Here is The Secret to Have A Healthy and Sustainable Marriage Over 40

healthy happy marriage Oct 13, 2021

As we sat across from each other at the kitchen table, nursing cups of coffee. The morning sun was streaming in through the window, making everything seem brighter than it actually was. Conversation flowed easily between us as we reminisced about being newlyweds.

“Do you remember that first time we stayed over at my parents house?” Mark said to me with a laugh. “The entire night I couldn't sleep because I just wanted to be home with you!”

“I just saw the most beautiful rainbow,” Mark told me. He was standing in the doorway of the bedroom of our resort at the Marina Grand with a smile on his face. “You should have seen it too! It was so big and bright. I felt like I could touch it, I think you would have liked it!

Anyway, I thought maybe we could go for a walk together tonight to see the sunset over the water. Maybe after dinner? Whatever you want, babe. I just wanted to share that with you because today has been one of those days where everything felt right for once even if only for an hour or two, and I wanted to tell someone about how happy that made me feel."

As I looked up from my book over at Mark, the realization came to me, that no one said marriage is easy.

It's hard work and sometimes it feels like the only thing you are working on together is your divorce papers...I'm kidding honestly :) .

But, what if I told you there was a way to have a healthy and sustainable marriage?

There are quite a few secrets out there that can make your relationship better than ever before!

This video post will teach you some of these secrets that have helped me have an amazing marriage.

The reality doesn't always go this smooth and things get lost in communication. The frustrations of the day can become evident in the tone we give each other. 

Here are some of the secrets for a healthy marriage that has helped me over the years

1. Make sure you have a date night every week
2. Spend quality time together
3. Be open to new experiences as a couple, even if it is something you never thought of before
4. Have an emergency kit in your car so that if one of you gets stranded the other can help them out
5. Find ways to communicate with each other without fighting or bringing up past issues

The secret to a healthy and sustainable marriage is not found in any book, sermon, or magazine article.

The key to long-lasting marital joy is found within your own heart! It's time for you to do some work on yourself—to get rid of the anger, resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness and other destructive emotions that are destroying your life. You can't keep taking care of everyone else if you don't take care of yourself first. It's time for you to start loving YOU again!

Here is the secret to having a healthy and sustainable marriage, but I must warn you's not what you think.

Most husbands and wives are not happy in their marriages. They don't know what to do to have a healthy sustainable marriage, so they just give up on the idea of being happily married.

There is hope for you! You can have a great marriage and it can be sustainable if you follow these simple steps that I will show you in this video.

As a Gourmet Wellness Chef & Coach I'm sharing my perspective on what I know to be true. The Secret to a Healthy and Sustainable Marriage I Realized After 29 years and how I changed how I approached my marriage for sustainability.   

The secret to a healthy and sustainable marriage is that there are no secrets

A good relationship isn't about having the perfect date night, but rather it's about making time for one another daily with positive communication.

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Marriage is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, but it can be even more so if you're not on the same page as your spouse.

If you want to have a healthy and sustainable marriage that lasts, then try these four secrets for having an amazing relationship with your significant other.

  • Build a strong foundation for your marriage by making time for each other and being supportive through all stages of life.
  • Take care of yourself - health is important not just for the individual but also for the spouse because they want someone who will be there when things get tough and stay beside them until the end.
  • Keep your sense of humor - laughter is key to keeping stress levels down and building intimacy between two people.
  • Stay close to God - pray together, read scripture, go on retreats together, make faith part of what keeps you going and helps build your relationship with Him.

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So you see after watching this video the secret to a happy marriage is communication.

When you're not able to communicate with your spouse, resentment can build up and lead to arguments or even divorce. You have to make time for each other by scheduling date nights in advance so that it sticks on the calendar.

In addition, make sure to be open about what's going well and things that need work in your marriage - this will help keep both of you from feeling neglected.

And lastly, don't forget how important healthy habits are when building a successful relationship!

If there has been no improvement after trying these tips over a period of six months then seeking professional counseling may be necessary.

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The secret to a healthy and sustainable marriage is that there are no secrets.

A good relationship isn't about having the perfect date night, but rather it's about making time for one another daily with positive communication.

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