Weight gain after the wedding, why can’t our body stay the same?

In all honesty, being single and no kids has it’s advantages. Everything you do is centered around #1 aka self. Dinner can be a bowl of cereal, Trader Joe’s frozen entree or if you don’t want to cook after a long hard day of work, you don’t have to!

Unfortunately, for the married group with kids or no kids things aren’t always that easy. And keeping weight gain off, now that you have a family is not as easy either. Especially if having a healthy lifestyle was never a part of your life anyway.

“Whatever flaw I have, I choose to accept it or work on it”!

When you really think about it the incentive to LOOK GREAT is gone now that you have the man. We did what we had to do to woo him; tuck it, pin it, hid it and starve ourselves. So, how do you change a behavioral pattern or better yet how do you create a new one?

Making the transition

Let’s think about what are things that happen before we get married. I remember those years even though it was long ago. My husband and I talked about everything: where we would live, would we have children,  finances and even careers.

One thing that is usually over looked by most couples is having a healthy lifestyle. This is where we have to shift our behavioral pattern.

Weight gain or weight loss

Perhaps you are thinking, “it’s to many years, to late now. My husband loves me so why change”. In reality I find that can be an excuse to do nothing about your health. Isn’t that showing an unloving attitude towards your body? You have to love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. Looking good for someone else should NOT be our goal, being healthy is always the goal.

As women we can give so much of ourselves to others but forget US in the process. These things are important but YOU should also be a priority, so make time for yourself. Give yourself permission to reclaim your body. Weight gain should not be an option!

Chicago is a beautiful city and there is so much to do besides trying the new trendy restaurant because it was featured on Groupon this week. Get out there explore, have your date night of cooking healthy foods at home!

If you need a little help, I’m always in your corner. Take a look at a weight loss program that is a lifestyle change. Schedule your consultation today and start your transformation journey.


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,