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4 Simple Ways to Show Yourself Some Extra Love

eat like the french Feb 18, 2022

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a firm believer in the power of self-love.

If you don't love yourself, it's really hard to genuinely love anyone else.

That said, I know that for a lot of us busy professional women, taking care of ourselves can sometimes fall by the wayside.

So today I'm going to share with you 4 simple ways to show yourself some extra love, without devoting too much time or energy!

Hopefully by following these tips you'll start to feel more rested, relaxed and positive - which will inevitably spill over into all areas of your life. Enjoy! :)

#1. Schedule regular "me time" to do something you enjoy.

We're all so busy, always on the go. It's hard to find time for ourselves, especially when there are a million things we "should" be doing.

But it's essential to your well-being to schedule regular "me time" - time where you do something you will absolutely enjoy, without stress or obligations.

Whether that means reading a book in your designated "coin francais" (French corner chair) going for a walk, exploring new neighborhoods, taking a Pilates class, or spending time with friends and family, make sure to set aside some time each week just for you.

I add in family and friends but beware. You want to feel absolutely amazing.

So if neither makes you walk away like that then find another day to do something with them.


You'll feel more refreshed and balanced afterward, and you may even find that your productivity improves as a result!

#2. Wake up a few minutes earlier each day to have some "me time"

If you're like most professional women, you're always on the go. You're constantly juggling work and family obligations, and there never seems to be enough time in the day.

But what if I told you that by waking up a few minutes earlier each day, you could carve out some "me time" for yourself?

Yes, Just a few minutes each morning can make a huge difference in your day-to-day happiness and wellbeing when it comes to setting wellness goals that are realistic and attainable i menopause teas

So why not give it a try?

Here are a few ideas I will give you for carving out extra minutes in the morning:
• Relax with a cup of coffee or tea
• Exercise or do yoga
• Read your favorite book or magazine
• Meditate or pray
• Make breakfast or pack lunch for

You may think that you are too busy to enjoy some "me time?" Remember these are your set wellness goals that can be changed based on your needs.

All you need is to make a small change to your current lifestyle. It can make a big difference in your quality of life.

When you dedicate those few extra minutes to something that relaxes and rejuvenates you- whether it's reading the paper, taking a walk, or drinking your morning coffee on the porch.

Just taking some time for yourself each day will help you stay centered and refreshed throughout the hectic week. So don't be afraid to set that alarm just a bit earlier!

3. Take yourself on a shopping spree and buy some new clothes that make you feel good about yourself

I know you're busy and you don't have time to waste. Believe me, I get it!

But sometimes you just need to take a little break for yourself and go shopping. Not to buy anything in particular, but to just browse around and see what catches your eye.

Maybe something new will make you feel more confident at work or help your mood when things are tough. So go ahead, take yourself on a shopping spree – it's good for the soul! ;-)

Let me know in the comments below have you given yourself a shopping spree lately?


Well, you should!

I have found it to be such a great way to feel good and reward yourself for all your hard work.

And when you're done, you'll have some new clothes to wear that make you feel confident and fabulous. So go on girl!

Take yourself shopping and buy whatever makes you happy! :)

4. Take yourself on regular dates - even if it's just dinner at home

I know you're busy. I know you don't always have time for yourself.

Are you tired of always waiting for someone to take you out on a date? Well, why not take yourself out instead!

But, if you want to be successful in your career, you need to make time for yourself - even if it's just a date night at home.

Dating yourself is important, and it can help improve your mindset, outlook on life, and career.

Here are some tips on how to take yourself on regular dates - even when you're short on time.

Happy dating!

I know how life is as a busy professional.

It is - always on the go, juggling a million things at once.

You're probably wondering how you're ever going to find time for dating, let alone a relationship.

But hear me out: even if you can't always get away for an elaborate date night, that doesn't mean you can't take yourself on regular dates.

In fact, I'd argue that taking yourself out is sometimes even better than going out with someone else. Making decisions for one is better than 2 people disagreeing over a decision but someone always give in and capitulate to the other. 

So, here are some ideas for simple (but still awesome) self-dates that will make you feel special fabulous. ♥

Why not try one or more of these ideas this weekend? You deserve it!

1. Have brunch at your favorite restaurant
2. Go shopping at your favorite stores.
3. Go to a movie by yourself.
4. Take a walk in the park or go for a nature hike.
5. Get a massage or spa treatment.
6. Visit a museum or art gallery solo outing

and finally.....

7. Dine at an upscale restaurant you have always wanted to experience.

So, get creative and have some regular dates with yourself. You really don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on elaborate outings to enjoy yourself even if you can.

IN the meantime, are you looking an experience that is a simple date idea that won't break the bank?

Well, look no further! 

Food is an expression of love which is why we would love to see you at our next 'Color Me Beautiful' Gourmet Food + Wine Chicshop!

Sometimes the best date is one that’s simple, affordable, and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

And if you want to make things even more fun, why not invite a friend over for dinner to share your new love! 



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