retreat for women over 40

Are you ready to Transform & Escape?

“Your sanctuary in the City” Chicago

Hello beautiful! SoNaturelle Wellness by Milan have partnered with the amazing Guesthouse Boutique Hotel to bring you a unique Transformative Retreat meets Spa Wellness Escape. Your sanctuary in the city. You are invited to be our guest and experience true mid-western hospitality. Enhance your well-being, vitality and lifestyle during this rejuvenating weekend. Explore the world of gourmet foods, herbal therapy, diaphragmatic breathing, walk therapy, meditation as well as age defying workshops. KAVA, a fully immersive spa wellness retreat awaits you.

It is wonderful that you have decided to put yourself first and love yourself to great lengths. Commit to a VIP Wellness Rejuvenation Escape Retreat for your lifestyle. The focus is to keep you in tuned to areas of your life that need your attention. I promise you will feel incredible when it’s over!

Why KAVA? This Pacific Island tea was originally a drink reserved for royalty or served to honored guests. To create a feeling of calm contentment.


The daily juggling act that you carry, will be released during this weekend. You will hold yourself responsible in being present in this Transformative Weekend Wellness Retreat, Lifestyle Rejuvenation program. It is imperative that you are fully committed to yourself.  I only work with professional women who are READY to up-level their wellness consciousness. 



Escape from your daily routine of life. Learn important skills of rejuvenating yourself in a safe and nurturing environment without going on a vacation. 



A VIP LIFESTYLE WELLNESS RETREAT at the Luxury Guest House Boutique Hotel in Beautiful Chicago. Are you ready to experience a transformation from the inside out? Your personal sanctuary in the city awaits you. Experience reconnecting with who you are, learn to rejuvenate, de-stress, heal deep emotions and receive support from other women on the same journey.


This beautiful escape retreat is about making YOU your PRIORITY to give you just what is needed – the opportunity to gain clarity, a new perspective on your health and lifestyle.

Learn to create confidence andGUESTHOUSE WOMENS LIFESTYLE REJUVENATION WELLNESS SPA RETREAT joy with relaxing rejuvenating practices that can be utilized long after this well-deserved educational get-away designed specifically for you. This nurturing experience is for you, if you want to get away from your daily routine and be the Queen that you are. SoNaturelle by Milan will take care of everything. You are here to RELAX as you receive bespoke coaching to BE EDUCATED, BE INSPIRED, BE REJUVENATED*.

KAVA ~ 2-3 Day Mini Luxury Retreat 


Pamper, Nourish, Empower, Rejuvenate

Who is this Program for?

For YOU if:

  • you are ready to CLEANSE your soul of toxicity

  • you are ready to DECLUTTER your mind of negativity

  • you are ready to DETOX your daily lifestyle routines

  • you are ready to DISCONNECT your digital world addiction

  • you have taken care of them now your FOCUS IS on YOU

{“Living a beautiful lifestyle is obtainable, a healthy life is balanced”}

exlir water for the cells l sonaturelle wellness

Your Weekend Escape Retreat will include a combination of the following:

> 3 day/2 nights (Thursday-Sunday) Luxury accommodations at Guesthouse Andersonville

> Round trip Airport Transportation if needed

> 1 Healthy Gourmet Spa Cuisine cooking class

> 1 Gourmet meal each day of your stay

> 1 Spa Signature Massage or Facial

> Guided meditation for Mindfulness

>1 Intensive Workshop: Health, Stress-Management, Well-Being,

> Chic Luxury Photo Shoot

> SoNaturelle Wellness botanical room amenities

> Beach Fitness Therapy to release & de-stress (weather permitting)

> Explore locally sourced shopping for your take home gifts

>Penthouse Suite with Rooftop Deck

Mentorship so that you stay motivated throughout your wellness journey. Your success is my gift!

I want to help you introduce an annual holistic retreat to your health ritual. Making it as fun and simple but bespoke as possible. Addressing the physical, emotional, nutritional and restorative aspects of your health.

Expect to:

  • Laugh

  • Be You

  • NO Cell

  • NO Work 

  • Rejuvenate

Take away WELLNESS, LIFESTYLE, and AGE – DEFYING tips, you deserve some light hearted fun to educate you and inspire!


This is an exciting all-inclusive Wellness Retreat that marries green smoothies, botanicals of herbs, essential oils, Mediterranean spa cuisine, massage therapy and good old girl bonding. Your perfect getaway.  

This wellness retreat is an exclusive 1-on-1. All-inclusive rates start at $4,000. Flight not included. Initial deposit of $1500 holds your date. Rooms are booked on a first-come first-serve basis.

De-clutter your life and feel amazing as you infuse your mind + body + spirit in this luxury retreat.

Your chic experience…

  • You will deepen your approval of yourself

  • You will purge your mind & body of toxicity

  • You will detox your routine/digital world

  • You will decrease negative relationships

Starting with day 1 & 2 of your Retreat Focus will be to laugh, mingle, network and just BE YOU. Moving into day 3/4 introducing chic fitness & workshops that will allow you to UP-LEVEL yourself. Be transformed on all levels of Wellness. Women Empower Women!

KAVA ~ DIVA Beautiful Personalize Wellness Retreat $4,000. 


> You will have actionable tools that will work with your lifestyle.

> Deep analysis combining consultation by your holistic health practitioner to discover your unique Wellness Blueprint.

> A Whole Life Strategy for you to put into effect

> Beauty Makeover and Body Image Workshop

> Extra VIP SURPRISE BONUSES from SoNaturelle to you

> Written feedback on our discussions provided within 24 hours of end of retreat.

At the end of this Beautiful Escape Retreat you will:
1)Know how to balance your life in an unbalanced world, 2)Understand key areas of your life that you must gain control, 3)Experience improved outlook on life 4) Live the life of your dreams and BE REJUVENATED

First >>Schedule your Live Life to the Full Strategy Session



Your Investment in yourself -> Priceless 

Send me an email or use this quick contact form.

After your Discovery Session an invoice will be sent to you reserving your space for this Beautiful Wellness Boutique Retreat. Only a limited number for this retreat.

All emails for coaching request will be answered within 24 hours.

I look forward to connecting with you!


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,





*Note: This Retreat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For payment schedule see TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Pay in full $4,000. Payment arrangement upon request. The full price must be paid 14 days before the first day of your program. SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS .Airfare not included. On parle français.

Coming Soon: Limited Retreat to 8 amazing women