Welcome! “If you’re tired, frustrated coming away from the closet, knowing your size has changed, but not for the better? I can help you naturally get to a size that feels comfortable for you. Hi I’m Milan Perry of SoNaturelle Wellness, and I’ve helped high level professionals 50+ live a healthy lifestyle which means you’re in the perfect place if you are making huge sacrifices in your businesses in a powerful and purposeful way.

So, then let me ask you 3 personal questions…

  1. Where are YOU in all of this?

  2. How do YOU feel in your skin?

  3. How would YOU like to feel?

Then stop playing 2nd place with your wellness! 

  • Incorporate a healthy lifestyle essential for reducing stress and improved energy and wellbeing.

  • Fight unhealthy habits that are damaging your body and leaving you feeling tired most of the day.

  • Eliminate the guilty binge-cravings and late-nite take out foods void of nutrients your body needs.

  • Dine out and travel with ease knowing how your body responses so you can enjoy food with “NO guilt”

  • Discover your “je ne sais quoi” from losing weight and finally shop for the size clothes you really want!!!

    Healthy Living Within A Lifestyle

Many of my clients travel often so living a healthy lifestyle is not easy.

‘SoNaturelle Wellness by Milan’ offers highly personalized wellness services for your unique lifestyle. Promoting a lifestyle of wellness, vitality and empowering transformation. Through the use of herbalist support, nutrition principles- weight loss, mindful meditation retreats, menu planning, and personal chef services.

I maintain a diverse clientele of busy professionals who ARE READY to take better care of themselves on the highest level possible.

As your healthy lifestyle coach & personal chef providing a partnership to help you kiss your energy issues ‘Au revoir’.

My mantra is ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’!

Life can be a constant series of stressors so a truly bespoke wellness experience is about taking care of you from inside to out. With the highest level of mentorship, accountability for sustainability and long term results. Imagine losing weight without emotionally obsessing about food or your body size.

Living your life with a chic “joie de vivre”, may seem like a challenge. Your body is amazing and may just need a re-calibration. Healthy living is a necessity not a luxury!

Whatever stage of life you’re in ~ I am here for YOU


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Nourish Your Body On A Deeper Level!


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