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Right Now, You Are...


  • Tired of juggling multiple responsibilities, including managing your own family and career, on top of¬†caring for your parents' needs.
  • Feeling guilty and resentful for not being able to do more or for putting¬†your¬†own needs last.
  • Burned out, losing¬†yourself¬†in the caregiving role and want to regain a sense of control again.
  • Ready to manage your hormonal changes, stay healthy and resilient over the long term.
  • Feeling that no one understands what you're going through, plus¬†the isolation from social connections and relationships at times seems unbearable.

Right Now You Want To...


  • Wake up feeling excited and alive again with a wellness plan that includes you.¬†
  • Have a to-do list that doesn't overflow;¬†between work, aging parents and family.
  • Set aside time for self-care¬†and¬†prioritize your own health and wellbeing.
  • Feel supported, appreciated and understood¬†by¬†your family members and community.
  • Have the time and¬†freedom¬†to engage in activities that brings you joy and help¬†you¬†stay physically and mentally healthy.

Self-Care Rituals

Right Now You Dream Big & Have Desires:


  • Having a well-balanced life, where you can work, care for you parents, and have more personal time to rejuvenate.
  • Dining out al fresco after an evening at the theatre as well as get back to regular date nights and romance.
  • Planning for your next European vacation getaway for at least two to three weeks while enjoying chic cuisines, and¬†experiencing¬†new¬†cultures.¬†
  • Making renovations or updates to your home so it reflects your personal style, feeling more comfortable, better organize and managing your space.
  • You would love the ability to work remotely, part-time or take on contractual work that¬†gives¬†you control over¬†your schedules.

Here's What You Need To Get Started: 


  • Say YES to reclaiming yourself so you can confidently move through the world feeling in control of your life again.
  • A can do attitude, letting nothing get in the way of you building a healthy balance for optimal wellbeing.
  • Seek support from someone who understands what you are going through so you can¬†make self-care a non-negotiable part of¬†your¬†routine to feel rejuvenated and better.¬†¬†

Curated Lifestyle

Did You Know?


  • Discoveries made by the AARP showcased that 74% of female caregivers experienced a detrimental impact on their personal health due to caregiving duties.¬†It is crucial to prioritize your own well-being in light of these findings.¬†

  • Women caregivers who intentionally¬†practice mindfulness in a chic way¬†are much more equipped to manage stress and anxiety and¬†you can do this too.¬†

  • When you set boundaries you can¬†say "no" without feeling apologetic¬†about it later alleviating some of the pressure and stress.

  • You can prioritize your own needs, feeling more empowered, feeling better equipped to¬†nourish your body the right way and have your petit indulgences.

To Get Started, You Do Not Need:

  • To be a perfectionist,¬†it's not required, it's impossible to be perfect in all areas of life, and caregiving is no exception. It's okay to make mistakes or ask for help when you need it.
  • To let guilt hold you back.To feel that taking time for yourself away from your caregiving responsibilities is not going to help you.¬†¬†
  • To put your aside your own interest, hobbies or doing things that bring you joy is not the fastest way to enhance your sense of well-being.¬†¬†
  • To be hard on yourself, give yourself grace is needed in this phase of life.

You Can Start Finding Balance & Renewed Energy As You Overcome Menopause Fatigue While Caring For Your Aging Parent 


CURATED life that lights you up. 


CREATE elegant rituals that you'll love


EXPERIENCE cooking chic food & eating as a pleasure.

Meet Milan Perry


Hi I'm Milan Perry, the Owner of SoNaturelle Wellness LLC and Lifestyle & Culinary Mentor,

My passion is to support menopausal caregivers who are feeling exhausted and stressed while caring for their aging parents. 

I was able to leave my career as a part time Commercial Print Model, while working 18 years at FedEx Express to help incredible women reclaim their lives without any guilt.

I've created the Chic Women Don't Diet Online Cooking Class, designed to help women enjoy gourmet meals at home.

I personally know the difficulties that come with caring for a aging parent, especially during menopause. Your body and emotions undergo significant changes, leaving you drained and lacking confidence. But I have good news - there are effective ways to overcome these symptoms and emerge stronger than ever.

There is no risk. No obligation. No pressure. That's why I'm inviting you to a free 45-minute Zoom Wellness Call. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


I'm On A Mission to Help Menopausal Woman Caring For Aging Parents Thrive Through This Transition

I fully believe in the power to assist you, and I wholeheartedly prioritize your wellbeing.

However, we exclusively collaborate with women who are eager to make a change and are willing to make an investment in their health and wellness.

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