Self-Care and beauty regimen somehow seems to escape us as the end of the year draws close. You may be so busy with the holidays that you forget about “YOU” in the process. When you’re past the age of 40, this is the time to reclaim your self-care and find your inner Queen. It amazes me how as the seasons change, the way that we feel about ourselves changes as well. For example don’t you feel wonderful during warmer seasons? From the way that you walk…

There is a certain, “je ne sais quoi”

This air of confidence comes through with every stroll that you take. But as soon as the season becomes cool, so does your emotions. You stop giving into those indulgences of self-care. Why should you it’s winter, right? This is the time that self-care is more so important.

Critical thinking = self-destructive thought

I consider self-destructive thoughts as “I don’t deserve to feel beautiful,” and the “I will never get in a swimsuit with this body”. When it is summer and hot, somehow we don’t care what our body looks like. We just want to buy that cute spaghetti strap dress, with those sexy sling backs, and bright manicure. I am here to tell you that there is something wrong with this thinking. You are the same person, but your feelings about yourself has changed. You are covered by coats but you embrace a sort of self-loathing.

As the leaves change bright orange and fall to the earth, there are rituals that you can follow; to kick up your age-defying, self-care, beauty regimen up a notch. This will encourage you to feel like a Queen again. You will see and feel the benefits of your actions:

  • start with your skin care regimen, be consistent

  • buy a fabulous new lipstick for the winter season

  • hydrate as much as you can, drinking enough of H2O

  • dry skin brushing to improve lymphatic flow, flush toxins

If you are not consuming enough water your skin will show it by adding 5 years to your face. Your goal is to drink ½ your weight in ounces of water every day. I always tell my clients that where there is a problem there is a causative effect. So, before you can address the problem let’s think about what caused it. Self-care is something that you can do anywhere. Because the emphasis is on caring for your emotional and physical needs. This is very important as we age.

One self-care beauty regimen that I love is dry skin brushing. This can be done before a shower or bath or before bed to release toxicity. Skin brushing improves the circulation and supports the liver. I will use either a loofah, hot towel, or skin brush on dry skin. Working on one section of the body at a time, making very light circular strokes, working your way up towards your heart. If you have heart disease, it best to work in motions away from the heart.

The glow that you will radiate will knock off 5 years from your outward appearance. You will feel better because you look better regardless of the season.

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