Procrastination At The Root Of You Gaining Weight for True Transformation

Procrastination for women is really a way of saying, “I don’t want to do something”.

When you procrastinate, it is an avoidance of doing something that needs to be done that you are not doing or that you need to do thus you are putting it off.

Thinking about your weight in conjunction with procrastination and eating right; it really goes hand in hand. Because you are inundated with so much information about what to eat and you can’t make heads or tails out of what to do–You do nothing.

As a former commercial print model I can tell you first hand that dieting or cleanses is just slapping a Band-Aid on a deeper problem. You may get some weight off quick; however to see real transformation your lifestyle must be looked at from all angles to be long lasting.

Rather you choose to dine in or out is a personal choice. However, if you desire to have a healthy lifestyle, knowing how, what and when you eat is of utmost importance. Especially, if your goal is to lose 10 – 20lbs before next vacation.

Do you love seasonal comfort foods? 

Your taste buds may draw you towards a certain type of foods which are soothing. Here is the problem with that…

  • your waistline is getting wider

  • you can’t stop eating a little

  • you feel guilty the next day

The more you procrastinate eating healthy meals throughout the day, mixing unhealthy food sits longer in your stomach, rots in your body and doesn’t pass through as quick as it should. The average food transit time is 65-100 hours. This means everything you’ve eaten from Wednesday – Saturday is just sitting in your bowl. The best way to avoid added weight gain is not by procrastinating and preparing lunch, choosing healthy dine in our out dinner or breakfast choices.

High fiber foods that encourage bowl habit

Foods with skin intact like apples, pears, figs, any greens, brown rice and nuts (not in excess) encourage healthy bowl function. These foods will help to push waste through your bowl. When you stop the habit of procrastination your desire to add in healthier food choices to your lifestyle becomes easier. When you show this type of love to your body, it will always show its gratitude.

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