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Schedule a 60-Minute ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Call: Quick tip on how to lose an extra 5 lbs this month.

If you are at a point in life where you: 

  • lack self-confidence because of the extra weight you’ve gained.

  • have no clue how to begin making better choices eating in or out.

  • want to look and feel better but struggling to fit in last years clothes

  • desire to live a healthy lifestyle, age well and reduce chronic conditions.

If You Are Ready Apply for your ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet makeover 

Step 1. Schedule your ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ 60 min session below.

Step 2. Within 48-hour receive a comprehensive wellness analysis.

Step 3. Complete your analysis and email it to

Step 4. Schedule your ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’, 60-minute initial consultation.

Step 5. If you feel you want to chat first then sign up for a FREE 20 min session

During the ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ makeover session

  • We will discuss your personal health goals and struggles.

  • Overcome 1 challenge that you face living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Discuss your short term and long term well-being vision for your life.

Then a plan of action will be established on how to get there. 

Regardless of where you live in the world, we can work together by phone, virtual, or in Chicago.