Best Herbs That Helps Menopause Symptoms And Works For Weight Loss

menopause weight loss Mar 10, 2021

Today I want to talk about the “M” word menopause. For years this was a misunderstood topic.

I remember watching the American tv show…All in the Family, with Archie and Edith Bunker played by Jean Stapleton and Norman Lear .

As with most ages and stages, every woman’s body experience is different.

There are some things that seem to be universal during menopausal years that may make you feel as if you have no control over the outcome.

  • Bodily changes affecting how you look and feel resulting in poor body image.

  • Moods shifts going up and down uncontrollably most days.

  • Severe hot flushes & excessive sweating taking away your confidence!

  • Issues with blood pressure having a tendency to be rather high.

  • Low thyroid or your thyroid stop seems to stop working the way it should overall.

In this video we are going to talk women to woman about 2 things:

How to look good and feel good in menopause

I have to be truthful here ladies, the less weight you gain during menopause, the better your change in life and your menopause symptoms will be.

When it first began for me (with hot flushes), I went online and came across many forums of women who were sad/distraught/lost/angry and I decided that this wasn’t going to be my experience – because our experience of menopause is actually our choice.

There are so many social beliefs about what happens with menopause symptoms; from what doctors in textbooks tell you or what is passed from generation to generation from our mothers.

Every woman is different and unique

Having personally experienced forgetfulness and fogginess as symptoms of menopause.

I’ve come to realize that for every woman the experience is different but going through life’s changes at a certain point in life is real.

No one, not even medicine can explain it because there is no test that will tell you conclusively that you are in menopause.

When you consider your lifestyle, which can make our menopause symptoms worse or easier to cope.

Thereby affecting how you look and feel in menopause

Now…Within your DNA are traits that influence how your body works, your aging ability, the right type of foods for you to consume, exercise and the best lifestyle habits.

These are the behaviors that directly impact how you feel, function and look – right down to the cellular level.

Isn’t that a staggering thought?

Since I started taking Mary Ruth Organics I can easily get my Omega 3-6-7-9.


Yes, you heard it here, first.

These supplements are Non-GMO, Vegan and Sugar Free.

But the best part is they are in a “GUMMY” form (easy to take for adults and kids) made with Organic Flaxseed Oil and Seaberry Omega-3 Powder so you don’t have to worry about them clogging your arteries or oxidizing over time.

You hold the key to true change and transformation

Your very own personal roadmap that we create will give you a concrete plan of action to optimize how you want to feel. With knowledge comes power!

Let’s get going so you can take those beginning steps to make you feel and look better for the healthier, fab-fit life you desire.

Of course, passing a certain age, we have to work harder/longer to achieve similar results of our youth …. Which is why “use it or lose it” makes so much sense.

You make a choice every day

How do you want to (look) age and how to do it in a way that defies the status quo affecting how you feel:


There are a lot of herbs that you can buy but you have to make sure they are for your particular body chemistry only. Bishop’s hat which encourages balanced estrogen and estradiol levels in women.

How do you want to feel in your skin with menopause symptoms?

Your improved lifestyle has a bearing on your menopausal symptoms:

  1. More confidence in your clothes

  2. Plan your day with intent

  3. Higher libido for your lifestyle

  4. No hot flushes messing with your clothes

  5. Weight loss sustainably

The better your lifestyle is which can include getting adequate amounts of sleep, moving your body, finding joy in life, including wellbeing as part of your daily routine, staying hydrated, fewer symptoms that your body will experience.

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