individual level (a DNA blueprint). Each woman receives this custom blueprint and a self care menu for her unique lifestyle when coming aboard as a client.

Get ready to embrace your ideal size, maintain it and feel so much better, wear the outfits you want to wear and strut your stuff!

To be able to understand why you keep craving certain foods, get the mastery over them and stop giving in.

I’m Milan owner of the Chic Women Don’t Diet lifestyle system. I use your Unique Biochemical Individuality coupled with my 30-3-30 protocol employs healthy lifestyle changes that allows women to show up in confidence in person for their team or in virtual meetings.

How can I help you “not feel” like you’re wearing so many hats to feeling like that 16 year old girl before you were a mother, sister, wife and teacher?



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