Being part of a global wellness day and the industry of wellness spa professionals, self-care is limited. Your world revolves around deadlines, meetings, networking, marketing, clients…etc.

For most professionals trying to balance your work and personal life can be quite the demise of some. Have you ever thought, if only I could manage my time better?

In this episode of Thursday Therapy, I am in Chicago at the beautiful and fabulous Guest House Hotel boutique in Andersonville neighborhood.

Do you ever feel as if your day is running you? Do you find it hard to have a healthy lifestyle?

When there are so many demands on your time? Are you tire of being 2nd place in your life?

Do you notice your wellbeing starting to suffer as a result of your busy schedule?

In today’s world, it is so hard for many professionals like yourself to take time for them-self. But in this video, you will learn helpful tips to bring self-care back into your life in 20 minutes each day. So listen up!

For the last 3 months, I have interviewed professionals from various different professions. From Spa directors to managers and to the aviation industry; one of the things I continue to find is that…most professionals have lack of time for self-care.

I am not talking about your visit to the spa for a manicure or pedicure or even a message. Something that would contribute to your health and wellness.

And that topic is very timely because this month is Global Wellness Day. Which will be June 13th. And Global Wellness Day is about bringing self-awareness to the wellbeing that you lack into your life. How to do so on a daily and weekly basis.

I am challenging you, this week to prepare for Global Wellness Day.

To give yourself the gift of downtime for at least 20 minutes. Each day, read a book, take a bath, have a cup of tea, practice deep breathing or just simply close your eyes and rest.

Slowing yourself down will slow down everything else in your life.

Including stress levels, which are the leading causes of heart disease, digestive issues, colon problems, skin issues, hair loss, diabetes as well.

It is so important for you to take time out for yourself.

And 20 minutes is really not a lot to ask for. But you are worth it, you deserve it.

So stop being 2nd place in your life and from this week going forward vow to yourself to be #1.

Just because you think there are not enough hours in a day to focus on you doesn’t mean that it is true.

Check out this video on the one essential item that is needed to “balancing work and life”.

Your Wellbeing Recap:

  1. Read a book

  2. Take a bath

  3. Have a cup of tea

  4. Practice deep breathing

What is your BIGGEST takeaway? (leave a comment below):

  • What did you like?

  • What did you learn?

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