Thursday Therapy: Self-Care Daily Practice For Women Over 40

//Thursday Therapy: Self-Care Daily Practice For Women Over 40

Thursday Therapy: Self-Care Daily Practice For Women Over 40

Thursday Therapy self-care segment for this week was a little emotional for me, but I wanted to share it. When I shot this video segment of Thursday Therapy I was in the hospice room of my dear grandmaman sharing with you how you can practice self-care when everything gets crazy.

I had no idea that that this would be the last time that I expend myself to a beautiful woman, that had a heart of gold. 

I was there in her room the moment she took her last breath and closed her pretty grey eyes. During my period of healing I have heard so many wonderful things about her. She was all of that and more!

Not just to family but a giver to all those that would cross her path. She was the grandmaman that everyone would want. My heart is heavy but my memories are many.

Two things that I learned from her is:

  1. always be gracious and say, “thank you” even to family

  2. no matter how she felt her response was, “I feel pretty good”


It’s important to indulge in self-care because unlike most ailments, stress doesn’t pass with time. It builds and it builds until it is just a major influence on your mind and in your body.

Until it dominates almost every action that you take, every emotion that you feel and every thought that you think. It can literally consume you. Once it consumes you, can you really give your all to someone else? 

Every Thursday I will be sending out tips you can use, so plug in for Thursday Therapy. I love connecting with my community so much that I open up a handful ofStrategy sessions each week. 

If you are ready to have phenomenal, mind-blowing transformations in your body, let’s chat!

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