Quality of Life: How Much is Self-Care a Part of Your Fitness Routine?

In your quest to get in quality shape and achieve ultimate fitness, there’s one crucial component that I’ve found so many women often overlook

balancing your fitness routine with overall self-care

Studies clearly show that too much exercise can cause nearly as much harm to your body as not getting enough, especially when it comes to your heart.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten how your body needs balance as well as recovery time in order to sustain health and fitness on a long term basis. That’s where self-care and an awareness about your body comes in.

Just as you actively plan and schedule your fitness routine, self-care also needs to be planned and scheduled if you want to succeed in having a quality life well beyond mid-life. This is what I share in my culinary wellness retreat.

Below are 6 tips for incorporating self-care into your daily life. After all, there’s nothing like it to help you to feel better, look better, and ultimately achieve optimum fitness.

Culinary Retreat in Chicago, Not your Ordinary Spa Retreat#1. Never Underestimate the Quality of Sleep

Adequate sleep serves to benefits your heart, weight, mind, mood, and more.

If you are running on lack of energy, concentration or just staying focus. It may surprise you to know that research indicates that people who sleep six or fewer hours a night have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins than those who get more.

If you’re not getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, it’s time to change that. Start thinking about what can be the cause of your mind being on autopilot.

Most women that I know start their day with a cup of coffee. Leave caffeine alone after lunchtime, and try unplugging from technology at night.

  • Instead, reach for a good book with a cup of calming tea.

  • Lower your room temperature to somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees.

  • Snuggle under the covers if necessary, but try to keep your room temperature down for the best night’s sleep.

  • Try spritzing lavender on the inside of your pillowcase for a restful nightly ritual.

#2. Overall Self-Care Includes Good Nutrition

In order to recover from the wear and tear of exercise, you need to eat properly.

Sports nutritionists recommend you eat within 30 to 60 minutes after exercise.

What you eat is just as important as when you eat though. Here are 10 fitness foods to help you get and stay in shape.

Remember to have water with you at all times to stay hydrated.

#3. Know When Your Body Needs R&R

An occasional at-home quality spa day is a great way to rest your body when you’ve been highly focused on getting in shape.

You can use soothing homemade skincare treatments and masks, give yourself a hot rock massage, brew a cup of tea, and put on some relaxing music.

You can also incorporate activities that de-stress your mind and body into your week. Try meditative martial arts like tai chi or qi-gong, practicing yoga, and going on walks to clear your mind.

#4. Relax Your Mind With Quality Thoughts

When it comes to meditation, it can be as easy as sitting down every day in a quiet place and focusing on the present moment and on your breath — breathe in, breathe out, and repeat.

When your mind begins to wander, simply bring it back to focusing on your breath. Start with just three minutes per day.

The more you practice, the easier it becomes. The goal is to become in touch with your body and be fully present in the moment.

#5. It’s Okay to Say ‘No’

Because there are only so many free hours in your day, you’ll need to know when to say “no.” In order to say “yes” to fitness and self-care, you may need to say no to obsessively checking your emails and social media accounts or going out so many times during the week.

Make finding time for fitness and self-care your priority.

#6. Make Time for Quality Social Activities

Don’t forget to nurture your personal relationships. In a 2014 study about close adult friendships, gender, and the life cycle, feeling satisfied with your friendships was what mattered most when it came to being content.

Schedule time with your loved ones, preferably in person. Even a FaceTime date for 15 minutes is better than no time at all though.

You can either let life happen to you or you can actively choose self-care tips like these above to help you be your best self.

As you begin feeling more calm, healthy, fit, and focused, you’ll know you’ve found the right balance of fitness and self-care. Let this happier and healthier version of yourself be your guide in your ongoing quest for achieving ultimate fitness.

Milan Perry, HHP, MH provides Culinary Wellness Expert for busy entrepreneur, jet-setting businesswomen and high-level professionals, corporate managers and VIP coaches in their 40’s or age 50-60; women 50+, who are holistically oriented and want to feel and look her best.

As a herbalist. healthy lifestyle coach, menu planner, busy wife. The “joie de vivre” is wine + anti-aging (not in that order). She coaches women that have tried the fad diets of quick weight loss of 20 pounds without success.

Moving past that, you’re at a point in life where you feel more in touch with your need of well-being.

If you’re still struggling with trying to maintain your weight and feel as confident as you used to, schedule your FREE ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Makeover call with Milan.




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