Chic Women Don't Diet

Enjoy your bold wine, indulge in decadent dessert, & wear the chic clothes you desire while losing weight sustainably

"All in One" Chic Cooking Course Designed to Remove Overwhelm So You Feel More Confident with Cooking in Your Own Kitchen While Losing Weight Eating Delicious, Chic And Elegant Inspiring Food 

Cook delicious, healthy meals from home 

I find that many of my clients simply DON’T LIKE TO COOK nor have time to cook

Many women reflecting back during their adolescence never had to cook at home then went straight to college.

And now—years later they find themselves having very LIMITED SKILLS IN THE KITCHEN. Or maybe the  LIMITED TIME AVAILABILITY which makes ordering from a take-out/delivery menu an easier choice. You simply don't have the energy to pull it together.

“Healthy, Gourmet Recipes Designed Exclusively by a Renowned Chef”

A unique personalized approach for women who admire the French way of living... that 'je ne sais quoi' lifestyle. Well, you don't have to be French to live well, be well and eat well. With a proven system designed to help you achieve sustainable results so you can eat like a chic woman who don't diet and is not French in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

The BIGGEST benefit of joining this course is that you are with your Chef Milan LIVE.

Learn cooking fundamentals from A-Z, you will be an excellent cook when done. And much more confident....Come Join Us!

Imagine This...

  • You now get excited being able to cook real food that is not only healthy but colorful, creative and chic.
  • You can finally prepare delicious and healthy food for you and/or your family without eating unhealthy restaurant food all the time.
  • You feel a sense of renewed excitement now that you have the skills to cook, plan healthy meals and try new recipes. Knowing that you are giving your body what it needs.
  • You no longer feel overwhelmed with the thought of having to cook a meal that is easy and chef inspired.
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Module 1

Make it Sizzle & Simple

Starting today, you will learn to cook elegant and delicious food while losing weight! And you will start to feel more structured & organized in your kitchen knowing that you have the right tools. You'll have everything in place so that meal time will no longer be routine and monotonous. Finally discover the system that helps women reduce hormonal discomfort.

Module 2

Sip, Shop then Cook In 1 hr. or less

Discover the secrets to easy menu planning & time saving techniques to shop your grocery store in a chic way. Then fill your cabinets and refrigerator with foods you will actually use and know what to do with them each time, no longer wasting food. 

Feeling less stressed, not dreading a messy kitchen to clean up and allowing space for wellbeing to flourish.

Module 3

Explosion of Flavor 

Good FATS vs BAD fats, know the difference & how to add flavor. There is a misconception that cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest oil. Enlighten yourself to the best oils that not only improve cooking but your health and well-being. Discover your UBI (unique biochemical individuality) then balance your hormones with ease.

Module 4

Impress Your Taste Buds 

Experience the art of how to cook whole grains so that they are delicious every time, eat in a way that normalize your bowel habits, reduce your menopausal symptoms and midlife belly bloat.

Module 5

Romancing The Rainbow

Develop a healthy love affair with veggies by learning how to include more colorful fresh ingredients in your diet with spices and new chic ways to cook them. Then do a deep dive into the world of culinary and medicinal herbs to boost your metabolism so you can lose weight sustainably and maintain it.

Module 6

Live Life Satisfied

Food is served so go stuff your chicken breast, sear, sauté, braise, sauce it up. Cook seasonally for easy dining at home & eat chic for life! And build excitement as you create your chic menu for the week.

Module 7

Eat Chic & Drink Bold

Presentation day + Wine 101! By this week, you will be able to present, show off techniques you have learned and mastered. Then cook, plate and wow any dinner guest by bringing the restaurant home to you. Share your Chic & Elegant entrée with love as you skillfully pair your favorite wine. This wine tasting module will explore in depth, how to pair the perfect wine with your meals elevating your ability to taste wine notes.


Chic & Elegant Bonus (Week 8): 

In French we say, "Fommage". Have fun and learn how to build the perfect Charcuterie (cheese board) for your next chic cocktail party, hosting family or friends.

Imagine a newer healthier lifestyle…

Is Cooking not your forté?

Having a hectic and on-the-go lifestyle, you often find yourself emotional eating and/or eating at your desk, dining out often, juggling work projects/clients, family or life.

Leaving you no clue or too tired to pull it together in a organized, easy, efficient and healthy way in your kitchen.

Now here you are midweek! Not enjoying cooking but would still love to get back into your nice clothes, be at the top of your game and feel more confident!

Imagine a newer healthier lifestyle…

Where you enjoy delicious food that has lots of flavor, eye catching appeal and amazing aroma!

More focused, emotionally satisfied about your eating habits, wearing your new chic clothes, and knowing how you should be eating without deprivation.

How Would This Change Your Life?

ONCE YOU HAVE PAID, you will be sent a link to schedule a Zoom call with your chef Milan. On this call we will do a deep dive into who you are as an eater. Then add you to my private Facebook group “Chic Women Don't Diet” .(Value priceless)

We’ll get started TODAY. Upon enrollment you will receive your onboarding material & your next steps in the Chic Cooking process. (Value of $325)

Every week we will release a new module for you to consume and tools plus guided hands on LIVE training on Zoom. We do this together so you will learn. No cookbooks allowed. (Value of $2499)


Eat healthier with weekly video tips to keep you motivated and empowered to live a chic healthy lifestyle. You will know specifically what your next steps are to maintain your weight sustainably. (Value of $1400)

Guided cooking curriculum with supportive material from your instructor (recipes, course notes, and other resources). (Value of $600)

Group Office hr. on your cook day. Q & A, guided instruction in our private membership link, UNLIMITED email access to your chef Milan through the membership portal answered within 48 hours (Value of $700)

Total Value = $5,524

TODAY'S PRICE = $1,447

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By the end of this program

You’ll be able to:

  • Cook chic food without a cookbook

  • Create an easy menu for your family.

  • Know how to normalize your hormones.

  • Have a clear structured eating pattern.

  • Forget about dieting and just eat well.

  • Be on a journey of maintaining your weight.

  • Learn how to properly purchase and use a chef knife.

  • Know the right tools to use to get out of the kitchen fast.

  • Have a solid plan for dining that matches the rest of your life.

  • Only eat boring food if you choose too, not because you have to.

  • Learn how to be more confident in your kitchen using new ingredients.

A Note From Milan 

My passion for cooking started in 1992. Working with a diverse clientele: cooked vegan with colon cancer, paleo, heart disease, high blood pressure, Gluten Free and diabetes has helped me to develop my own creative flair for preparing flavorful and chic plated food entrees.

This was born from my culinary education studies and training in: Food Styling, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and healthy Mediterranean cuisines from the International Culinary School of Chicago-at the Art Institutes. 

After an intensive study in holistic health, my goal was to blend wellbeing with the culinary world. Years later I received mentorship from top Chicago executive chefs at The Chopping Block where I also taught cooking classes, events, wine tastings and cocktail classes.

The way I teach my clients how to cook is based on my own style of cooking which is gourmet, with taste, texture and loads of flavor. You will learn how to nourish yourself chic and elegant while dining at home.

My love will become your new love, creating spa quality, delicious, healthy meals, inspired of the Mediterranean and South of France in your own home! This is Chic food that speaks to you!

Experience the art of using natural ingredients, feel the benefits of culinary/medicinal healthy herbs for your body, and spices that makes your food not only fresh, but deliciously un-processed.

Feeling empowered and confident is waiting on you!

Success Stories

Being in this program I lost weight and felt so much better. Less bloated and fewer stomach issues. I will be continuing to eat cleaner now that I know how easy it can be. There are some challenges with my work-life balance that I do need to work on, so that is the next step to a healthier me.

C. Smith, (Naturally Yours Events) Chicago, IL


"This was a most enlightening experience for me as the Cooking Class combined education, entertainment, and great food tasting experience that broadened my view of food preparation and how it relates to body health. I would rate 4 1/2 stars out of 5!" 

A. Blackmon, Chicago, IL


Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Life!

Lack of TIME may be your complaint for not eating better. But is this just an excuse? 

I'm 100% Ready To Change My Life