Healthy Lifestyle Habits To Turn Back The Clock, How To Look Younger In Any Season

healthy lifestyle habits Apr 29, 2021

When it comes to anti-aging it is every woman’s desire to look younger and to feel more youthful.

What we want and what actually happens is two different things.

It is said that age is nothing but a number, but when you start looking older than you really are, there presents a problem.

So what can you do about it?

In this video, you will learn my top secret tips for anti-aging for women over 40.

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Secret #1. Hats– The Bigger The More Chic

Your skin is the largest organ that serves to protect your body from the outside environment.

It plays an active role in helping control your body temperature and assists your immune system in protecting yours from the disease.

The outer layer of your skin not only protects your vital organs but also can give you a good indication of what is going on in the inside of your body.

Since skin cancer is common, small doses may not harm you but prolonged exposure can definitely increase your likelihood of showing signs of aging.

Investing in hats that are big enough to cover your back, neck, and side of the face are the best choices that offer protection for anti-aging choices.

The sun is the most intense between the times of 10 am and 4 pm. So you really need to make sure that when you engage in activities like boating and sitting on the beach, you are covering your face.

Skin Cancer Risk Factors

  • Exposure to the sun– especially for those with fair skin

  • History of moles (malignant or otherwise)

  • Moles on the feet or in areas irritated by clothing

  • Scars from severe burns and scars or sores that will not heal

  • You have a family history of cancer and you know it

Secret #2. Sunglasses — “Jackie O.”

According to optometry UV rays can cause sunburn on the cornea of your eyes.

The reason is that this skin around your eyes is the thinnest and delicate.

Exposing it to the suns rays puts you at risk for cancer of the eyelids.

More so with fair skin than on darker skin individuals.

Symptoms of skin cancer

  • Tumor or lump under the skin

  • Growth resembling a wart on an ulceration that never heals

  • Moles that change color or size

  • Flat sores

  • Lesions that look like moles

Sunglasses are not just for celebrities, you can wear them while walking, running errands, driving in your car, and even gardening.

Buy larger frames to block the sides of your face.

Your lifestyle choices are endless based upon your activity levels always choose a type that blocks UV rays for anti-aging.

Sunburn is a clear sign that the DNA in your skin cells has been damaged by too much UV radiation. Getting sunburn, just once every 2 years, can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer.

Secret #3.Wellness Within A Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes are the best way to age graceful and elegant for women over 50.

What goes in the body is equally as important as what goes on your skin. Overexposure to the sun can have a lasting impact.

These tips won’t stop the aging process but it will stop you from looking like a prune.

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