New Year Resolutions, 5 Tips to keep you focused

//New Year Resolutions, 5 Tips to keep you focused

New Year Resolutions, 5 Tips to keep you focused

Every January 1st, 41 percent of women around the world resolve to lose weight or get in shape. More than 1/2 have made this same resolution for the last five years or more! In fact, health clubs and gyms see an increase in membership of 25% during the first week of January alone! Staggering thought isn’t it?

However as time pass something else happens. By January 30th, 95% of new year resolutions are dropped and most of women who had a goal of better health and weigh loss quickly go back to their old habits. So, practical steps can you integrate in you life that will help you to achieve your wellness goals this year?

 Here are 5 my Top Tips for turning your New Year resolutions into reality this year:

 1. Do it “write.”

Studies show that the simple act of writing down your intentions which should become a commitment will help your mind + body connect and increase your chance of success. Select no more than three resolutions goals and write them on a piece of paper. Include specifics that you can measure (i.e. I will lose 10 pounds by March 1st; I will have no more than one glass of wine per week). Post your resolutions in a visible place — your bathroom mirror or the dashboard of your car, for example, and say them out loud to yourself each day.

2. Plan ahead

Now that you’ve created your new year goals, plan the specific actions for the new year you’ll need to take to achieve them – don’t leave it to chance! For example: if your goal is to “eat healthy meals” cook 3 entrees in 1 day. It doesn’t have to be complicate either roast fish or chicken. Cut it up in bite size pieces use as a salad. Steam some haricots or french beans now you have a side dish or add all of that to a nice green salad. Always keep cooked beans so you can rinse them take 1/4 cup and add to another salad with vegetables. Just pack a lunch which will save you added calories during the week. Snack on seasonal grapes, blueberries, or black berries in a nice clear bowl.

3. Get to the source of what’s sabotaging your efforts

Are you in a complicated relationship that causes you to splurge on sweets every night? Are you stressed out at work from a demanding boss and feel too drained to eat anything healthy after work? Keep a journal and get in touch with what’s eating you. See if you can make slight changes to the way you respond to stressful situations. Or perhaps it’s time to look for a new job or relationship! When you are able to recognize and tackle the root cause of why you eat, it will be easier to reach your goals without turning to food for “comfort.”

4. Visualize how your life will look when you achieve your goals

Go deep with your new year visualization…Start by asking yourself:

  • What do I want and why do I want it? If you resolve to lose 20 pounds, how will this benefit you? (i.e. more energy, more confidence, age gracefully.)

  • Picture how you will look – what are you wearing?

  • A little black Audrey Hepburn dress? Skinny jeans? Something by Prada?

  • How do you feel? Visualizing yourself as having achieved your goals will help you stay on track toward what’s truly important to you.

5. Share your goals with friends and family

When you tell others, your commitments become more real and you become accountable. Invite friends over to cook and eat new healthy recipes with a glass of wine of course.  Follow these 5 top tips and this may be the last year you make a New Year resolutions to lose weight or get healthy! Here’s to your success and a chic lifestyle!





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