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Gourmet Wellness Chef Milan, is for the health conscious, busy professional who prefer deliciously prepared meals 3-4 days weekly.

This is also for you "IF" you enjoy healthy, French/Mediterranean style & Plant Based cuisine at home, but would rather designate the cooking and menu planning to a professional.

Chef Milan has worked with many clients with diverse eating habits and unique wellness needs: Chicken free, Dairy free, Gluten Free, Nut free, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Auto-Immune Deficiency and Colon Cancer. Her specialty is in creating gourmet healthy delicious flavorful experiences as a lifestyle. 

If you want gourmet style dining at home after a hectic day, but can't cook, are too busy and isn’t a picky eater, this is definitely for you! Call now 312.758.2006 to reserve a day on our calendar.

Seeking a chef to prepare upscale dinner for a party? Spaces available ONLY for in-home small catering events.

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We create a custom gourmet menu for your taste and health conscious lifestyle in mind. To give you the level of VIP service that you deserve, we only commit to a small personal chef clientel monthly.

Stop spending your time ordering take out food that doesn't cater to your needs of food preparation. 

If you have felt FRUSTRATED that the way you move in life has changed since Covid19.

We understand. With an endless to-do list, business projects, client meetings, team meetings…we want to support you with delicious cooked food in your home.

Imagine This...

  • You have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options available ready for you.

  • You no longer have to stand in long lines at the grocery store or ordering the same food online is over.

  • Your refrigerator is stocked with delicious foods you can't wait to eat since they are all home cooked, fresh whole organic ingredients.

  • You're planning a small in-home catered event but don't have time to do the work involved to make it a wow factor. So you can be the star to your guest.

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Phase 1


  1. Call and speak with private Chef Milan. 

  2. Let your private chef know your healthy lifestyle needs.

  3. If you are a good fit, choose your chef day (pending availability).

  4. Lock in your day and pick 6 for the week, chef Milan will tell you more.


Phase 2


After collaborating with you on a custom design personal chef menu for your approval, built to your specific needs. Chef Milan will arrive at your home after shopping for the freshest ingredients sometimes 2-3 stores. Meals are generally cooked during a 4-5 hour window with a minimum of 4 entrees per visit.

Phase 3


Healthy delicious meals are made with you in mind. Afterward, your kitchen will be fully stocked with meals that you will enjoy for a 3-4 day duration. Each entree is in its own food container, so you will receive 6 individual glass containers of food and a mix of healthy fats and protein, fiber, seasonal vegetables (healthy soups or breakfast).

Final Phase 4


Your items will be packaged for ease of reheating. When you return from work or your vacation your kitchen will be clean, food labeled and stocked in your fridge for your enjoyment. Eating healthy whole foods just got easier. If you have never worked with a personal chef before, no worries, we take care of everything.

Get Your Time Back

So when was the last time you were a guest in your home?

Eating out or ordering ‘take-out' food EVERY night is not the healthiest option for your health or weight. As convenient as it is dining out or ordering take-out foods with the foodie experience, restaurant food is often loaded with salt, fattening sauces, creams and heavy butter. It's not custom made for you.

How Would This Change Your Life?
  • 1 week customized meal planning and creation by a personal chef (Value of $80) 

  • USDA grocery recommended week of healthy groceries (Value of $206)

  • Average grocery bill for a single adult, week ordering out (Value for lunch $80, meal $300)

  • According to the Time Use Institute, average time on weekly shopping trips (Value of 41 min.)

  • Average cost for shoppers per trip to the grocery store (Value of $50)

  • Average grocery bill for 2-adult household based on location (Value of $350-690)

  • Most people spend more on snacking while at home (Value of $9.22)

  • Average time cooking and cleaning the kitchen per day for meal preparation (Value of 2 hrs.)

Average Weekly Value = $900 including 2.41 hrs., in time


Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

This is for you if...

  • You don't like the task of weekly menu planning and always forgetting something on your list.

  • You'd rather not drive back and forth to the grocery store and don't really have time to order grocery online.

  • You didn't like cooking pre-Covid19 and don't like cooking now but you find yourself staring at your empty shelves.

  • You want to save time, prefer customized meals with taste, texture and flavor. Plus you love trying new cuisines.

Get Started

Want more details of your chef experience?

What to expect:

  • No long term commitment required, pause and resume 1 day chef or monthly services at any time. 

  • On your person chef day we cook, serve, plate, clean up (dishes, silverware, kitchen and stove) then travel home after your chef day is finished.

  • Milan will create a menu that is tailored to your needs, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

  • Recurring chef clients are placed on a monthly private VIP subscription/retainer fee with 10 day discontinue service agreement

  • Personal chefs for your home will reduce your grocery shopping cost by more than half since they shop for 3 days worth of groceries. This saves money in two ways: one less grocery store visit per week and purchasing only the food you need; not items where you might be

A Note From Milan 

No longer will you be confused about  how to be health conscious at home...

My passion for cooking started in 1992. Working with a diverse clientele helped me to develop my own creative flair for preparing flavorful and Mediterranean plated food entrees. This was born from my culinary education studies and training.in: Food Styling, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine, with a specialization in flavorful gourmet Vegan Cuisine and healthy Mediterranean cuisines from the International Culinary School of Chicago-at the Art Institutes. 

After an intensive study in holistic health, my goal was to blend wellbeing with the culinary world. Years later I mentorship from top Chicago executive chefs at The Chopping Block where I taught cooking classes/events and wine tastings. My style of cooking for my clients is based on my own style of cooking at home which is gourmet, with taste, texture and loads of flavor.

I want you to nourish yourself in an elegant way while dining at home. My love will become your new love, eating spa quality, delicious, healthy meals, inspired of the Mediterranean and South of France in your own home! This is Chic food that speaks to you!

I am a Chicago personal chef and as a career changer working 18 years at FedEx from 1988 until 2006, my desire was to leave a hectic and very stressful career to enjoy the freedom of working for myself!  My love is cooking healthy whole foods with lots of spices and fresh herbs without the use of preservatives.

Gratitude from my local Chicago clients

Working with Milan is a dream. Her dedication to the very specific dietary needs and requests for my family is truly unparalleled. We appreciate her desire to research topic matters independently while always sharing her vast food and herbal knowledge with us along the way. Can not recommend enough"! ~Ashley Loquercio


"Milan made dinner for 7 people in my house at the end of September 2020. It was the first time I decided to have someone cook in my house. Getting the house ready is not big deal for me, but cooking for more than 4 people is stressful and food not always comes out right. Milan helped to plan the menu. She did the shopping, brought everything to my house and cooked superb dinner! Steaks were delicious, she paired very good red wine with the meet. My guest really enjoyed it. For the first time I was not frantic about having people over. I had a chance to talk to my guests and enjoy the dinner myself.
At the end Milan left my kitchen clean, all dishes were done. She's also very professional and pleasant to work with I will definitely hire her again!" ~ Bozena


"Milan was provided an amazing personal chef experience for a small private dinner party. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and amazing food impressed everyone and we will definitely be booking her again for more future events." ~ Claudia Laughter


"I booked Milan for a small private executive retreat at an Airbnb in Michigan. She did a lovely job. Not only was she pleasant to work with, you can tell she is passionate about food and entertaining. I would recommend her for small events and gatherings"~ Cassie Johnson


"Milan is awesome. She assisted my husband in creating a delicious and thoughtful four-course Valentine's dinner experience. Which also included a signature cocktail. She was flexible in the planning of the menu and the date/time of the event. Her personality is so comfortable and she is a wealth of information. I can't wait to work with her again". ~ Conswaila Sydnor Davis


Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Life!


Busy-ness is No Longer Your Excuse 

Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel–and the way you deserve to feel...special.

Imagine sitting down for dinner after a long hectic and stressful day, to the smell of delicious food in your kitchen, prepared specifically for you.

Yes, it’s true–we are what we eat. But there’s so much more to the healthy living puzzle!

I'm 100% Ready To Be Catered To In My VIP Experience