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“I began to experience hip and knee pain at age 49. The women in my family have either had or currently need hip and/or knee replacement. I refused to allow this to be my eventuality down the line. Additionally, I was not ready to limit my daily routine due to the pain. My knee pain was the result of a previous injury. Although the orthopedic physician gave surgery as an option, I wanted to explore other alternatives.

I read in medical literature that losing just 10 pounds felt like a 40-pound weight loss to your joints. This seemed logical to me. I tried weight loss programs but was not successful. I felt that if someone taught me the proper way to eat that I could attain a 10-pound weight loss. It was at this time I was introduced to the Bala Weight Loss Program for non-brides, by Milan of SoNaturelle. This program was exactly what I was looking for”!

Milan Perry taught me proper food combinations, what foods to avoid, how to read and decipher confusing or exaggerated nutrition labels, etc. I was able to lose 17 pounds and eventually went from size 12-14, down to size 10. As of August 2012, I am now a comfortable size 8. In addition; my knee and hip pain greatly subsided as a result of the weight loss, and Milan was able to add in a physical fitness walking regimen into my program, to assist with my overall healthy weight loss goals. I also experienced an unexpected benefit which is that my eating better resulted in eliminating my symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. I am so thankful to Milan!” ~ A. Harris, Chicago, IL ~

The strategy session with Milan was very thorough, informative, and educational! It was as if my body was telling me what I needed. Sometimes our bodies ‘speak’ to us in subtle ways and other times in obvious ways. There is a wealth of nutrition information available to improve your health, but for once, I felt like I was not just ‘hearing’ what my body needs as an individual but given a way to ‘actively listen’ to my unique body and how to nutritionally communicate better with my body. Milan provided a helpful action plan that I can implement immediately to balance my body nutritionally. It was a wonderful experience! My advice: Your nutritional health is consequential. Don’t let you and your body’s nutritional communication strategy get lost in translation.   ~ Tricy Jones (New Spa Therapies) Albany GA ~

I work for a major non-profit organization, and Milan served as our chef for a cooking demo we had during the month of April 2013. We wanted to bring awareness to foods of good nutrition that would help reduce the risk for cancer. Milan prepared 3 healthy and tasty dishes right on site. They were simply delicious. She was very professional but also had such a friendly and warm personality- I would work with her again in a heartbeat. Thanks again Milan! ~”K. Perry, (American Cancer Society) Lincolnwood, IL ~

“Thank you SO much for your genuine support and care. Actually, I have been doing great this week, have been really looking at my portions and I weighed myself this morning, I have lost another pound!!!!!!!!! However, everything is wonderful, and I am so so grateful that I met you. Your “chic and healthy living after 40′ program has allowed me to have such a calmness (is that a word?) around food. I have never experienced this lack of anxiety about my weight or my body before, I just know it is happening, and I feel better every day.” ~”Lisa S.,  London, UK ~

Being in this program I lost weight and felt so much better. Less bloated and fewer stomach issues. I will be continuing to eat cleaner now that I know how easy it can be. There are some challenges with my work-life balance that I do need to work on, so that is the next step to a healthier me. ~ C. Smith, (Naturally Yours Events) Chicago, IL ~

Just wanted to give you an update…its day 3 and I was not at all excited about my options today. Oddly the Detox Herb Salad is very tasty! The texture/crunchiness of the broccoli, cauliflower and shredded carrots, the sweetness of the pear, dried cranberry and onion, along with herbs and the dressing is quite tasty. I forgot my protein but that’s okay I will have it with my dinner tonight. Also, the Parsnip Cream Soup was excellent! It will definitely be included in my rotation. Thanks for the reminder about the Probiotics; I will pick some up tonight. I am enjoying the recipes and the journey to better health!~ V. Brown, Bellwood, IL

This was a most enlightening experience for me as the Cooking Demo combined education, entertainment, and great food tasting experience that broadened my view of food preparation and how it relates to body health. I would rate 4 1/2 stars out of 5!  ~ A. Blackmon, Chicago, IL ~

“Milan’s grasp of the inner workings of the human body, it’s physiological processes is excellent. Her approach to helping you better understand how your body works are profound. Milan truly has a holistic approach toward helping you become a better you. I learned new things during my sessions with her and was able to confirm ideas that were mere hunches before as hard fact and discredit and discard the innocent but harmful ideas I held before such as pairing the wrong foods together during meals in hopes of benefiting the most from nutrients. Milan is flexible, professional and personable. I recommend that everyone take the Bio-Chemical Individuality, you will be surprised what you find out about your own personal chemistry. All in all Milan & SoNaturelle are worth their weight in gold.”~ V. Jones, Chicago, IL ~

“Milan has exceptional knowledge of healthy eating habits as well as cooking methods, presentation and can provide you with wise recommendations on how to choose the best meal items, where to get them and most of all how to prepare them to be healthy yet tasty. I definitely feel comfortable recommending Milan as a Health & Wellness Coach. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value! ~ A. Medina, Chicago, IL ~

“As an individual who suffers from digestive issues and fatigue, I felt that Milan’s consultations provided a well informed, practical, and relaxing environment that was very beneficial. Her sincerity was truly refreshing!” ~ “T. Holmes, Chicago, IL ~

“Great experience! I really enjoyed the Cooking Demo and all the great tips and knowledge imparted. The tasting was exquisite! I would definitely attend again and will recommend it to anyone I know”. ~ A. Boras, Chicago, IL ~

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