For The Busy Modern Woman Transitioning

And Needing to Slow Down in Life

I know life has been busy, busy, busy, and as a modern woman you haven’t taken care of yourself the way you know you should.

Passing 40 you sense now it’s time to level up for yourself. By connecting more with the woman you envision plus cultivate quality life.

What if you raised your standards in every facet of your life? What would that do for your level of tolerance to what you allow in your life?

Let Us Be the Place You Can Come To Exhale

Elevate your self-care to a whole new level.*

As a creative and resourceful woman, understanding the intuitive rhythm of your body, you sense what’s best.

So now go from busy and lost to chic and attuned, feeling more incontrol celebrating life.

Let’s dive into a 7 week chic lifestyle coaching 1-on-1 immersion from my virtual boutique office OR a local chic spot for Chicagoans.

What to Expect During Your Sessions:

1. Supercharged Goal Setting

2. Stress Reduction and Self-Care

3. Holistic Life Balance Coaching & Technology Addiction

4. Creating Mindful Habits for Transformative Change

5. Strategies To Live Life Intuitively: & Stop Procrastinating! 

6. Take Inventory Of Life Stressors 

7. Mind+Body+Spirit: More Than Food & Exercise 

8. A Heart -to-Heart with Yourself: Past Guilt & Regrets

Bonus: weekly 15 min accountability call, Your World, Your Way, Your Moment!

I Radiate Love and Happiness Every Single Day

How does this work?

  • Say, “YES I want to invest in being better AND feeling better!”.

  • Receive your client On-Boarding Documents.

  • Return completed paperwork to start your sessions.

  • Sessions are 45 min weekly + one additional 30 min check-in & accountability session = total of 14 sessions.

We’ll strategically map out a customized transformative lifestyle plan to take your well-being to the next level in the weeks to follow. Mindful Living principles will focus on the whole person, a MIND + BODY + SPIRIT holistic experience.

the link between beauty and confidence is more about one’s own self-image ~ media psychologist Dr. Rutledge


Live elegant defy aging!

Hello, I’m Milan, 50 year young modern woman and owner of Sonaturelle Wellness. Lifestyle & Wellness Coach.

Through my ‘Classy Coaching, I work with the modern women 40+ who need wellness and support in life.

Through my journey I’ve had my moments of feeling lost, to busy to slow down and stressful eating. This lifestyle took it’s ugly toll on my life, body, image and thoughts.

The turning point… came when one day sitting in my car crying, realizing that I hadn’t been taking care of myself even though I knew exactly how to. I somehow allowed myself to get pushed into the background. Then I realized that I was human in need of support.

Prioritizing external factors as a modern woman and caring for others, became high on my list. Being almost 50 I knew I needed to reclaim myself. So I began to implement and incorporate this way of life with every new client.

After an intensive study in functional medicine…I released, exhaled and renewed myself. Now I’m here for you.

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{Client Testimonial: “Milan’s grasp of the inner workings of the human body, its physiological processes is excellent. Her no bones approach to explaining and helping you better understand how your body works are simplified yet profound. Milan truly has a holistic approach toward helping you become a better you. Milan is flexible, professional and personable. You will be surprised what you find out about your own personal chemistry. All in all Milan & SoNaturelle are worth their weight in gold}.” ~ V. Jones, Chicago

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Coaching request answered within 48 hours. Setup your Free 60 min initial ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet‘  Makeover session. If you are ready to get started, schedule now! Once accepted in this coaching program, you will get your Client On-boarding Documents. Once the paperwork is completed, returned by email, then you and Milan will schedule out your wellbeing coaching. For questions Please read our Disclaimer. Send an email to milan@sonaturellewellness.com or use this quick contact form for questions I look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey. Celebrate Life!