Why Partner with Milan of SoNaturelle?

“SoNaturelle By Milan” endeavors to look at your body’s responses as a whole (holistically), to determine root causes that will help to restore balance so that you can exude confidence with how you LOOK and FEEL.

Designed primarily for the busy entrepreneur, jet-setting businesswomen and high-level professionals, corporate managers and VIP coaches in their 40’s or age 50-60; and who sees wellness and weight-management as a necessary part of life to invest in self-care, by learning how to be vibrantly healthier so you can love the body you are in as part of your overall joy and longevity! 

Wellness a la carte


Are you at a point in life where you are finally ready to honor “YOU” unconditionally?

In  7 Sessions Live A More Positive Lifestyle 

  • Improve your emotional well-being.
  • Reconnect with your body language.
  • Create Mindset Habits for Change.
  • Reduce The Stressful Relationships.

Lifestyle Coaching that allows you to conquer your goals, balance your life, encourage more self care to keep you looking and feeling chic.

Age defiance is connected to lifestyle habits, self-care, and positive living habits. It’s time to Fully Celebrate Life!


Are you frustrated, tired of having to figure out what to cook or buy from a crowded grocery store?

In 6 weeks dine in elegant and chic…

  • No longer have to figure out what to cook.
  • Never buy unhealthy foods & snacks again.
  • Stop coming home to an boring refrigerator.
  • Chef created grocery list that you will love.

As a woman on the go who travels often but love to cook, sometimes you just need services designed to help you eat better at home.

Elegance in the Kitchen menu planning + online cooking class to give you back time on your calendar and make life easier.

wellness services for the classy woman 50-60 years old.


Are you frustrated coming away from the closet, knowing your size has changed, not for the better?

In 4 months reconnect to your body and…

  • Feel and look better in your clothes.
  • Have confidence in dining in or out.
  • Get mastery of your food cravings.
  • Enjoy foods you love without feeling guilty.

Service starting week 1 & 2 to change the thinking that lead you to an overindulgent lifestyle of mindless eating.

Your body makeup is unique on a cellular level so any transformational habits must honor your body blueprint. MIND + BODY + SPIRIT

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