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Create Your Own Chic At Home Day Spa-The Ultimate Relaxation Staycation

self-care Apr 27, 2021

Every once in a while, we all need time to sit back and relax. For having a me-time, you don't need to go to a spa; you can create your chic at home self care space.

This is a great way to practice self-care and enjoy a little pampering. We bring you a list of products and ideas to create a chic at home spa-like space.

Set up Your Space

First, kick off your shoes and then choose where you want to have your at-home spa.

Take into consideration a peaceful and quiet room and that has natural light on it. Add some scents such as lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile, to create a relaxing ambiance.

Get Ready gather supplies to create the perfect mood for your chic at home spa day. A cup of your favorite tea on a cute mug with a confident quote or aspiration, is an excellent way to start relaxing your senses and inspiring positivity.

Look online for DIY masks and body scrubs to help your skin soothe and refresh.

Create a lovely space by organizing your spa supplies; this way, you won't need to worry about missing something.

Adjust your Lighting

It's essential to have a soothing ambiance. To successfully get this, try to dim the lights or add some candles.

This will bring an illuminating glow, which will help calm your senses.

Add Music

Music has the incredible power of calming nerves.

Create a custom playlist with some of your favorite chill songs, and you can add classical music to listen your cares away.

Dress for the Occasion

Being comfortable is a must. Find a silk robe for an authentic spa experience.

Add a pair of comfy slippers and quality pajamas; this is a great way to pamper yourself and go from your spa right to bed.

Add that Special Touch for your home spa

The next step to ensure your spa day to be perfect is to gather some unique supplies. Here's a list of things you will find to be the perfect touch for a relaxing day:

1. Neck Pillow

2. Gel Eye

3. Mask

4· Jade Roller

5· Bath Salts

6· Facial Headbands

7· Spa Slippers

8· Massagers

9· Essential Oil Diffuser *

10· Candles / Incense Sticks

Prepare your family for your "ME" time

Enjoy a special chic at home spa day with the entire family. You can make delicious smoothies with fruits and greens for a healthy snack.

Buy your kids a bathrobe and pajamas matching yours, so they have a remarkable memory of your spa day.

Teach your family breathing and meditation techniques. Finish the day by having a movie night and a special dinner.

Romance yourself then your special guy 

Create a romantic getaway right in your home with a couple's spa day.

Invite your other half to join you on a bubble bath while you listen to some romantic tunes by candlelight.

You can add some scents to set the mood. You can take turns doing each other a massage. Finish the night by cooking together your favorite meals.

Now you have the best guide to have a relaxing chic at-home spa day.

Take your time to fully relax, chill, and enjoy your self-care space while disconnecting from the world with these self care ideas and tips.

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