Mindful eating after 40 can play a huge role in rather or not you maintain your weight or gain weight. In today’s video we are going to talk about conscious and mindful eating. Why is this important? Because so often you can be eating food and not being aware of what is in it. Now what exactly does that mean, conscious and mindful eating? That means being present with what you’re eating and being conscious of what is going in your food and how it has an effect on your body and what you’re eating.

So in video #1:  you learned you AM Energy Boost, your strategy #1. Why it is so important to eat breakfast in the morning and in what particular way or manner that your body can benefit the most from eating breakfast. Strategy #2, we talked about H20 the Elixir for the Cells and how hydration is the best thing for your body. In today’s video we are going to talk about, consciously and mindful eating for women over 40. So if you haven’t seen those videos then I suggest stopping right here and take a look at those and come right back. So when you are in a restaurant how is that you are not being mindful?

Can you really be present and conscious eating all of that in 15 or 30 minutes? The reason that there is a danger like this is your brain and stomach needs to register that you are satiated.  It takes about 15 minutes before your brain and your stomach connects that you have had enough.

If you are eating a lot and not being conscious, paying attention or being present; you have the tendency to overeat which can hinder and make you plateau in any weight loss goals that you are trying to reach.

Here are 3 tips to be present when you are eating:

  1. choose a smaller plate

  2. remove foods that you will not be eating from the table

  3. always eat with a grateful heart and a grateful spirit

That way you will be mindful of what is going in your body, the taste, seasonings, spices and you will enjoy the meal as well as the company around you. Great food is about building connections and relationships. Until our next video.

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…stay Beautiful and Healthy,

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