This Woman is My BIGGEST Motivation

A woman in wellness, choosing to remain on this path stems from something that I witnessed on April 10, 2013. My 89 year young, sweet grandmaman became very ill and within two weeks she was admitted into home hospice.

It was a very tough time for my family but especially for her. During this time I could no longer focus on my projects, my clients or myself. I watched helplessly as she fought her battle with congestive heart failure. 

I watched a strong female warrior say over and over again, “I am not ready to die”.

Since she was no longer taking any pharmaceuticals drugs her body went into what appeared to be a rapid detox. This 127-pound woman, dropped to only 87 pounds in less than 3 weeks.

I could feel her bones as I would hand bath her

As she fought her battle with life, I too fought my internal battles.

Feeling I was not doing enough. Thinking that I was on the verge of losing the one woman who was an anchor, a steady constant and my 2nd mother growing up.

I lost some of my long hair, my skin went haywire and I gained unwanted weight.

My prayers were intense and deep hoping that she would live a little longer so that I could be a better woman to her.


Woman 88 fight to live; despite odds against her

It was hard to wrap my mind around, how her doctors whose care she was under, pronounced her death sentence! Just like that, she was given only a few weeks to live.

My family waited in despair, taking turns on the watch for what we anticipated would soon to be her last breath.

It was this moment we wanted her to know how much we loved her.

We were always watching over her like angels in the night. Nurses couldn’t possibly be at her side 24/7, they have other patients.

I must confess that her healthy support system from the Beloit Memorial Hospital was wonderful and amazing to witness.

They always said, “We love when Roxie comes, she is our favorite patient.

She is so grateful and has a wonderful spirit.” Hearing that about this woman my grandma-man, the ROCK really touched my heart.  What an appropriate name for her- Roxie.

AMAZING HERBAL medicine to the rescue! 

About 2 weeks she was discharged to home hospice care from the hospital.

Even then, she had ‘around the clock’ attention.

My stay with her needed a different approach, more holistic immediately–and she had nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

To minimize any anxiety or pain that she was experiencing, I rubbed specific types of essential oils on her and treated her with some prepared herb tinctures that distilled and created myself.

Herbs have a remarkable action on the body’s natural immune and recovery system to bring balance where needed.

At this point, she was in bed 1 month. Surprisingly, with lots of encouragement from me, she got out of bed and walked for the first time.

Which surprised all of her nurses and brought me so much delight! I knew she was feeling better as her sense of humor returned. We shared a lot of memorable laughs together.

Gradually her health, as well as mine, renewed and we both became invigorated once again. When your body goes into a pharmaceutical detox, you will feel worse than getting better.

She wasn’t cured of her illness, however, found true quality of life. A descendant of the Choctaw Indians, she is a true fighter.

Two years previous to this at 87 she was driving. In 2014 she was scheduled to renew her driver’s license, I can only imagine her disappointment when she wasn’t permitted.

“Whatever Milan gave me made me feel wonderful”!

Grandma-man calls me by my middle name, and she said those words above! I believe wholeheartedly that the body has an innate ability to heal itself if given the right circumstances to do so.

It is noteworthy to mention that as of July 2013, she came out of hospice and is back to sewing by hand again.

She secretly told my mother, “Whatever that girl gave me made me feel wonderful”!

We are approaching 1 year from that date and thankfully, she is still alive, still fighting to live another year

Being with my grandmaman was a very powerful experience for me. Seeing firsthand how this woman surrounded by love and care fought all obstacles. I am a firm believer in mind-body interconnections.

Discovering a wellness spa in the town where she lives was my aha moment.

No matter what is going in my life, it’s important to carve out time for me. Something that makes me feel good inside and out. I would be able to have a better frame of mind, to conquer all of the life obstacles.

I also knew I had to continue my journey of wellness, nurturing YOU–nurturing me!

In 2015, Grandma Roxie passed away, leaving me with memories of our time spent together.

I will never forget this cherished unforgettable moment

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…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,