How To Stay Both Healthy And Slim When You're In Menopause While Dining

healthy lifestyle Oct 26, 2021

If you're reading this, you might be a woman over 40, even an empty nester and find yourself wondering how to stay both healthy and slim as your hormones shift.

I'm here to tell you that it is possible!

In this blog post it is my mission to help you to see that "Chic Women Don't Diet" and how to stay both healthy and slim when you're in menopause.

Together we'll explore some of the best ways that I have found for women in menopause to stay chic and stylish while staying healthy and lean.

It can be difficult to find a balance between being healthy and being slim. As you age, your body change and so does how it metabolize food.

Life changes when you get married, have kids and get older. Your body changes too.

This means that you need to adjust the way you eat in order to stay both healthy and slim.

The key is making small changes like eating more lean cuts of protein and cooking them in healthy ways or opting for healthier carbs instead of white breads like wheat pasta or brown rice instead of white rice. These small adjustments will help you feel better about yourself now while also helping your body maintain its health as it ages!

But guess what?

You don't need to diet or starve yourself anymore like you did in your 20's and 30's.

There are a few things that I see happening that needs to be addressed.

#1. In this confusing time in a woman's life, it can be hard to know what she needs.

With so much information in the media women in menopause are often left feeling confused and lost about how to eat for their body needs. 

You may be feeling bombarded right now by the media telling you that being thin are goals you should strive towards but these don't always match up with how you feel on any given day! I love my feminine body with curves and I don't want to lose them dieting.

So, you're not alone.

Menopause is a life-changing event for every woman, even me.

And I know firsthand that it can be difficult to know what foods will work best with your body. Quite honestly, if you're busy searching for information is not on your priority list.

2. As women, we are always looking for ways to feel better and/or look better

If you have tried dieting in an effort of vanity; or maybe you've turned your attention to beauty products that promise long-term results but often come with side effects you don't want.

Like drying out your skin or thinning your hair after use—and still maybe you have thought about cosmetic surgery as a last resort when all else fails but this comes with a price tag!

I'm here today telling you about something even more important than any other option mentioned above: nutrition - specifically eating well-creating good habits NOW will pay off for you later down the road...

#3. If you are looking for a way to improve your health or simply want to lose some weight, it is important that the lifestyle program works with what makes up who you are

That means who you are culturally, socially, and even demographically.

You know that feeling when you try out a new diet and it doesn't work?

It's frustrating! Right?

But there are plenty of ways for if you want to lose weight without having the discipline or willpower necessary.

We all have bad days, which is why I'm here sharing my secrets from my personal experience as an Culinary Nutrition & Lifestyle Wellness Chef on this topic--including advice about how motivation can help us find healthy lifestyles worth living long enough for (hint: coffee).

I'm sure you've heard the advice "find your why". Well, I'll tell ya what...I think my motivation is finding healthy lifestyles worth living long enough for coffee.

Not really!

This might sound weird at first - but hear me out- there are some days when all you want in life isn't just one cup of caffeine or an everything bagel with cream cheese; rather something more gourmet and substantial like this:

  • Curry Cauliflower & Goat Cheese Frittata
  • Warm Farro, Tomato, and Basil Salad
  • Heirloom Tomato Orzo with Summer Squash & Eggplant
  • Brown Rice-Stuffed Tomatoes with Currants and Pine Nuts 
  • Or a delicious Seared Salmon With Salsa Verde Pesto

#4. The key to a healthy life is being motivated

In order for your motivation in finding healthy lifestyles worth living long enough can be successful, is that you need the right mindset and attitude about your health as well as consistent dietary changes that promote longevity.

That doesn't include restrictions unless you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Achieving your goals doesn't have be difficult or expensive.

It just takes commitment, accountability, support and motivation!

Find out what will work best for YOU so that any progress made today becomes permanent tomorrow.

Willpower has nothing to do with it! 

#5. The reason most diets don't work because they take the enjoyment out of eating.

There are many reasons why most diets fail, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is taking away your joy in eating.

Eating should be an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle with weight loss in view, most diets are simply not sustainable.

In order to really enjoy food with all your senses, food must have great taste, texture by way of nuts and seeds plus flavor infused through spices.

In my Color Me Beautiful 1 day special Gourmet Virtual Cooking + Wine Chicshop I show you how to develop a chic appetite so your body will want more nutrients than just low calorie food options which often leads back around again without any real progress made towards achieving desired results.

#6. Instead of focusing on how much you should be eating, try learning some new techniques that make healthy food taste great!

When it comes to healthy food, one of the most important factors in taste is how you cook them.

If a entrée has too many spices or sauces that may have been used for flavoring instead of adding flavor during cooking then chances are you will not enjoy what you're eating as much because spice can quickly become overpowering when mixed together with other flavors such as sweetness from sugar and saltiness from fatty acids that's naturally occurs within foods like meat which means balancing these ingredients, would make all your dishes more palatable while also cutting down calories at the same time!

The best way I teach my students in my Chic Women Don't Diet programs is by trying out new techniques so that women empty nesters over 40 can feel more confident in their kitchen and learn to cook delicious food that isn't complicated nor time consuming.

I want you to get back to nutrition, get back to feeling like yourself again and nourish your body with recipes that make you feel chic.

You're probably reading this because you want to know how much food is the right amount of calories for your body.

Or maybe, like me dieting just isn't working out at all! Nor is it something you want to do.

So instead of focusing all your attention and energy into cleaning up what goes into your mouth at mealtimes, why not spend time making the experience better?

When you worry over every ingredient in a meal it can feel like work after awhile-- but I am here and would love to help.

All it takes is one good idea from me as well as learning my creativity combined with your desire to learn; then you will have more fun experiencing delicious-tasting dishes without worrying too much about calories or fat content.

You can learn to make healthy food taste great with these easy techniques or easy recipes!

If you're looking for new ways to serve up your favorite dishes, I've got just the thing.

The Color Me Beautiful Gourmet Cooking + Wine Chicshop is a experiential hands on live virtual cooking class that teaches women empty nesters how to cook gourmet food, using the colors of the rainbow and seasonal ingredients.

You will also be able to make delicious meals at home while losing weight or living more healthily overall!

Finally you'll be able to reduce dine out or order Uber Eats because you want to...not because you have to. 

Here is what you can do to stay both healthy and slim while going through menopause from this blog post.

I'm Milan and I created an online course called "The Color Me Beautiful" Gourmet Food + Wine Cooking Chicshop where I teach you how using color in your food to help alleviate or eliminate some of these uncomfortable symptoms of menopause without having to resort to taking synthetic hormones.

The best part about this 1 day Chicshop is that it is 100% natural so there are no side effects!

And since we all know what colors look good together we get a bonus perk - our meals.

In my 1 day Chicshop you'll learn how to use color in your cooking when you're going through menopause so you can stay strong as the hormones change your body chemistry.

You will also learn how to make delicious gourmet meals using fresh organic ingredients without spending hours in the kitchen every week!

This gourmet cooking class includes 3 tutorial cooking videos (with a masterclass instructions) + 1 bonus recipe video on making pesto sauce from scratch!!

The best way to stay chic and stylish when you're in menopause is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We hope this blog post has helped inspire you with some tips on how to do so!

If you enjoyed the content, please leave us your feedback in the comment section below or by signing up for the 1 Day 'Color Me Beautiful' Gourmet Food + Wine Chicshop HERE.

Thank you for joining us today- we'll see you next time! :)


...Stay Beautiful and Healthy,



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