Chic Women Don't Diet

Enjoy your bold wine, indulge in decadent dessert, & wear the chic clothes you desire while losing weight sustainably

The Chic Women Don’t Diet™ Lux Recalibration, is a 1-on-1 comprehensive holistic lifestyle coaching program that allows you to enjoy your bold wine and decadent dessert, wear the chic clothes your desire and feel more confident enjoying your favorite foods while losing weight in a sustainable way.

When you change how you look at food and it's response in your body, holistically uniting MIND + BODY + SPIRIT then you make the right choices. The goal is to reconnect your body to wisdom within without all the diets, calorie counting or absence techniques that's not working.

Many women try to lose weight on will power and not wisdom. Willpower only allows you to have XYZ, while wisdom teaches you to stop eating when the wisdom of your body tells you to. Then eating healthy whole foods will become easier.

Does this make sense for you?

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Let's look at foods response in your body on an individual physiology level (a DNA blueprint) then create a blueprint a self care menu for the rest of your life.

Stop spending hours squeezing into your clothes

Are you feeling FRUSTRATED that nothing in your closet fits anymore since Covid19?

Here you are and your extra weight gain has started affecting your professional image, how you look in virtual meetings and/or your confidence level with your significant other.

With an endless to-do list, business projects, client meetings, team meetings…you have no time for yourself anymore.

Chic Women Don't Diet

The Coaching Program

A unique personalized approach for women who admire the French way of living... that 'je ne sais quoi' lifestyle. Well, you don't have to be French to live well, be well and eat well. With a proven system designed to help you achieve sustainable results so you can eat like a chic woman who don't diet and is not French in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

You will not experience another cookie cutter program where you have a lack of personal service, having you fast and drink smoothies daily. That's not a way to live! The chic woman's way of life empowers you in a way that you know what to do at any given moment moving forward. This is sustainable wellbeing living at it's core! 

But when you reconnect to your body you'll discover your own inner nutritionist, and your coach encouraging your to push through  for lasting behavioral changes. This sets the foundation for patterns around food to produce lasting changes. This is client focused with accountability, lose the weight intuitively.

Imagine This...

  • Consistently you will lose weight without gaining it back again as a Yo-Yo dieter

  • The years struggle you've had with your body and weight will be gone

  •  Feeling "a tad bit overweight," is a thing of the past as your comfort level rises

  • Your crazy work/life schedule that makes you skip meals are non existent  

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Phase 1



This first step in your journey is to regain your self-confidence by unearthing the hidden triggers that lead you to developing the unhealthy emotional habits and cravings. It’s not what you think. When you know the transitions in life that got you here, then you are able to STEP IN AND COMMIT FULLY to your new chic healthy living lifestyle. Releasing physical and emotional stressful issues.

Phase 2


Unlock the code to your body chemistry for weight loss sustainability. Your personal blueprint: MIND + BODY + SPIRIT plan of action. Create momentum as you understand what will truly boost metabolism for you then learn the foods that your body actually doesn't like eaten together and the only tailored fitness protocol that will work for your unique body.

Phase 3



Confront, remove, reshape and recalibrate healthy dining principles by committing to the outcome on a deeper level. Learn and master easy, chef inspired techniques of chic dining at home so you'll never undernourished.

Phase 4


Learn how to love yourself on a deeper level without the approval of other. Have a deep heart to heart of forgiveness with yourself, removing the negative talk and removing the self-hate list. At this moment you'll learn how to design and create the perfect self-care menu for life. It's time to COME HOME TO SELF!

Make Time For You

Good health doesn’t have to be difficult nor time consuming

No longer will you be in information overload, not knowing what will work for your body. When your emotions are stable you no longer overeat. You’ll know what it takes to pull yourself back from a rabbit hole of racing thought. Allow your body’s wisdom to guide you on eating better, renew your confidence.

How Would This Change Your Life?
  • 1, 75 min pre-consultation to get clear on your challenges & lifestyle (Value of $325)

  • 4 weekly sessions for the first month to get you motivated (Value of $2,400)

  • Month 2-6: 11 bi- weekly 30-45 min tailored coaching sessions (Value of $5,800)

  • Unlimited personalized email support for the duration of this program, questions are typically answered within 48 hours  (Value of $1,500)

  • 11 bi-weekly healthy virtual cooking classes (Value of $2,700)

  • 5 custom recipe development + menu planning ideas for dining in (Value of $229)

  • Bi-weekly challenges for accountability to keep you motivated (Value of $700)

  • My 30-3-30 protocol and UBI (unique biochemical individuality) analysis for custom weight loss sustainably (Value of $346)

Total Value = $14,000

TODAY'S PRICE = $8,829

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This is for you if...

  • You consistently lose weight, then gain it back again a Yo-Yo dieter.

  • You've struggled with your weight for years being a tad bit overweight.

  • You love your work but the crazy work/life schedule makes you skip meals.

  • You're past 40 and it’s no longer about vanity to look good but it’s about healthy living.

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By the end of this program

You’ll be able to:

  • Commit to finally take control of the dialog that keeps you feeling unmotivated, stuck, lost not knowing what to do 1st.

  • Experience weight loss with ease and renew your behavioral patterns to become a lifestyle habit.

  • Understand that your Food, Body image, and Lifestyle are the 3 elements that impacts you day in and day out then control how you respond to them holistically.

  • Be more present with your food, have clear self-care rituals in place and learn how to say NO so others respect your time.

  • Tap into your inner confidence about how you look so you can feel better in relationships.


A Note From Milan 

No longer will you be in information overload, not knowing what will work for your body...

Working as a former COMMERCIAL PRINT MODEL in Chicago. I followed every guru and big food trend to stay a size that the camera loved. In time I needed to let go of the world of externalized, superficial beauty. To explore my desire of being healthy.

IN TIME SOMETHING HAPPENED, my life became a total rush of stress from working. I lived off sugar, caffeine and anything that would give me a quick life. I spent 18 years like this. Eating out often, quick meals, and not making time to prepare food that knew I would enjoy from home.

AS A RESULT of this my body started to suffer from debilitating migraines, body aches, sleep quality deprivation, hot flushes, and weight gain. Living unaware caused me to gain 20-30 pounds. I saw the change and I felt the change in my body.

THE TURNING POINT...came when my grandmother passed away. It shook me to my core and everything that made me "Milan" crumbled. On the inside I felt alone, sad, angry and not myself. I had forgot how to care for Milan.

THIS DISCOVERY lead me to invest in coaching on a higher level to be a better version of who I was. That included making self care a priority. So my desire is to help other women on a journey to optimize their ‘INNER BEAUTY’ and WELLNESS.

A Success Story

“I began to experience hip and knee pain at age 49. The women in my family have either had or currently need hip and/or knee replacement. I refused to allow this to be my eventuality down the line. Additionally, I was not ready to limit my daily routine due to the pain. My knee pain was the result of a previous injury. Although the orthopedic physician gave surgery as an option, I wanted to explore other alternatives.

I read in medical literature that losing just 10 pounds felt like a 40-pound weight loss to your joints. This seemed logical to me. I tried weight loss programs but was not successful. I felt that if someone taught me the proper way to eat that I could attain a 10-pound weight loss. It was at this time I was introduced to the Body Recalibration Lifestyle, by Milan of SoNaturelle. This program was exactly what I was looking for”!

Milan Perry taught me proper food combinations, what foods to avoid, how to read and decipher confusing or exaggerated nutrition labels, etc. I was able to lose 17 pounds and eventually went from size 12-14, down to size 10. As of now I’m a comfortable size 8. In addition; my knee and hip pain greatly subsided as a result of the weight loss, and Milan was able to add in a physical fitness walking regimen into my program, to assist with my overall healthy weight loss goals. I also experienced an unexpected benefit which is that my eating better resulted in eliminating my symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. I am so thankful to Milan!” 

A. Harris, Chicago, IL

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Life!


Busy-ness is No Longer Your Excuse 

Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel–and the way you deserve to feel.

Imagine being guided through a simple, step-by-step process so you know what to do every step of the way to reach your goals!

Yes, it’s true–we are what we eat. But there’s so much more to the healthy living puzzle!

I'm 100% Ready To Change My Life