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Stomach Bloating During Menopause And How to Reduce It

focus on self-care during menopause weight loss after 40 Dec 29, 2022

Many women are living in a state of chronic stress during menopause.

This can increase belly fat. In this video you will learn the physical and emotional stressors that is causing your belly bloat.

One of the worst feelings in the morning is not being able to wear something from last season. No matter how you wiggle and suck in your stomach it doesn’t work.

I totally get on you this because not long ago I was 1 of those women who ate what she wanted from heavy sauced to smoked and stuffed without gaining weight.

But, everything changed when I turned 50.

Overnight my metabolism shifted gears turning my body into belly fat central.

And, no matter how much I workout the belly bulge won’t budge!

Belly fat can be stubborn, especially as we age. This was before I hit menopause, then slowly things started to change.

Before I could lose the weight I needed to focus on a few factors first. What I am sharing with you, I share with my clients.

Variety with food is the spice of life in menopause

No matter how much I work out the belly bulge won’t budge! Having a balanced diet is an essential part of maintaining good health and wellness.

Eating a variety of foods in the right proportions can help to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs while avoiding unhealthy levels of fat, sugar and salt.

A healthy diet helps to reduce belly bloat during menopause, as well as providing energy for physical activity and helping to regulate hormones.

Additionally, having a balanced diet can also help improve mood, increase mental clarity and even reduce stress levels.

By making sure you are eating nutritious meals throughout the day, you can help keep your belly looking trim and feeling great! 

You need to eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein and avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, and excessive amounts of alcohol.

Movement doesn't have to be boring

One of the most important things you can do to help manage belly bloat during menopause is to stay active.

Even if it feels like you don’t have the time for exercise, movement and activity are key in helping reduce belly fat and other symptoms associated with menopause.

Movement helps boost your metabolism, which can help counteract belly fat accumulation, as well as improve circulation and reduce stress levels.

Additionally, regular physical activity has been linked with improved mental health and overall wellbeing; something that is especially important during this life transition.

So even when you're feeling busy or overwhelmed by all that comes along with menopause, make sure to take some time out of your day to move!

Menopause can be a challenging time for many women, so you are not alone, with physical and emotional symptoms that can take a toll on your wellbeing.

One of the most common issues that we face is belly bloat, which can make it hard to wear clothes from last season or feel confident in your own skin.

Fortunately, there are ways to help manage this issue during menopause - one of the most important being regular physical activity.

Despite feeling busy or overwhelmed by all that comes along with menopause, taking some time out of your day to move is essential in helping reduce belly fat and other symptoms associated with menopause.

Movement helps boost your metabolism, improve circulation and reduce stress levels – all key components for managing belly bloat during this transitional period!

Anti-aging is the key to youthful glow

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health.

Lack of sleep can harm your mood, energy levels, concentration, and even your immune system.

In addition to impacting your overall well-being, lack of sleep can also increase belly bloat by causing hormonal changes that cause you to gain weight.

Without adequate restful sleep, it's difficult to keep belly fat at bay during menopause when hormones are already out of balance and metabolism slows down.

To prevent belly bloat from getting worse during this time in life it's important to get the recommended seven or eight hours of quality shut-eye each night.

Doing so will help you feel better both physically and emotionally while improving energy levels throughout the day too!

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Reduce your stress levels & how you respond to them

  1. from your boss

  2. to your colleagues

  3. getting stuck in traffic going to work

  4. being in the same traffic coming home

  5. family life stress

  6. working on deadlines

  7. complicated clients

  8. business meetings

Understand your physical affects as a result of stress

  • headaches

  • lack of quality sleep

  • eating more

  • shallow breathing

  • high blood pressure

  • medication

  • clothes fitting tighter

  • belly bloat

For every effect there is a cause. In our society the stress response levels is always activated so you never get an opportunity for your body to return to normal.

Therefore, you gain weight around your stomach area as a result of your lifestyle.

Never overlook your emotional stress level

  • loneliness

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • frustration

  • suppressed thyroid

  • eating more

Your amazingly beautiful body has a built in mechanism that serves to protect you fro harm, the fight or flight hormone.

When you release what is causing your stress levels your physical and emotional issues diminishes without a lot of effort that which causes your belly fat to shrink.

Self care is not a luxury in this regard but a necessity. When you are under stress your body can retain water or experience gas from improperly combining the wrong foods.

Estrogen levels can also cause water retention which possibly leads to bloating. Your body is unique to you and your lifestyle alone so do what it takes to protect it.

Stress does not have to consume you, it’s manageable along with your weight so you can shrink your belly bloat.

Maintaining your piece of mind is so much better by not allowing physical and emotional factors to get the best of you. Living i chronic stress not only affects your belly but overall health and wellness.

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