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How to Give Yourself Permission In Menopause Without The Guilt - Luxe & Luminous {Video EP 4/4}

healthy lifestyle habits Dec 18, 2022

My mother-in-law had been living with us for the 4 months. Although a loving and kind woman, she needed more attention than I was able to give her due to my own work and family obligations.

She was getting older and increasingly dependent on us for even basic tasks like cooking or shopping.

It became clear that something had to change in order for me to take better care of both her and myself - so I decided it was time to take charge of my life again.

With that in mind, I gave myself permission to do whatever I needed in order for this change of pace.

Delegating life's responsibility

First thing's first: It was important that we find someone else who could help out with taking care of my mother-in-law while still maintaining our relationship with her.

After much searching, we found an amazing home health aide who would come three times a week and provide companionship as well as assistance when necessary.

This allowed me the freedom to pursue other goals while still being present enough should any issues arise at home related to caring for my mother–in–law’s needs

With the newfound free time, I began exploring all sorts of new hobbies such as painting or writing; things which previously never seemed possible due to always having too much going on at once!

As these activities started becoming regular habits, they also helped me develop into a more creative person overall – which ultimately made me feel fulfilled & energized about life again!

At the same time however, it wasn’t just about pursuing hobbies but also recognizing the importance behind recharging & investing into yourself through self–care – something which is often taken lightly within society today but can make all difference when done correctly & consistently.

This meant ensuring adequate sleep each day along with regular exercise sessions (both mental & physical), healthy eating habits plus spending quality moments alone or with loved ones from time–to–time throughout each week .

All these changes enabled not only improved wellbeing but also greater productivity levels thanks largely towards feeling far less overwhelmed than before – allowing those positive vibes flow freely throughout every area of life!

What I am seeing is giving myself permission whilst looking after my beloved Mother–In–Law has opened up multiple doors leading onto various exciting opportunities…each waiting patiently ready be explored further down their respective paths ahead :)

Questions to ask yourself to determine your true feelings on self-care 

My darling, what about you??

Have you ever felt like you weren’t allowed to take time for yourself or that you had to be constantly available to everyone else?

Do you often feel guilty when it comes to taking care of your own wellbeing?

If so, it’s time to give yourself permission.

To achieve a life that you love, it is essential that you allow yourself to make your own wellbeing a priority.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can create a space for calm within your hectic lifestyle.
❤  You will learn how to become more mindful of self-care practices
❤  Develop healthier boundaries for yourself and those around you
❤  Discover the power of positivity, practice acceptance towards yourself
❤  Create more balance in your life through positive thinking
❤  Action planning, as well as learning how to better cope with stressors.

The first step in giving yourself permission to focus on you

Setting boundaries is your first step to freeing yourself. This means establishing what is okay and not okay when it comes to how other people treat you.

For example, if your family members are constantly calling you and expecting an immediate response, then you need to set a boundary and let them know when they can expect a response from you.

It also means knowing when it’s okay for others to ask for help and when it isn’t.

Once these boundaries are established, you need to be consistent in sticking with them.

Acknowledge Your Inner Feelings

Next, it’s important that you acknowledge your feelings and take time for yourself when needed.

This could mean taking five minutes out of your day for some mindful breathing or going on a weekend getaway with friends or family members.

Taking the time for self-care will help you stay focused on your goals and refocus your energy on those things that bring you joy.

You should also remember that it’s okay if something makes us uncomfortable - acknowledging our feelings is the first step towards making changes in our lives.

It's easy to get discouraged when things don't go as planned or when we make mistakes along the way.

Whenever this happens, be kind to yourself and remember that failure isn't permanent - it's only temporary!

Remind yourself of all the progress you have made so far and focus on how far you have come instead of dwelling on any missteps or shortcomings.

Celebrate even small victories along the way; they will keep you motivated and inspired throughout your journey towards achieving the life of your dreams!

Taking Control of Your Thoughts

Finally, another way to give ourselves permission is by taking control of our thoughts and being mindful of what we say about ourselves.

Every thought you have impacts how you feel about yourself and those around you; so it's important that you are aware of how those thoughts affect you emotionally.

Taking control of your thoughts will help you become more conscious of situations where giving yourself permission would be beneficial and empower you to make decisions based on what feels right for you at all times!

Giving yourself permission can seem daunting but once you learn how to do it properly, allowing yourself the space needed will become second nature!

By setting boundaries, acknowledging your feelings, and controlling your thoughts; you can start living the life we dream about without guilt or hesitation!

If you are feeling stuck then ask yourself these three important questions:

1. What is the life you love?
2. How do I give myself permission to achieve the life I love?
3. How do I live a life that is authentic and true to myself?

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So go ahead—give yourself permission today! You deserve it!

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