Reinvent yourself after 50, its not to late

Learn how to reinvent yourself without feeling guilty about the "what if'" it doesn't work

reinvent yourself Mar 07, 2021

Looking back over the course of the year 2020 heading into 2021, it's so clear how the world has changed within a blink of an eye it seems.

But what I have seen to be an advantage is that women are taking this opportunity to reinvent themselves. 

For this reason, I felt moved to write. Have you experienced a transition in life that made you feel off? Perhaps you started feeling this way before Covid19.

Trying to reinvent yourself after 50 may seem impossible especially if you feel that you’re not certain of how circumstances will be next year. If this is how you feel this way…you are not alone.

I have been there too, and I know how it feels.

Feeling uncertain about decisions and wishing if only someone would make the decision for me.

Life would be easier.

I have even found myself saying to my coach, “Just tell me what to do”.

But that's not fair, to put this on someone.

It’s your life so it’s a reinvention for you; therefore it’s your decision alone to bear.

Does this sound reasonable?

If you are feeling that way now, then you will enjoy this video. It's time to, dig deeper.

In this video you will learn how to reinvent yourself, and feel confident in your choice without the, “what ifs” syndrome of failure and looking back with regrets.

What is standing in the way of you reinventing yourself?

What stands in the way of you experiencing a transformation even in small areas of your life. Once you start a journey of creativity, that creates a domino effect in other areas of your life. 

Over the last year during 2020 I almost felt as if I needed a “do over”.

Listening to what seems to be a flood of bad news on the television while trying my best to stay positive has been an uphill battle of emotions.

It seems that no one has been immune to the changes this year has brought upon us. So to reinvent you may seem like a dream that can easily be carried away on the wings of an eagle.

Weren't you already experiencing your own personal transitions in life before the world changed overnight. Many of the issues that we are facing you were there before, they just feel so much bigger now.

1. New diagnosis

2. Divorce

3. Breakup from someone you cherished

4. Death of a loved one

5. Separation

6. Emotional losses

7. Natural Disaster in your city

8. Confronting racism

Now we have a new challenge to deal with...Covid19. This has brought about a new level of emotions that are more challenging. The paranoia of who you're around that is asymptomatic or not.

And not being able to touch people, shake someone's feels wrong on all levels. Then to add more emotional upset there is feelings of isolation from cutting yourself off from the social gatherings that made life so enjoyable.

We can't forget about the plans we had before all of this craziness started. My husband and I had tickets for a 2 week stay in Switzerland then over to Nice, France.

I'm still carrying the wounds of hurt for not being able to travel internationally when we wanted to. But it's okay, right? Things will change and international travel will flourish once again.

1. Come from a place of strength

It's time to make a new type of decision. A decision that would in essence, serve as a way of empowerment so that you can become a better version of who you were before.

Pre-covid19 sometimes I felt as if decisions that I had made were bad decisions. But the person that I am now realizes that no decisions are bad ones, just simply lessons to be learned. This can have a profound affect on your state of mind to reinvent yourself. Not to mention your wellness.

Feelings of regret can overwhelm you if you think the decision is a bad on.

There are actually many different ways that you can look at a decision and the outcome will make you better based on perception and a positive mindset.

2. Feel more confident about the idea of success

I want you to step into the feeling that what you decide to do will succeed.

Even if you ask someone, there is no one that can live your beautiful life but you.

And absolutely no one can care for you the way that you would care for yourself.

Does this make sense?

3. Nothing is wrong with you, so why the fuss? 

When it comes to reinventing yourself, I want you to realize that you are not someone who needs to be fixed. You aren’t broken into little pieces that need to be repaired. Let's think about the word reinvent.

To reinvent means to change something so much so that it appears to be entirely new. You would be reinventing yourself by taking a job or having a new career. So, for example going from being an actress to now a producer.

The most confident position you can make is to recognize that life is a journey of exploration and that you can grow without changing but you can't change without growling.

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Milan Perry, HHP, MH

World-renowned wellness chef with an extensive background in nutrition, wellness and herbalism. She is the Culinary Nutrition & Wellness Chef of the Chic Women Don't Diet (CWDD) culinary + wellness coaching program. And serving a small local Chicago clients as a Gourmet Chef. Milan went from working as a commercial print model which emphasized focusing on self to reinventing herself to focusing on the inner beauty that starts with health, wellbeing and the quality of food we eat. 

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