Hello beautiful! I’m Milan Perry of SoNaturelle Wellness, welcome.

Many women like yourself are making huge sacrifices and giving their all for their careers, business, their boss, family and clients in a very powerful but purposeful way. So here’s the question for you…where are YOU in all of this? How do you ‘really’ feel in your skin? How do you want to feel?

Do you agree that it’s time to put yourself first? 

  • Would you like to dig deep into your life-style habits and kiss your energy issues…Au revoir?

  • Imagine having daily mindful living practices that have you feeling centered and less stressed from a hectic day.

  • Learn to listen and respond to your body in a way that gets results you desire so that you can get to your ideal weight.

  • Discover your “je ne sais quoi” to boost your inner confidence levels and feel fabulous.

{CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: I began to experience hip and knee pain at age 49. The women in my family have either had or currently need hip and/or knee replacement. I refused to allow this to be my eventuality. Additionally, I was not ready to limit my daily routine due to the pain. Milan helped me lose 17 pounds and eventually went from size 12-14, down to size 10. I am now a comfortable size 8 at 51 years old and lovin it! Plus my knee and hip pain greatly subsided as a result of the weight loss. I also experienced an unexpected benefit which is that my eating better resulted in eliminating my symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux disease. I am so thankful to Milan!”… A. Harris, Chicago, IL}

Life after 40 or 50 has its perks; FEEL it, BE it, and EMBRACE it!

Boutique Wellness Business for busy professional women over 40

SoNaturelle Wellness by Milan offers you customized premium services for your unique lifestyle. I work with women who are READY to be healthier, to receive support that goes above and beyond, with amazing bonuses that will give you a passport to transformation ‘After 40’.

Your very own healthy lifestyle expert & gourmet chef that provides a partnership in your wellness, by giving you 1-on-1 limitless access personalized for you and offering one of a kind programs to reach your weight loss goals. Gourmet cooking style assistance and healthy menu planning availability for when you are just to busy. Now you can lose those last 10-20 lbs without counting calories or restrictive diets.

Life can be a series of stressors which can lead you to emotional eating at the end of your day. For this reason diets and cleanses are not sustainable, but a true transformation brings lifelong results. This is about taking care of you from the ‘inside out’ at the highest level.

Reclaim your “joie de vivre” and reset your metabolism. Your body is amazing but it could need a simple re-calibration. Healthy living is not a luxury but a necessity!

Whatever stage of life you are in ~ I am here for YOU


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Let me upgrade you, experience a whole life transformation. No more excuses!


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