HEELS, Why Do Women Feel So Irresistible Wearing Them? Even though our feet hurt

feeling confident Apr 28, 2021

At age 15 was when I received my first pair of high heels and ever since then, have felt so feminine when I wear them. Regardless of my age, I will always have high heels in my closet. I have to admit that walking in heels is certainly an art.

Having your hips sway in a subtle non-provocative way does take precision. However, it is not the same as walking in a pair of flip flops by any means. Why wouldn’t you love a pair of stylish yet uncomfortable chic pair of high heels? The slight sway, oh la la!

Do you remember your first pair of high heels? I do! They were the color brown and 2 1/2 inches.

How do women around the world feel when they wear high heels?

“I love beautiful shoes with height but over the past few years, I have struggled to wear them for an extended period of time. My feet and bones have changed and my feet are in agony when I wear shoes that are too high. Plus my bone density is very low and I find myself falling, tripping and feeling unbalanced when I walk in high heels – I have tried changing the heel to a thicker wedge type heel – but even last week I fell in a parking area and hurt myself – I am strengthening myself to avoid this happening again”? ~ Brenda Ann Tsiaousis

“I feel sexy and powerful in my heels. At 54 I wear heels on most days unless it is scorching hot and then flip flops! As I live in the UK its heels most days! Normally 3-inch ones are my favorite.”

“I’ve been overweight most of my life so there is too much weight on the front – not comfortable, and the heel, breaks them. I’m also fairly tall so I don’t want to tower over people. I do like a half heel I actually prefer a small heel rather than no heel. Am going to enjoy exploring shoes more now that I’m losing weight. I’ve never been my natural size as an adult so it will be interesting to see how I choose to dress when I get there…. soon! Already lost 33 kg without dieting or exercising. Have been letting go of what caused the weight to pile on, and stay on. Doing the same for my beloved and he has lost 25kg” ~ L. Jackson

“Depends on the event!! Fell in love with these at Macey’s for $18 So had to get dress to match. Wore them for about 1.5 hours then broke out the glam black flats I had tucked in my bag:) ” ~J. Doran

“Yes for special occasions…but not 5″ …only sensible heights these days” ~ E Powell

What happened to the confidence you had in your 30’s?

You are not in your 30’s anymore and hearing your theme song when you walk, is not what happens when you wear high heels.

With shoes that are high comes torture for the sake of looking beautiful. To be uncomfortable until you can take them off and soak your feet.

The next morning you wake up exhausted, right?

Watch this video on, “How to Exercise For Wearing High Heels”.

Why do you feel pain after wearing high heels?

Dr. Surve, from an Osteopathic standpoint, said, “the reason is that the hamstrings attach to the pelvis and low back, which is why wearing high heels can make your back ache along with your feet.

Also, walking on the balls of your feet will shift your center of gravity forward, forcing you to arch your back when you stand and further contributing to back pain.

So, here is how you can get your SWAY back?

  1. When you wear heels throughout the day stretch your calves as often as possible to relieve any back pain from wearing them.

  2. I can’t speak enough about quality shoes that are in your size. If at all possible ditch the pointy toe shoes that are an automatic uncomfortable feeling.

  3. Save wearing heels over 2 inches for dining out in the evening or for those special occasions. But if you have to wear them often, no longer than 3 hours in duration to protect your body from signs of aging.

  4. Show love to your feet by not wearing the same shoes over and over, your feet and calves need to move in different positions to stay comfortable. Try flats, wedge heels or even thicker heels.

  5. Give your calves a nice long stretch, since you are putting pressure on this part of your body which affects your back. Whole body wellness means looking at the big picture of your lifestyle.

The best thing that you can really do for your feet when you wear heels is to pamper yourself for the efforts of looking the most feminine that you can.

Carrying extra weight can not only put stress on the knees but make wearing your heels uncomfortable.

Being chic and classy is an art form. Sometimes there is a cost to feeling that irresistible.

By indulging in self-care you can definitely get your sway back. Wouldn’t just be marvelous if you could actually sleep in your heels? If it gets to that point you just may need counseling.

If you still want to wear heels, there’s a healthier way to do it

Dr. Hillary Brenner, DPM, a podiatric surgeon practicing in New York City says,

“Next time you’re at the shoe store, should look for heels no higher than 2.5 inches. Make sure the shoes also have good arch support and wide toe boxes (pointy-toed designs that compress the bones in your feet are not ideal). And when you can, opt for a wedge or platform-style, rather than a stiletto. And even if your current heels don’t meet those criteria, you can still wear them in a healthy way. The secret is to prep yourself with some calf stretching (here’s a great tutorial) and then wear the shoes in moderation. If you want to go crazy and wear your 4-inch stilettos, [use] moderation. Only wear them for a maximum of three hours.”

(That’s standing time only — you can stop your internal timer when you’re in a chair.)

The best time to buy your shoes for the perfect fit

During the evening is the best time to purchase your fabulous sexy shoes. Your feet is at their largest size, which means your shoes will feel good later on as they have stretched. If you are on a weight loss journey, guess what? One of the perks of weight loss is your shoes won’t fit as tight.

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