Chic Women Don't Diet

Embrace your ideal size, maintain it, wear the outfits you want to wear, & strut your stuff!

I help women over 40 like you, who feel they have hit a plateau in achieving their vibrant wellness or ideal weight. You want to look and feel amazing in your skin, enjoy some decadent dessert without the guilt, and lose weight in a healthy, holistic way (without dieting!) so you stay at the top of your game. Are you ready? 

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I’m Milan, the Founder of the 
Chic Women Don’t Diet lifestyle system.

Everybody talks about living a “Healthy Lifestyle” these days—but what does this mean for you?

It means knowing the right foods for you to eat, feeling less self-conscious, more attractive and more confident in your body, so you can comfortably fit in the clothes you love.

I use your Unique Biochemical Individuality coupled with my 30-3-30 protocol that employs healthy lifestyle changes and eating that allows busy women to show up with confidence in person for their team or in a virtual meeting.

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How DO you feel? More importantly, how do you WANT to feel? Let's see where are you and where do you want to be with your wellness goals. Women will attract more of EVERYTHING when they feel better—inside and out! Sign up now for your CHIC WOMEN DON’T DIET™ Makeover Call.

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Lose Weight Naturally

My Chic Woman Don't Diet program is a custom lifestyle modification system that gets you out of information overload so you can boost your metabolism and have your bold wine, occasional decadent dessert, wear your chic clothes, feeling good in your skin while losing weight organically and sustainably.

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Chic Cooking Academy

Do you find it next to impossible trying to cook delicious meals from home? Meals should actually be healthy for you and not take up your whole day. If you are tired of trying to figure it all out and want to eat healthy whole foods, now you can. Let’s Transform Your Taste-buds and Get Elegant.

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Elevate Your Skills

Chic Cooking Academy

Do you find it next to impossible trying to cook delicious meals from home? Meals that are actually healthy and don’t take a lot of time? Let’s work together to transform how you cook so you can eat like a chic women who doesn't need to deprive or diet. 

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As a trained chef, herbalist and wellness coach. I look at food as a gift and an experience regardless of where you are dining and it’s physiological responses in the body on a individual level (a DNA blueprint).

My mission is to help women who have experienced stressful transitions in life to improve their emotional wellbeing around food, uncover and remove the obstacles that cause weight gain, so they can banish the self-love hate relationship with their body to feel confident again.

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Download My Chic LIFESTYLE Guide 

This lifestyle journal leads you down a exploration of chic healthy habits and self-care. Laying a solid foundation for holistic healing and change.

Lux Body Recalibration

Chic Women Don't Diet

Are you feeling FRUSTRATED that nothing in your closet fits right anymore since Covid19?

Spending more time “SQUEEZING” in your clothes.

Now, your extra weight gain has started affecting your professional image, how you look in virtual meetings and your confidence level with your significant other.

But with an endless to-do list, business projects, client meetings, team meetings…you have no time for yourself anymore.


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