Remove The Overwhelm With An Easy Plan So You Feel More Structured & Confident in Your Kitchen

Over the years you've realized that cooking is not on the top of your favorite list and neither is menu planning.  


Now that you think of it, you probably don’t have a plan when it comes to bringing groceries home and the meal prep part upsets you. Which ishows up in your creativity levels with cooking.

On top of that you eat basic food that is monotonous, even find yourself eating the same food from week to week, and because you don’t know what to cook you often resort to ordering out.

Which gets pricey over time even though you can afford the luxury but it's showing up on your body, which you don’t want. If only you could cook well enough from your kitchen, the weight from eating out often would diminish.

 What if you knew how to cook creatively using the same techniques from your favorite chefs on cooking shows?


Instead of getting intimidated watching chefs put  together beautiful food that you would love to eat but don't know what to cook healthy or how to do it...now you know what you are doing. 

"The Color Me Beautiful" Gourmet Cooking + Wine Chicshop 

 A 1 day special Culinary + Wellness experience, where you learn how to cook, get more structure in your kitchen, remove the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do, feel organized and confident as you pull a delicious meal together for yourself, family, and even date night. 

Plus know how to duplicate these plans over and over..

A total glam and chic experience to help you pull it together weekly.

I‘m ready to get glam in my kitchen!

Our Success Story


"You will take what you experience forward into your life!


My skills were decent for someone who has cooked for a large family for 29 years. That said, I had gotten into this habit of making very quick meals so that I wasn’t spending a lot of time in prep or cleanup.

I tended to make the same handful of recipes over and over, which got boring to me.

I liked Milan's grace and friendly demeanor, and that she shared her knowledge and skills openly on her Facebook page.. Being more excited and creative with food again.

Presenting pretty plates has helped lift my mood this Winter!  The class was fun! The class was social. I looked forward to our time together each week. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself." 



Learn cooking 101 techniques to bring chic dining home to you. Use the right spices so your food will pop. 


Yes, you can cook healthier than you do and have fun doing so, once you know the basics from our class.


Discover the easy way to maintain structure so you can get in and out of the kitchen with ease.


You did the the cooking, now it is time for the fun part - an Instagram worthy plate that you will swoon over!

Wellness Chic Cooking Virtual Class


January 21, 2022/ 6 to 8:30 pm EST  



  • Seared Sea Bass with Red Goddess Dressing
  • Roasted Carrots With Mint and Tahini Sauce 
  • Sautéed Haricot Verts With Tarragon & Almonds 

Our Success Story


Meal time became routine and monotonous.

I have a renewed excitement for meal planning, prep and trying new recipe's In the past.

I would rush to cook, eat and clean-up. Meal time became routine and monotonous.

I have a better appreciation now. I take the time to choose my ingredients, smell the aromas and take pleasure in tasting the flavors in the meals I create.

Meal time is “MY TIME” It’s worth the investment.

You’ll learn skills that will not only improve your cooking but your health and well-being too".

  I'm Chef Milan the 'Chic Women Don't Diet Coach'

 "Wine, Herbs, Cheese, and Chocolate are the spices of a chic life". ~ Chef Milan 

I went from working as a former COMMERCIAL PRINT MODEL to following every guru and big food trend to stay a size that the camera loved. In time I needed to let go of the world of externalized and seriously focus on my health.

My reinvention immersed me in the world of training in the culinary arts:

  • Food Styling
  • Latin cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • American cuisine
  • Plant Based Cuisine

and my love of healthy Mediterranean cuisines from the International Culinary School of Chicago at the Art Institutes.

IN TIME SOMETHING HAPPENED, my life became a total rush of stress, caring for family, eating the wrong carbs, and not making time to prepare colorful, vibrant and nutritious food that I knew I would enjoy from home. Which is why my mission is to empower you to nourish yourself chic and elegant while dining at home plus discover the best foods for menopause.

I AM HERE TO HELP YOU get out of the survival mode with food and to create lasting sustainable habit changes that works with your lifestyle not against it. I not only teach you but show you how to experience the art of using natural ingredients, feel the benefits of culinary/medicinal healthy herbs for your body, and spices that make your food not only look good but taste good. Feeling empowered and confident is waiting for you!

LET ME HELP YOU...to put the priority back where it belongs, on YOU.


I want to be confident in my kitchen

Learn basic tools you need to eat healthy & cook an amazing meal 

The secret to great dining at home is combining the right ingredients, herbs, healthy fats in the right order and high quality protein. But to reap the benefits you must know how and when to use them. Join me in this one time cooking class from my home to yours. Learn how to sear, sautee, and roast for flavor!

Let's get to know each other to see if this cooking class "chicshop" will work for you. Join me and do something you've never did!


What To Expect? 


This exclusive Wellness Culinary Chic Cooking Soiree with a focus on showing you how to prepare meals that are healthy using lean protein, colorful fresh vegetables in season, vibrant aromatic herbs and spices and occasional fruits. Here's what to do now!

  1. Pay in Full using our secure server, then get onboarded to a virtual #newness.
  2. Check email for link to our membership site, Zoom link + onboarding materials. 
  3. Do your shopping and show up fully present through a private Zoom link. 
  4. Fun comradery with a cozy group and create a fabulous 3 course chic entrée

Through our 'Chic Women Don't Diet' culinary wellness and coaching programs you will get the best weight loss tips, best foods to eat hormonally and how to live a confident healthier lifestyle!

If this sounds fabulous, then you have stumbled upon an amazing ‘gastronomy of delicious et magnifique virtual chic-shop you'll rave about!


Nov 26, 2021/ 6 pm EST  


Yes, I'm Ready To UPLEVEL Dining In

  "Women will achieve more when they feel good about themselves"!



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