Welcome to SoNaturelle Wellness. As a women over 40, I know how easy it is to assume different roles; however being a women in the world of business doesn’t mean, you have to become 2nd place. Now is the time to…

  • Indulge in daily mindful practices to help you cope, when work life balance is hectic.

  • Learn tips and tricks to keep your hourglass figure without dieting, or counting calories.

  • Unearth 4 under-the-radar, lifestyle habits that guarantee you wake up every morning with a twinkle in your eye & more pep in every lovely step! Your “joie de vivre”.

  • Dig deep into your life and kiss your energy issues goodbye forever! Au revoir.

You don’t have to be 20 years old to feel beautiful. Too often, we complain about how we look, but rarely take action. It’s eco-friendly meets chic lifestyle.

Forty-five is the new 29; FEEL it, BE it, and EMBRACE it! 

NpvWkGsv_fZiAhvaWSrdn1q0tWBRGIqt40YShCEDnL0,J9uCtCwj2j9eVe1EttIhz53ezEbrZnUtsSeet8pYwGQA lighter, healthier body and a more joyful life awaits. If you are READY to stop making excuses for how you feel, take action now and be your best YOU after 40.

SoNaturelle Wellness by Milan is “Your Wellness Concierge” our core belief is that daily stresses on your mind, body and soul can be improved from within using lifestyle changes.

As you learn how to listen to your body and respond to it; in a way that you see as well as feel the benefits. Reclaim your zest and stop guessing! Your body is amazing; let it do what it is designed to do.

Combining herbalism, health/ lifestyle and culinary, I help frustrated professional women 40 and over find relief in a holistic way.

By promoting a lifestyle of wellness, vitality through the use of herbs, essential oils, supplements, food therapy and stress reduction. To lose weight, have more energy, reduce your need for medication and feel fabulous.

Whatever stage of life you are in ~ I am here for YOU!


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Let me upgrade you, experience a whole life transformation. No more excuses! Nourish your body on a deeper level and receive it's gratitude. It's time to feel good in your skin again.


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