I wish I could take your hand and modify a few things you do so you can reach your goal of living a healthier life.

“When you were in your 20’30s did you ever stop to think about how you were living then would impact your life now?”

I sure didn’t. We were having so much fun, right?

After much reflection, my youth is what got me to where I am today. Not paying attention to what I ate on the go.

That cycle stayed with me back and forth throughout my life.

When I say youth, I’m including my 20’s and 30’s because that is when I notice free-spirited eating happens.

Not long ago my life was a total rush of stress. I lived off sugar and caffeine and anything that would give me a quick lift.

I spent 18 years eating like this, all of eating on the go and experiencing migraines, body aches, and hormonal changes. Gaining weight through emotional eating, my hair began to fall out and my skin when haywire from digestive issues.

This was frustrating, embarrassing as well as shameful because I was an herbalist, ex-model, image consultant, health/wellness practitioner, well-being coach and culinary graduate. In order to lose weight, I had to modify how I ate being almost 50.

How could I eat everything and still expect to feel my best?

Looking back now, I realized that quality is better than quantity which is more sustainable in terms of weight loss.

You need to cease going back and forth with the types of foods that you eat and enjoy 4-5 star dining at home and out. The food chain has changed too much to sacrifice your health by eating 1-star meals. 

Sounds like a good idea, but for most people, this balance just can’t be met because they don’t know how to bring that element into their home. Or you choose not to pay for it, even though you rightfully deserve it.

I call these beliefs Un-Chic Living and I want to share with you the same 3 strategies that I share when working with new clients. This is your motivational boost so you can start living a healthy lifestyle now!

Watch this Video:

Studies show that everyone is affected by weight gain. New research from Cornell University, states it’s not just Americans who are affected, even the French get fat. No country is immune to not gaining weight during certain times of the year.

What I discovered to be interesting is that the extra weight put on between October and December can take you about 5 months to lose. So now you have weight gain from the beginning of the year, mid-year weight gain and end of year weight gain.

No wonder you are feeling frustrated.

Every year as women we carry around 20-30 pounds. Feeling frustrated, disliking our body and allowing this lack of self-confidence to take control of our thoughts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

How to modify your lifestyle to feel better?

“Start moving your body”
“Stop thinking about the next diet”
Etc. (more in today’s video.)

These “un-chic lifestyle habits” are keeping you stuck exactly where you are month after month.

The solution is to modify what, how, and when you eat so that your body can assimilate what it needs so you will get the results you desire

When you start to modify these changes:

  1. Go for a gentle walk, run, incorporate push-ups on the floor or wall and planks every day. This is so important because your bones weaken as you get older because of mineral loss o you want to strengthen them. Since your legs and arms are the longest they will suffer more since they are prone to being brittle. 

  2. Modify how you eat. When you improperly combine foods, your body will hold onto 1 food and cause all kinds of digestive issues.

  3. Retrain your thinking. ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ there is no need to, however like the French we need to pay attention to what, how and when we eat food. This is what allows your body to send you signals of what to do next.

Then listening to your body becomes easier with a few simple lifestyle changes.

You start to consider look better. You become more confident in your clothes because all of them fit better on you as you move into a new way of living.

Then, you can simply replace old thoughts like this is how I am to I look good. This one simple change in how you think will start to cause a shift in your body and your lifestyle.

So have you committed to the art of living yet? No more living an un-chic life.

Now tell me, if you were to reimagine your closet right now for 2018, what pieces would you remove from your wardrobe that doesn’t make you feel elegant?

Leave me a comment on this post, I’d love to know…

Milan Perry, HHP, MH provides Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for successful women 50+, holistically oriented who are at a point in life where they need more to take her health to a higher level. She is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified in Herbalism and is a Culinary graduate.

As a personal chef, busy wife and feels that the “joie de vivre” is wine + anti-aging (not in that order). She coaches women that have tried the fad diets of quick weight loss of 20 pounds without success.

Moving past that, now you are at a point in your life where you feel more in touch with your need of well-being.

Now you’re ready to learn how to feel completely dropped in your feminine power. Learn more about One-On-One Coaching with Milan here.

It takes enlightenment to take care of self on the highest level possible.

Mindset + Motivation is one of the most critical steps to get to your desired weight.



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