Who Is?

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PHOTO’s TAKEN 20 YEARS APART (2017 vs 1997).

Your Age-Defying Wellness Within A Lifestyle

  • Completed Holistic Health Practitioner Program; Global College of Natural Medicine

  • Master Herbalist; Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness

  • Honors/Associate Degree in Professional Cooking & Nutrition; The Art Institutes International Culinary School

  • Food Styling; The Art Institutes International Culinary School

  • Educated in premium wines and gourmet food pairings.

The Love of My Life

Milan C. Perry, HHP, MHHealthy Lifestyle Coach, Chef
When you live healthy and eat healthy, your body shows it’s gratitude! “…for the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Some of my highlights

My mission is to empower, support and inspire you to be that chic, healthier version of yourself; to age with more grace and vigor by learning to truly listen to the language of the body. I’ve had the privilege to work with many women in person with one-on-one consultations, and around the world through my online virtual bespoke wellness program, ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’!

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‘SoNaturelle’ came about years ago when I was a French language student and working as a commercial print model in Chicago. My wonderful husband Mark (who is also my Co-founder, Copywriter, and Content Manager) encouraged me to develop my concept. This vision was inspired by a book from Author Mireille Guiliano entitled: “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. After reading her book:

  • I experienced an epiphany

  • My way of eating changed radically

  • This began my journey to ‘wholistic’ wellness

To be in love and finding someone who appreciates you.  I have been married to the same wonderful man for 20 plus years, who also defies his own age and still takes my breath away,“je t’aime beaucoup, mon amour!”
I do not attempt to diagnose or treat diseases, prescribe drugs, pharmaceuticals, or perform invasive procedures. My goal is to guide, educate, and motivate YOU towards incorporating practical lifestyle habits. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I am trained to look at someone’s wellness issues—stress issues—or weight gain issues “wholly” and organically, which entails both the need and benefit of viewing it from 3 separate and unique perspectives: (1) your Genetic Health- (2) your Lifestyle Habits and (3) your Environmental Health. By using this methodology; I’m able to see the full picture. What you may believe to be the causality of a certain issue or problem could be originating from a totally different place. It might be time to Recalibrate you!

When it comes to true wellness, there is no one size fit all. You can successfully lose weight without being on a restrictive diet, and even enjoy wine. If you are constantly depriving and starving yourself of every food that you’re accustomed to enjoying eating, then you are creating imbalances in your body’s metabolism and imprinting on your brain to crave those foods even more so, and the weight will ultimately come back. What I advocate is reaching a mental place, a peace of mind where you are in control, and comfortable with your body and foods that you choose to eat. No guilt.

My motto is: ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’
  • I was a FedEx Courier truck driver for 7 years!
  • Most noteworthy: commercial print model in my 20’s-30’s
  • In my 40’s I started my personal chef business
  • I speak French/English fluently and worked professionally as a Language Interpreter
  • At one time I was an image stylist in a high-end boutique.
  • I have a style fetish for gorgeous fashionable hats which adds a certain, “Je ne sais quoi”!
  • My 89 yr old grandmother recovered from hospice using natural holistic therapies and herbalism through my treatments! >> Read ON

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