New Way To Cook In Menopause

The New Rules To Lose Weight In Menopause Without Changing Your Diet

thrive in menopause Aug 12, 2021

There is a certain amount of frustration that I have been feeling. The new normal has pushed the world  into sitting all day, long hours day and nights working on projects that make you skip eating the way you want to?

And as a result, the weight gain hasn't stopped even though you are eating less.

The moment I hit menopause I have noticed the lack of and sometimes more information that I need. And this information overload can get confusing around what to eat in menopause to lose weight.

A major problem of discouragement is trying to apply the information that you do get to yourself on a personal level and it not working the way you anticipate. 

In this video I am going to share with you the new rules to lose weight in menopause without changing your diet. Let me know your takeaway!

Darling, if we sat down in a chat, I am certain you can tell me all about the fascinating experiences you have had, places you’ve traveled to, cultural moments that have made you grow and be better to the woman you are now. Right?

So, in all honestly...this is why you need a new set of lifestyle rules (I am using rules loosely).

Ones that would match your chic lifestyle especially if you have gained weight in menopause and are having a hard time losing it. if you haven't cultivated a chic lifestyle, then it's about time you start by reinventing yourself. 

I’m Milan of Sonaturelle Wellness and the CWDD lifestyle program. Where I coach women over 40 to improve their emotional wellbeing around food, uncover and remove the obstacles that cause weight gain so that they can look good and feel good in their skin again.

So if you have been feeling like you are in information overload not knowing what to do so you do nothing…

I get it!

When I am overwhelmed I simply FREEZE

Because of the idea of that stress, I down want whatever it is I have to do.

I don’t want how you nourish yourself in this phase of life, in menopause to be an added stress for you.

I am here to support you not add to your stress levels.  

I got you!

So, here are my top chic tips on how to eat healthy in menopause.


This word is tossed around so much but what does it mean for you: cook healthier food, moving your body more, making quality time for you or simply game plan on what cuisine you will cook.

Then think about WHEN is it that you think about being healthier.

Is it when you are interested in kindling a relationship, going on a vacation, being more at ease with your significant other, or wearing clothes that would make you feel good?

***Tell me… What times during the year do you think about getting healthy the most? I promise not to judge you. COMMENT BELOW


food is a culinary art, food is healing. When it comes to dining in, expect the same outcome for the same technique.

There are a lot of ways to cook an entrée but if you use the same technique then your food comes out the same way. Because you used the same pan, the same amount of heat, and the same cooking method.

Healthy eating is linked to how we cook our food which involves good techniques.


Think about every time you went to dine out, what spices were used (remember the taste), and what herbs contributed to the overall taste.

These are are the same herbs and spices that are healing for your body. These herbs and spices will boost your immune function, increase circulation, and reduce bloating. When your food tastes delicious every single time, healthy eating will be a no-brainer for you.

The weight loss will happen naturally without any effort.

In my CCA I teach my students in a 1 day weekly cooking class, how to cook flavorful whole grains that have tons of texture so they won’t feel as if they are missing out so they won’t feel as if they need fake sugar this helps them lose weight without dieting during menopause years.


Being mindful and present with food is the best way to get off the weight gain plateau and start GETTING TO A SIZE THAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE IN.

This works because when you are NOT eating at your desk

You are NOT driving and eating

You are NOT rushing through the day and eating.

Being mindful and present while eating, you will NOT overheat, you will NOT fill your plate with different types of foods and you WILL start to see your clothes fit looser.

This is a process that works with my 1-on-1 clients and my clients know how to lose weight naturally while eating delicious foods.

If you found this valuable, share it with someone who could use this help!

And if you are ready to step into your power and get your mojo back, join me for 4 months in The Chic Women Don’t Diet™ Lux Recalibration, it's a 1-on-1 comprehensive holistic lifestyle coaching program that allows you to enjoy your bold wine and decadent dessert, wear the chic clothes your desire and feel more confident enjoying your favorite foods while losing weight, balancing your hormone levels in a sustainable way.

Over the few years I have worked with various professional women who are passionate about their work, learn how to EAT HEALTHY, integrate more self-care in their life and find the time for them again to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight during menopause and be more confident in themselves so they can take the weight off and not put it on again. 

My clients walk away from my coaching sessions & chic cooking classes like they can get to the next level in life while living more freely and boldly.

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