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Hi Beautiful!

Are you feeling FRUSTRATED that nothing in your closet fits anymore since Covid19? You spend hours “SQUEEZING” in your clothes.

Now, your extra weight gain has started affecting your professional image, how you look in virtual meetings and your confidence level with your significant other?

With an endless to-do list, business projects, client meetings, team meetings…you have no time for yourself anymore.


  1. Commit to finally take control of the dialog that keeps you feeling unmotivated, stuck, lost not know what to do 1st.

  2. Personalized 1-1 coaching that will allow you to experience weight loss with ease. Renew behavioral patterns to become a lifestyle habit.

  3. Food, Body Image, and Lifestyle are the 3 elements that impacts you day in and day out which is why they should be equally addressed.

  4. Coaching scheduled bi-weekly on a mutual agreed time + 30 min accountability between sessions + unlimited email access to Milan.

  5. Customized approach to wellness that takes your body type and food preference into consideration so that you develop habit creation.

“My Chic Women Don’t Diet program is a lifestyle modification that allows you to enjoy their bold wine, decadent dessert, wear the chic clothes they desire and feel more confident enjoying their favorite foods while losing weight effortlessly. As a trained chef, herbalist and wellness coach I look at food as a gift and an experience regardless of where you are dining. Then we look at it’s response in your body on a individual physiology level (a DNA blueprint). Each woman receives this blueprint and a self care menu for life”. ~Milan

Women over 50 renew your confidence and lose weight naturally without dieting.

Women and Heart Disease says, “23% of white women, 38% of black women, and 36% Mexican American women are obese”. As a whole statistics show that over 60 percent of women are overweight. One-third of them who are overweight are obese.

Your Journey…

  • 1, 75 min pre-consultation to get clear on your challenges & lifestyle.

  • 4 weekly sessions for the first month to get you moving.

  • Moving into month 2, bi-weekly 30 min tailored consultations.

  • Unlimited personalized email support for the duration of this program.

  • Healthy virtual cooking class developed by your personal chef

  • Weekly recipes + menu planning ideas when you prefer to dine in.

  • Bi-weekly challenges for accountability to keep you motivated.

  • My 30-3-30 protocol to kick-start your weight loss sustainably.

No longer will you be in information overload, not knowing what will work for your body. When your emotions are stable you no longer overeat. You’ll know what it takes to pull yourself back from a rabbit hole of racing thought. Allow your body’s wisdom to guide you on eating better, renew your confidence.

“Good health doesn’t have to be difficult nor time consuming!”

Women Over 50 Bespoke Renew Long Term Wellness Retreat at Home

1. Start listening to your body language that it is satiated; not feeling the need to ‘clean your plate’.

2. Be mindful of the signals you receive dining out with colleagues, sharing a meal with family or enjoying lunch alone.

3. Know if your body doesn’t like a combination of certain foods (the signs are there but you may be ignoring them).

4. Never over indulge on food or wine again. Enjoy dining at home as you use new herbs and spices!

5. Renew your confidence, reinvigorate & re-calibrate your body for a healthier lifestyle.

Bespoke Women Over 50 Living a Renew Healthy LIfestyle With Chronic Pain, Eat For HealthRenew + Raise The Bar on Wellness

Phase 1: HONORING YOUR MIND; Unearth the hidden triggers to unhealthy emotional habits and’s not what you think. Commit to your new healthy living lifestyle.

Phase 2: NOURISHING YOUR BODY; unlock the code to your body chemistry for weight sustainability, MIND + BODY + SPIRIT plan of action.

Phase 3: THE WELL FED SOUL; confront, remove, reshape and recalibrate healthy dining principles by committing to the outcome on a deeper level.

Final Phase 4: RENEW YOUR CONFIDENCE; Learn how to love yourself on a deeper level without the approval of others.

This Program Is For You If You’ve:

  • Consistently lost weight, then gain it back again a Yo-Yo dieter.

  • Struggled with your weight for years consistently being a tad bit overweight.

  • Love your work but the crazy work/life schedule makes you skip meals.

  • Pasting 50 and it’s no longer about vanity to look good but it’s about healthy living.

Busy-ness is No Longer Your Excuse 

Bespoke Women Over 50 Coaching Renew, Balance Your Body and Love Yourself

Here from a client who went through the program had to say->

“I began to experience hip and knee pain at age 49. The women in my family have either had or currently need hip and/or knee replacement. I refused to allow this to be my eventuality down the line. Additionally, I was not ready to limit my daily routine due to the pain. My knee pain was the result of a previous injury. Although the orthopedic physician gave surgery as an option, I wanted to explore other alternatives.

I read in medical literature that losing just 10 pounds felt like a 40-pound weight loss to your joints. This seemed logical to me. I tried weight loss programs but was not successful. I felt that if someone taught me the proper way to eat that I could attain a 10-pound weight loss. It was at this time I was introduced to the Body Recalibration Lifestyle, by Milan of SoNaturelle. This program was exactly what I was looking for”!

Milan Perry taught me proper food combinations, what foods to avoid, how to read and decipher confusing or exaggerated nutrition labels, etc. I was able to lose 17 pounds and eventually went from size 12-14, down to size 10. As of now I’m a comfortable size 8. In addition; my knee and hip pain greatly subsided as a result of the weight loss, and Milan was able to add in a physical fitness walking regimen into my program, to assist with my overall healthy weight loss goals. I also experienced an unexpected benefit which is that my eating better resulted in eliminating my symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. I am so thankful to Milan!” ~ A. Harris, Chicago, IL ~

Through the Chic Women Don’t Diet program using GxSlim has been very eye-opening for me and has given me the answers I’ve been searching for. I really never expected to see physical improvements at my age, but I have! Since beginning the program, I have seen a steady decline in my blood sugar (2-3 points per day), and I think I’ll be able to get off my diabetes medications soon.”~ Irene B. | West Chester, PA

Every now and then you need someone to say, “you’re going to be okay.” You got this! ~ Milan


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Coaching request answered within 48 hours. Setup your Free 30 min initial ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet‘  session to be considered for this program  Please read our Disclaimer. Send an email to or use this quick contact form for questions. I look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey.

*We make no guarantees of weightloss, since results may differ with each client.