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The Art of Losing Weight Like A French Woman- Chic Woman

eat like the french Jun 03, 2021

Bonjour je m'appelle Milan Perry et j'aimerais parler un petit peu de la différence entre la France et les Américains. A bientot

My dear chic ladies, if you have ever felt as if only privileged and wealthy women have the luxury to eat a certain way.

Then you are misinformed. if you have been fighting weight gain and it seems like an uphill battle then I want you to reach out and speak with me.

Have your well meaning family and friends said to you, " "Have you gained weight or are these jeans simply unflattering?"

And if you are still struggling with the desire to eat healthier foods and not give in to foods that you know are not good for you, but you just don't know how, reach out to me for support. 

Throughout the pages of this blog, our main focus will be on losing weight, staying healthy, and if you want to know the art of losing weight like a French woman you want to make sure that you watch this video.

In this video, you will see that a Chic American woman is not that different than a French woman who wants to lose weight. Both do it elegantly without deprivation. 

#1 Quiet your mind of overthinking life 

When our mind is busy and we have so much thought going on about things that we need to do or who we need to help then it's hard to devote attention to losing weight in a chic way, taking care of ourselves, and living a healthy lifestyle.

The reason is that we allow external things to take precedent before taking care of ourselves.

But what I have observed among my French women friends is that a chic American woman has very similar habits. We are not so busy that we don't allow space to care for ourselves. 

Self-care is so integral to losing weight, to eating like the French, to being a chic woman, feeling chic, feeling good in your skin again, getting into your clothes that you want to get in.

When you reach midlife it's no longer about vanity, we just want to look good, right?

We just want to feel good.

To feel good and to look good you have to do some sort of a movement.

When I was in my 20s and my 30s, I engaged in more physical activity unfortunately that doesn't appeal to me now.

So In cases like this, you have to figure out what you love to know and do it.

Here in the city of Chicago where I live, there are a lot of places you can walk that doesn't require you to take an Uber or a Metra train. 

During my trip to France and hosting French friends a my home I observe how they eat and how much they put on their plate. 

When I was in France I notice the quality of the food that they ate and took note.

#2 Upgrade how you view food and prepare it

If you want to experience the art of losing weight like a French woman is you have to upgrade the way you eat and we often look at food as something that we do to live and we look at food as a way of survival.

Yes, chic women have differences, but there are a lot of French women who don't follow a sensible and diet. And also, there are fat women in France, maybe not obese. 

To experience the art of losing weight like a French woman you have to start looking at things from a Chic woman's perspective.

Because unless you live in France trying to be a French woman is just it's just wrong on so many different levels, it's just completely wrong.

According to a new survey by ObEpi-Roche "the average French person has put on more than half a stone since 1997 to weigh in at 11 stone 6lbs. That means that 15 percent of the French population is now obese and 32.3 percent overweight." The World Health Organization shows that 30 percent of France is "pre-obese."

So we don't want to be a French woman but aim to do things like a Chic woman would do.

This means that a chic woman would elevate the way she eats.

Starting with how and the way she eats at home.

Have you ever had any of these life experiences: 

  • have traveled the world
  • received promotions in corporate America
  • reaching executive level
  • you are a renowned actress
  • have experienced different cultural experiences
  • have been eating recipes that have been passed down to you

If you've been cooking the same way for years (stop it. seriously just stop it)

You have to get to a point where your style of cooking food matches the level of your experiences in life.

This means that as a Chic woman who is not French, you would already be working on yourself.

Self-development is important to you and the idea of mindset changes, you know it's important to reach your goals.

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The Chic woman's way is to be able to eat pastry without binging since you will be in control.

This type of control is not based on willpower, because sometimes willpower does not stop you.

Over the years my discovery and way of eating have changed immensely.

My latest way of eating is that I try NOT to snack between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if I do, it's grapes and cheese ( I keep different types of cheese in the fridge).

So this is how it works for me when I am being conscious of how I am eating.

> Breakfast typically is at 11 am 

> Then Lunch is around 2 pm 

> Finally, dinner I try my best to eat by 7:30 pm

No, I am not following intermittent fasting, this is just what works for me. I eat when I am feeling the most uncomfortable because this is when I start to feel the symptoms of being uncomfortable.  

Since covid19 I don't walk as much as I used to but I will be changing that, as it was something I enjoyed doing.

Even though I haven't walked my 6-mile walk, I am still looking at ways to add new ways to motivate myself. 

Chic women like the French will always be working on themselves: self-development, self-care, and up-level her mindset.

Because self-development goes under the umbrella of self-care so you want to make sure your way of eating is of delicious, high-quality foods, food that's healthy foods in their natural state.

Eating well requires a positive mind which equals a positive outcome. This will allow you to have an intent or plan.

So, what do you want? To be like the French who claims they never diet or a chic woman who doesn't have to diet.

Let me know in the comment if there is any particular subject that you would like me to cover in a video.

It takes time to have sustainable weight loss that will last you and you know exactly what to do so that you can maintain your weight. Any program must be personalized because every weight loss is personalized, it's unique to you, as your experiences are unique to you and your lifestyle is also unique to you. See you in class soon!




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