Weight loss journey in middle age need not be a crisis nor stressful for you if done right. Do you ever feel like you are have a mid-life crisis when it comes to your health in trying to lose weight? Weight loss can be enjoyable if you have the right strategies in place…a concrete plan to make it happen.  Being a woman over 40 this is your time to shine, lose the weight, be healthier and feel amazing in your skin again.

So if you have made it to this video that means you have made it all the way to the end of these videos.

Dig Deep Into Your Life and Kiss Your Energy Issues Goodbye, “Au Revoir”

  • In video Strategy #1 to recap you learned about your, “AM Energy Boost”.

  • In video Strategy #2, you learned about, “H20 Your Elixir for the Cells”.

  • Video Strategy #3 you learned about, “Conscious and Mindful Eating” why it is so important to your health.

  • In this video Strategy #4 you will learn about, “Eating for Your Life’s Cycle”.

Yes we go through cycles in our life and so does our body. Weight loss can be such an emotional process for many women. When you reach a certain age, it almost seems impossible to get noticeable weight loss results. As women our body is going through so many changes.

Our life’s transitions can be scary, frightening and it can be stressful.

During these times we shouldn’t expect things to go as they were 5-10 years ago. Because they won’t, your body is aging and going through a journey a transformation. And some of these transformations, perhaps we embrace them. Like turning 40, becoming wiser, more mature and feeling confident, But sometimes those transformations can cause us downright anxiety.

Your Life Cycles of Transitions:

  • the arrival of your period

  • the beauty of childbirth

  • motherhood and then menopause

Your body goes through 3 stages: while you’re sleep, while you’re awake and while you’re walking around.

So here are the 3 stages that your body goes through:

  1. 12 pm – 8 pm appropriation of food

  2. 8 pm – 4 am the next cycle assimilation

  3. 4 am and 12 pm your body is going through an elimination process

Your body is always looking to find balance to heal itself.  Weight loss and maintenance maybe where you seem to fall off in your efforts. But you can do it!

Are You Ready to

Feel Good in Your Skin Again?

90 day BALA ~ Body Balance

Designed to help you have successful weight loss as long as you follow though with the coaching received. During this time we will get clear on your goals for your lifetime. In order for this to benefit you, being present during our sessions is a must.

Yur health and wellness is not something that we take on today and throw off tomorrow. It is a whole life transformation and I want to share my secrets of age defiance and feeling wonderful with you. My coaching style will give you the tools you need beyond our 90 days together. Take them and always use them through your life. If you need help and assistance afterwards, I am here for you.

If you are READY right now to make those changes.  STOP putting it off and playing Russian roulette with your life. Now is the time to MAKE THE CHANGE!

Let’s get started on a new journey of age defiance and feel fabulous in our skin again. I’m looking forward to talking to you, just click on the link below and I will see you then.

For your, “Live Life to the Full Strategy Session” schedule your time with me to understand and change your health, wellness and lifestyle so that you can experience the weight loss that you desire  https://www.sonaturellewellness.com/schedule-an-appointment/ and as always..

To re-watch these 4 Strategy Videos CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO #1


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy

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