Welcome to SoNaturelle Wellness Design by Milan. As a wellness woman over 40, I have several questions for you.

1. How would it feel to wake up every day with less aches, pains or stiffness in your body? Would you like to finally get control over your night sweats and hot flashes, in a natural way?

2. If you could lose up to 50 pounds naturally without diet pills, no more counting calories or points, would you?

3. Would you stop hiding from the camera, if you finally felt fabulous and looked amazing in your skin?

4. If you could reduce your need for medication and integrate a more natural approach, would there be a question?

5. How much longer are your going to blame motherhood for letting yourself go?

If any of these questions apply to your life right now. I would like to invite you to get the clarity that you need to experience waking up feeling fabulous. Forty-five is the new 29; FEEL it, BE it, and EMBRACE it! A lack of knowledge as to what is really going on in your body can only cause your problems to persist, unnecessarily. 

SoNaturelle Wellness believes that the daily stresses on your mind, body and soul can be improved from within using complementary therapies and lifestyle changes. Learn how to listen to your body and respond to it in a way that you see and feel the benefits. Reclaim your life and stop guessing! Your body is amazing; let it do what is designed to do.

Become your ideal self through a wellness reinvention. As a health lifestyle coach & personal chef, I’m dedicated to helping women 40 and beyond; lose weight, have more energy, reduce their need for medication and feel fabulous. Whatever stage of life you are in ~ I am here for YOU!


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If you are READY to stop making excuses for how you feel, take action and be your best YOU after 40. You're invited to a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session.

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