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Are you the  ‘Women Over 40″ or pushing 50+ plus like me, and have tried the fad diets in past years. That was designed to help you lose 10-20 pounds of weight with little to no success, and felt your self-esteem affected?

You skim healthy living magazines like Martha Stewart and O (Oprah).  Hoping to find articles that address your need to age well, boost your confidence and lose weight.

Moving past that, now you are at a point in your life where you feel more in touch with your need for vibrant self-care and well-being. It’s time to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle and lose those extra 20lbs! Now you are ready to step up and really honor yourself.

Let me ask you 3 personal questions…

  1. How Do you feel NOW…frumpy and grumpy, or chic, fit and graceful? How would you LIKE TO  feel as you age?

  2. After the life, you’ve lived and the life you see in the future, are you feeling completely dropped in your power?

  3. Are the outfits in your wardrobe fitting the way you want them to; what gives you the ultimate level of confidence?

Step into that feeling and really honor your body on a deeper level, unapologetically! 

  • Incorporate a healthy lifestyle essential for aging well and improved overall well-being.

  • Eliminate the guilty binge-cravings, late-night takeout foods devoid of fiber-rich nutrients.

  • Dine and travel with “NO guilt” so that you can eat delicious 5-star entrees and enjoy them.

  • Discover your “je ne sais quoi”; lose weight without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

Download my guidebook -> ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’

Milan owner of ‘Sonaturelle Wellness’ works with successful women holistically oriented. to offer them highly personalized wellness services for your unique lifestyle. Promoting a lifestyle of wellness, vitality and empowering transformation. Through the use of herbalist support, nutrition principles- weight loss, mindful meditation retreats, menu planning, and personal chef services.

I maintain a diverse clientele of women 50-60 years young. Who ARE READY to take better care of themselves to the highest level possible.

As your health lifestyle coach who also happens to be a chef providing a partnership to help you kiss the old you ‘Au revoir’.

Healthy Living Within A Lifestyle

Life can be a constant series of stressors using the masculine at work to being at home in the feminine. A truly bespoke wellness experience is about taking care of you from inside to out. With the highest level of mentorship, accountability for long-term results.

Imagine losing weight effortlessly without emotionally obsessing about food or your body size.

Living your life with a chic “joie de vivre”, may seem like a challenge. Your body is amazing and may just need a re-calibration. Commit to The Art of Living Mindfully! Mind + Body + Soul

Within your DNA are traits that influence how your body works, your aging ability, the right type of foods for you to consume, exercise and the best lifestyle habits. These are the behaviors that directly impact how you feel, function and look – right down to the cellular level. Isn’t that a staggering thought?

You hold the key to amazing change in your body. Your very own personal roadmap that gives you a concrete plan of action to optimize how you feel. With knowledge is power!

Let’s get going so you can take steps to make you feel and look better immediately and long-term for a healthier, fabulous life.

Whatever stage of life you’re in ~ I am here for YOU

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