WORK-LIFE? Unhealthy Juggling Act for WOMEN OVER 40

//WORK-LIFE? Unhealthy Juggling Act for WOMEN OVER 40

WORK-LIFE? Unhealthy Juggling Act for WOMEN OVER 40

Trying to balance work and your health can feel like a losing battle. Are you totally motivated in all avenues of WORK  but can’t get your LIFE challenges and your BODY to follow suit?

As professional Business Women your days are mostly filled with endless meetings, training and managing staff, facility inspections, sales and marketing, planning and correspondence. This makes it tough to put yourself first and be prepared to eat healthy, no doubt? But the inescapable reality is that your energy comes from whatever nutrients you consume.

In today’s society, the new “normal” work schedule seems to be 6:00 am – 9 pm. But over time; this cycle  can wreak havoc on your body especially if you have a habit of using those ‘little pink packets‘ in your morning “pick me up”.

 But then you feel…

…may be all is not lost; for there’s always that stand by “healthy” salad, some oatmeal or a chicken sandwich from the fast food restaurant close by. What you eat and drink determines how you feel by the end of your work day. Grocery shopping, forget it! You are demotivated emotionally and you feel terrible physically, from poor choices born of necessity. Besides this means more work.

I understand what a frustrating place this can be! I’ve been where you are…

Just curious; but how often do you find yourself needing caffeine to get your day started? How often do you need a caffeine boost to keep your day going?

Also– you may want to reconsider if you drink coffee or tea with the sweetener additive Aspartame, because it is made up of 3 chemicals:

  • Aspartic Acid

  • Phenylalanine

  • Menthol

Aspartic Acid causes detrimental symptoms that we usually associate as normal with advanced aging;  like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, brain lesions and neuro-endrocrine disorders.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid found in the brain, but if you have this in excess (from eating large amounts of Aspartame), it can cause the serotonin (the hormones that contribute to feelings of well being) in the brain to decrease, leading to emotional disorders such as depression. And what do we as women do when we are depressed –we EAT!

The last one Menthol, is broken down in the body as formaldehyde. This is a deadly poisonous neuro-toxin and chemical preservative used in the treatment of building materials and embalming fluid for corpses–YUCK!!.

Did you know that menthol is used as a chemical additive for Cigarettes to make them more addictive?

Research shows that mastering your Mindset takes approximately 21 days. Then the next 21 Days is for putting your Change of Habitsinto action–and reap the rewards! Thats approximately 40 days. There is no better time to put your wellness needs first than right now! Going from A to Z is not easy, but it helps having someone in your corner to guide you along your wellness journey.

What you eat or drink is what’s nourishing your cells and bodily tissues in the process. I’m sure you don’t give this deep thought because it tastes so good! Just to give you an idea of the damaging effects from consuming too much caffeine or drinks that have added sweeteners in your morning and afternoon beverages.

Your Mind + Body + Soul can easily get out of sync. It’s time to Re-calibrate You!




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