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 When was the last time

YOU were the guest 

in your home?

Private Chef in-home meal prep, services for high-level professionals’ living and working in a BIG city like Chicago who desires healthy food each day due to your busy lifestyle. Coming home to cook healthy is not your luxury, but coming home to dine healthily can become your new normal.


  • eliminating the time you spend at the grocery store

  • removing the task of weekly menu planning

  • driving back and forth to the grocery store

  • not having to wait for a table at a restaurant

Personal Chef for high level professional in Chicago who desires healthy home cook meal.

As you are already aware, eating out every night is not the healthiest thing to do. As much as you may enjoy dining out, restaurant food is loaded with salt and heavy butter. Yes, it adds flavor, but it can also make you unhealthy and overweight. So when was the last you were a guest in your home?


  • You don’t want to have to figure it out.

  • You’re eating late by buying takeout food.

  • Tired of eating and feeling sluggish afterward.

  • Cooking and grocery shopping is not your forté.

Luxury personal chef services for the busy executive


I am based out of Chicago. As a career changer working 18 years at FedEx from 1988 until 2006. My desire was to leave a hectic and very stressful career to enjoy the freedom of working for myself. During my years of work at FedEx, eating on the go had become a normal way of life for me.

By the end of my workday, I felt completely exhausted. So, I definitely understand the frustration of having a lack of energy to “finding time” to nourish yourself properly at the end of your day.

After an intensive study in holistic health and herbalism, I had a goal in 2010 to blend wellness with the culinary world. While receiving an educational training in Chicago from the International Culinary School of Chicago-at the Art Institutes, my studies included: Garde Manger, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and Italian cuisine. As well as mentorship from top Chicago executive chefs at The Chopping Block. I enjoy cooking with natural ingredients without preservatives, that are fresh spa healthy cuisine and un-processed delicious food.

My passion is serving local chef-ing clientele in the Ravenswood, Downtown, Forest Park, Oak Park and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of Chicago metro including its north shore suburbs. To give you the level of service that you deserve, I only serve a small clientele each month.


After collaborating with you on a custom design menu for your approval, built to your specific needs. Milan will arrive at your home after shopping for the freshest ingredients. The meals are prepared during a 4-5 hour window with a minimum of 3 complete meals per visit to your home. Weekly or bi-weekly on your chef day she will cook uniquely with you in mind. Afterwards, your kitchen will be fully stocked with meals that you will enjoy for 3-4 days. A mix of protein, starch, vegetables plus healthy snacks. Your items will be packaged for ease of reheating. When you return from work or your vacation your kitchen will be clean, food labeled and stocked in your fridge for your enjoyment. All of this for a flat rate of $325 plus the cost of groceries. No commitment required, pause and resume services at any time.

For exclusive dinner parties allow Milan to shop for the right ingredients, then arrive at your home ready to have fun in the kitchen. As you entertain your guest, she will prepare restaurant quality food, that focuses on flavor and taste. Exclusive Dinner Parties up to 12 guest $95-$105 pp, $175 for the server, and $200 chef fee during the event. Chef Milan Perry is passionate about creating a healthy living as a lifestyle.

I want to feel fabulous

Elegant Private Dining

Exclusive dinner parties of 12, can be fabulous for drawing friends together. However, they can also be stressful if you are doing everything yourself.

With a personal chef here is what you can expect:

  • 4 Course Dinner Menu selected

  • Mediterranean & American cuisine

  • Appetizer, entree, 2 sides and dessert

  • Wine pairing included upon request

In-home Private Chef Service

Come home to your haven after a long hectic day of work, to the smell of delicious food lingering in your kitchen.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tailored menu to your personal taste

  • 1 choice protein, 1 starch, 1 vegetable

  • Weekly or bi-weekly availability

  • Customized menu + healthy snacks

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