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Sip Your Favorite Beverage on Your Chicago Market TourSip N’ Shop, Grocery Store Interactive Experience

Have you went to the grocery store and stared in the aisles not knowing what you want or need to buy?

Do you desire to eat healthier but find it a struggle or overwhelming because you never really learned how to do it?

Are you confused with trying to make the right food choices when you shop or just stare in your refrigerator hoping the food will cook itself?

Would it help if you knew how to plan out your week with the right key ingredients, and pull them together for the week ahead?

Let me ask you…do you like help with that?

I’m a firm believer in DELEGATING or asking for help… 

The key to smart, friendly, and health conscious grocery shopping is to plan ahead, but with know how to shop and eat healthily.

This Sip N’ Shop 1.30hr session will include everything you need to start or stay on your wellness journey to better health.

Learn healthier grocery shopping from Milan where you walk away with tools to help you navigate your local grocery store for better nutrients and eating habits.

This is for you…

  • If you are not good at making an organized grocery list.

  • To start now, making better health choices at the grocery store.

  • To stop being frustrated not knowing what is healthy and what is not.

  • If you find yourself without a list and get confused with weekly menu planning.

For the first time ever, I am offering this service virtually!

planning grocery from home made easy

For a new experience, apply and join me virtually and sip your beverage from the comforts of home plus get all these goodies.

Or let’s do this 1:1 locally to make your next weekly supermarket trip productive and healthy.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is…INSANITY!

This session is loaded with takeaways…

Whats included?

  • 30-minute phone consultation to identify your top 3 goals

  • grocery store workshop (in person/virtual)

  • custom binder for your recipes, dirty dozen (or interactive PDF)

  • short how to cook video for 1 new recipe

  • check-in after 1-week post workshop

This is a way to empower yourself against everything that the media says which is not personalized to you and your shopping experience.

With information overload, do you have a hard time figuring out what to buy healthy at the grocery store?

As a participant, in this Sip N’ Shop grocery workshop, you will receive an exclusive experience that you can talk about with your friends.

This is an intensive session yet empowering fun tour.

Based on the grocery store selected you may be allowed to bring your glass of wine with you to sip or beverage of choice as you go on the tour.

If your session is virtual, you may drink whatever you like from the comforts of home.

In order for this to work and be a good experience for you, undivided attention is needed.

This is your time to learn how to fill your body with good food and be healthier!

At a grocery store near you or virtual 1-on-1 session

During the 1.5 hour-session/tour, learn key food skills:

1.  Learn how to Identify the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Foods

2. Alkaline vs. Acidic Environment in Your Body.

3. Understand why is pH level is Important in aging well.

4.  Weekly Menu Planner To Post on Your Fridge for Easy Shopping.

5. Learn healthy Whole Food Categories Shopping Tour listed.

6. Take-home educational resources to reference as visuals.

7. Plus any notes you take during the tour are yours to keep.

8. Discover the most nutrient dense foods and 2 recommended foods for each category.

Milan is an expert on all things health and food. So who better to go learn the essentials of grocery shopping with, than someone who can teach you how to stock and fill your kitchen with the right foods?

She will teach you the secrets to navigating the grocery store like a chef and will help you find the inspiration you need to cook more meals at home.

You can explore in-depth with Milan:

  • learn how to read a confusing food label.

  • which foods are worth buying organic.

  • what are the best oils and fats to use while cooking?

  • entertain like a professional home cook or chef at home.

  • discover how to improve pH and digestion.

  • know the best superfoods to add to your plate.

  • how to make healthier ingredient substitutions.

After this workshop, you’ll know how to shop better and not have to give up the foods you love.

grocery shopping educational lesson chicago or virtual

How Your Day Will Go & Takeaway

BEFORE you embark on your journey during the workshop, take time to learn what is meant by natural, whole healthy food.

THEN spend a few minutes discussing the food that requires a package, discovering how to read labels truly.

FINALLY, exploration with your grocery store in mind to discover why healthy whole foods should be the staple of your diet.

Milan will assist you to learn how to focus on the nutritional power vs. cost of food.

This is for you if you:

  • Want to age well and lose 10, 20, or 30 lbs for the new year without dieting.

  • Know it’s time to take better care of yourself, but you have no clue where to start.

  • Enjoy cooking classes and trying something different perhaps a new cuisine or technique.

  • See this as an educational experience that will add to your knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle.

About Your Chicago Store Guide Milan

I am based out of Chicago. As a career changer working 18 years at FedEx from 1988 until 2006.

My desire was to leave a hectic and very stressful career to enjoy the freedom of working for myself.

During my years of career with FedEx Express, eating on the go, become a way of life.

By the end of my workday, I felt completely exhausted. So, I understand having a lack of energy to nourish yourself at the end of your day.

After an intensive study in holistic health, my goal was to blend wellbeing with the culinary world. While receiving an educational training in Chicago from the International Culinary School of Chicago-at the Art Institutes, my studies included: Amuse Bouche, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and Italian cuisine. As well as mentorship from top Chicago executive chefs at The Chopping Block. I cook using natural ingredients without preservatives. Ingredients that are fresh spa healthy cuisine and un-processed delicious food.


What you put into your body today can the difference in how well you age and how you feel.

Once you have purchased your ticket then you can pick your day to schedule your session.

If you are local we will determine a close mutual market to meet. For virtual sessions, we will meet online.

Then I will send you an email to establish a time to meet at the grocery store (if local) unless the time is preset. Email me here for questions.

Interested in learning about how to be healthier for the new year email us