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eat like the french Oct 28, 2021

If I told you that by NOT restricting yourself to lose weight, it's easier for your body to stay healthy and operate at its best possible capacity would be believable?

I eat plenty of chocolate - even though Americans are labeled as fat from certain types or brands.

The French don't have those same problems with their chocolates because they're able  choose what suits them best!

The French diet is a whole different world from the American one. You can eat all types of high-fat foods and still be considered thin!

Let me tell you a little secret: French women eat chocolate and don't get fat!

Over the years I have given up so many decadent desserts because of what the media says; "labeling chocolate as a fat food" and later to discover that it was only an urban le the story was only a myth.

Have you ever stop eating foods you love?

I did, but at first there were only minor withdrawals from my appetite-ridden life until one day when gave into temptation again with full force - leading me down a path straight back towards feeling deprived once more .

My mom always told me that if you stop eating something, it'll come back to haunt you.

And she was right - the other day when I tried one of those sweet treats for which my taste bud has died a slow painful death thanks so many "media misled" reports about decadent desserts being bad for us...I didn't feel satisfied at all!

So next time before deciding whether or not this food item deserves another bite consider what your dentist might have said in addition:

"The media's labeling chocolate as fat can lead people into thinking they're unhealthy"

Today’s video is a very special day in the US. October 28 is National Chocolate Day in United States of America;.

In this episode I will empower you to become a more intuitive eater and secrets to stay young looking.

Like I’ve done in the past, you may just be saying “yes” to eating foods that aren’t chic and later you regret eating it, sometimes within a few minutes of eating when you aren’t paying attention to your body.

Abstinence. Rich Decadent Chocolate. Cutting It Out. Myth  

And if I may be honest with you, this week’s video has a “enjoy life as I do” with a certain joie de vivre about eating, type of message. Our primary goal here is to ensure that you age well, feel good and look good, in business and in life.

This means that you should stop falling prey to every myth that says “eating chocolate is bad”.

Watch today’s lifestyle video tip now to discover exactly what that it means to experience “joie de vivre” and how to not go through life being affected by any food myth, while dining at home or out which will help you immeasurably:

One month, I did a free 30-day lives entitled ‘Healthy Living 50 and Beyond for those on my Facebook social media business page.

I did it out of love and to say it’s time to up-level. One woman ended up writing me at the end saying:

“I really enjoy watching your videos. You are truly a women to emulate. I am learning a great deal of information watching you.”

(I couldn’t help but think, well, just when you think no one is paying attention!) LOL.

Advising clients in the Chic Women Don’t Diet program now:

You must, must, must have a definitive reason for wanting to be healthier, lose weight and feel good. Period.

I loved creating my masterclass 5 Strategies to Drop the Weight Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods (authentic, shameless plug, you can listen to it here).

This year I’ve particularity loved sharing more content on my YouTube channel (you can watch the last episode here on YouTube).

Problem is, there are so many myths out there. These myths leave you in utter confusion which makes you take the wrong action as to what really is designed to work for you personally.

And it leaves you with a bad taste (like you have no idea what to do now).

As a chic woman, I’ve since learned that it’s important to make the most of what we know to be true. To get knowledge that fits for us, personally.

And if I were speaking to you now and giving you advice about your next way to up-level your life, I would give you different advice than what you may have read in books or seen in your Social Media feeds.

(I would be real and honest with you, okay??)

When a women comes to me with questions of “what do I think about X Y X”…

I ask them is this designed for your unique health, wellness and lifestyle needs? 
Then I ask… is it something that will sustainable you over a long period of time?
Finally, I want to know… will this contribute to you living a chic lifestyle without any guilt’s?.

When you are at a point in life of up-leveling how you feel and moving in the world is of utmost importance.

If not, you won’t feel like you are being true to yourself. This is not chic!

This is why we teach our clients of ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Lifestyle Design (and you) to honor a lifestyle that very specifically and directly address their wellbeing, movement needs, challenges, desires and aspirations and then provide a next step.

If you love walking … Walk! Do something that you enjoy and on a daily basis. If a private fitness coach works for you then hire one.

Take a look at the French influence on their self-care rituals, "preparing and sharing food is one of the essential pleasures of French culture".

If you want to be a healthy size 12, or a small size 6 in your pencil skirt, go for it!

Simply ensure that you have a strategy in place to eat in a way that sustainable (without guilt), feeling chic.

We are chic women, and our food choices should reveal this truth.

Most of us are wired to START new trends. Trying a new food trend is definitely not our problem.

Being able to sustain this new food trend that turns into a myth is. Having a solid-understanding of how your body works in connection to food, so that you can still get in clothes you love is paramount to chic living.

This week, I am lovingly reminding you to stop following every food myth that comes along. By all means “let them eat chocolate”

Please know that I love you and believe in you!


~ Chocolate

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