What NOT To Eat During Menopause So You Lose Weight And Feel Amazing

thrive in menopause Jul 22, 2021

Today I’m going to talk about the M-word. As we transition into this new phase of life, we rarely talk about what to do or what are the best foods to eat or NOT to eat.

When I was in peri-menopause at 45, I started noticing in the community of women it wasn't something that came up often. At least not talked about with the younger ladies.

Didn't anyone ever think that we needed to be prepared for this phase of life?

We needed to be prepared for the the emotions that we would feel, the changes our body would go through and how it would affect our confidence levels. 

I had my own suspicions already about what to expect but just needed a confirmation from someone who had been there already.

My aunts were ever so kind to share with me what they had went through in this special time of their life.

This happened as we were together taking a family road trip. 

I have to admit this did calm my nerves quite a bit and I felt less afraid for what was to come.

However, they could only tell me so much because each woman's experience in menopause is different. So is her symptoms.

As they shared their stories I realized what my body was preparing me for. 

I was already eating lean cuts of protein, fresh vegetables, and fruits but there was more to this new way of being in life.

Only time would tell.

One of my goals were to make sure that my menopause symptoms were not unbearable, and eating the right foods needed to be a major part of my journey.

This wasn't something that I started when I became 40, but a journey that I was already on. I just needed to modify how I ate and the quality of food that I ate

However, I also wanted to make sure that I was not eating foods that my body would reject so I did some research on what foods to avoid when in menopause.

More tweaking lead me to adjust my Chic Cooking Academy which is my signature core program for support to women in menopause. Empowering the menopause woman HOW to eat for this new phase of life so that she can get to her next level in life.

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In this video I'm going to share what foods you should NOT eat during menopause in order to lose weight.

Remember this is not the weight gain that you would add on in your 20-30's but this is weight, aging, plus hormonal stress and genetics that need to be addressed..

Here I'm sharing my best tips of what NOT to eat during menopause to lose weight.


If you don't know me I’m Milan of Sonaturelle Wellness and owner of the Chic Women Don't Diet {CWDD lifestyle program}. Where I coach women over 40 to improve their emotional wellbeing around food, uncover and remove the obstacles that cause weight gain so that they can look good and feel good in their skin again.

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Any weight you gain that you put on in your early years was more than likely easier for you to burn off but being older now our body just doesn't shift back as fast as it used to.

So, what I have discovered working with my clients is that there are a lot of stories around what not to eat during menopause to lose weight or to stop the hot flashes.

But before you start changing how you eat, you must understand the natural hormonal shifts in your body, address that holistically then you can move on.


The reason this is important: Body changes and your relationship towards food changes as well (socially, emotionally, demographically)

Do you have the same lifestyle that you had in your 20's or 30's? You shouldn't, bc that would mean you haven't grown.

It's different than years ago, you have in essence training your body to become accustomed to a new lifestyle so you need to shift your way of doing things to get different results.

Rather that's socially...the more money you make the more new foods you will eat.

If you are at a point and are ready to learn how to lose the menopause weight with support then schedule a call with me, I'll put the link below the video.


I can honestly tell you that my work schedule has changed over the years. My sleep pattern has been affected as a result of my career, relationship with my husband, life as a businesswoman.

Guess what these changes have affected my digestion, hormones, the way my body process foods and this has affected my relationship with food.

When your circadian rhythm is thrown off so is how you store weight.

What is your circadian rhythm?

This is the 24 hour cycle that your body goes through as you sleep. It regulates your sleep, wake up time, your hormones and digestion.

To ensure that you get the sleep you deserve Sakara Sleep Tea will help you to get back to those deep nights that you desire.

Everything that will keep you slim and youthful happens during this time.

Now, what about you?

Think about your life!

In order to turn around what seems to be out of your control. Which it's not!

You need to develop a new way of being.

Whatever that would mean for you and stick to it for 3 months but make modifications to what you are doing.

You need this to become a lifestyle ritual, not a diet (Ex...if you drink a glass of wine nightly with dinner, drink what your liver can handle which is 4oz per hour, not skipping lunch because of client calls or doing thing for family that puts you last).

When you put yourself last on your list, nothing good ever comes of it. 

If you are watching this video that means something is not working for you.

If menopause is a hormonal imbalance then finding and correcting the imbalance is important.

When it comes to your body, cause and effect never change. Find the cause of what is creating your imbalances.

Then you correct the problem. Just because you see another woman lose weight or has kept the weight off. She's probably been working at this for years but you didn't know.

Don't focus on what some else is doing or not doing.

Your body is unique to you biochemically as a result of your lifestyle.

***Tell me… What is your takeaway that was a new idea for you?  COMMENT BELOW

So what foods should you avoid eating in peri-menopause and menopause?

  1. Aspartame and Artificial ….. Aspartame causes weight gain, unstable blood sugar levels, increases your appetite, and cravings for more sugar/sweet. It causes fluid retention, making you look bloated and puffy.
  2. Breaking Your Addiction to Carbs....you want to avoid carbs (simple and refined carbohydrates) and know if you are addicted to carbs. All carbs turn into glucose once they enter the bloodstream, but the simple ones cause the bigger spike making you sluggish, foggy, and want the more quick fix. Avoid: wheat, bulger, spelt, Kamut, rye, barley, and oats. Also, most carb addicts don’t realize that your body when it has a deficiency will make you think you have cravings. For example Bread = Nitrogen (get them from foods), Pasta = Chromium (foods), Salt = Chloride (get this from food). Once this deficiency is balanced with the right foods (ex salt../bread..) Then your craving typically subsides.

So, let’s wrap this up and you can get back to your day!

In order to control how food affects your body you definitely want to make sure you are paying attention to the circadian rhythm of your body.

I want to be honest with you here because when you entered the menopausal years and gained weight the reason this happed was not only because of hormonal changes.

There are other factors to consider related to aging, lifestyle, and genetics.

So, all of that muscle tone you built up over the years became fat as a result of your sedentary, none movement and less movement lifestyle. 

Fat weights more than muscle does and it occupies more space in your clothes.

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