Self Care Ideas for Anxiety for Women Over 40 and 50 {VIDEO}

Hi ladies, this is Milan here of Sonaturelle Wellness and today’s video I wanted to share some positive self care ideas with you.

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This video is not about, anxiety and how to cope with it during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bc If you have ever had the flu…you know the symptoms.

If you have ever had Bronchitis…you know the symptoms.

If you have ever had the common cold…you know the symptoms.


When you experience symptoms out of the ordinary ….and that is extreme.

The most important thing I will tell you right now is go see a physician, do not attempt to self medicate or diagnose. The hospital is there for extreme cases.


If you have been feeling a petit sense of anxiety reflect on any other area of your life that needs attention: Mental (worry), Physical (body image) Emotional (sadness) and Spiritual.

Brendon Burchard .. Everyone is worried about the future. We’re trying to deal with all this, but too often, fear, anxiety and worry are taking over. These emotions can paralyze us and steal from our focus, our good habits, and our sense of peace and purpose — our wellbeing”.


When fear anxiety and worry take over, it weakens your body’s natural defenses to fight any foreign invaders”.

How are you at risk: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney damage, cancer patients (survivors) and if you have diabetes. If you take immunosuppressant medication.

Perhaps your lifestyle puts you at risk of being a recipient of COVD-19.

Either way, anxiety weakens immunity & digestion. How so…feeling anxious or stress you don’t eat as well as you should, making bad judgement on what is actually good nourishing food. This weakens immunity and can locks up bowl habits.


Create a system of normalcy in your life. Learn something new like an online cooking class. If your unsure of what you want to do or try reflect on these self care ideas. Just do something until you figure out what you like or don’t like.

What you shouldn’t be doing is binging on Netflix, watching the news daily…

You become paralyzed because you can’t work in the way you’ve become accustomed to.

Most people feel that this is not a big deal and that the media is playing with words and peoples need to feel safe. Maybe, but why play Russian Roulette with your health and wellbeing?

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Milan Perry, HHP, MH provides Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for successful women 50+, holistically oriented who are at a point in life where they need more to take her health to a higher level. She is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified in Herbalism and is a Culinary graduate.

As a herbalist. healthy lifestyle coach, menu planner, busy wife. The “joie de vivre” is wine + anti-aging (not in that order). She coaches women that have tried the fad diets of quick weight loss of 20 pounds without success.

Moving past that, you’re at a point in life where you feel more in touch with your need of well-being.

If you’re still struggling with trying to maintain your weight and feel as confident as you used to, schedule your FREE ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Makeover call with Milan.



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