Menopause: Could It Diminish Your Self Esteem And Make You Fat?

Today I want to talk about the “M” word menopause. For years this was a misunderstood topic.

I started perimenopause in 2016 and didn’t know that I was, until listening to a conversation with my aunts. Oddly it didn’t last very long, however, the weight gain as my hormonal levels changed did.

Now, what happens later on as I age, is rather unpredictable since our body as women are always changing.

The closer I got to age 50 it was a beautiful beginning to really getting to know myself more and more deeply and loving my discoveries.

Then all of a sudden, I would have this momentary burst of heat when it wasn’t summer.

During the night sweating would leave me soaking wet.

As time passed, then little amounts of weight gain shifted from month to month.

It was so subtle I didn’t even notice it until the next season, finding that I could not get into my clothes again.

Menopause symptoms made me feel nervous and  anxious

When I went to my niece’s wedding, I was feeling a bit of a meltdown while shopping.

Thinking I couldn’t wear certain fabrics because they didn’t breath well or that was too hot.

Granted that could very well be true, that wasn’t the problem.

From the days of Edith Bunker, menopause has been and still is the least understood and most poorly, mostly negatively, represented phases of a woman’s life.

Honesty, the first time it happened I was embarrassed the next morning thinking that I urinated on myself.

It wasn’t at this time that I noticed the weight, that was gradual.

I felt angry that I couldn’t get the sweating under control even ruining some of my delicate fabric blouses in the process of this change.

As with most ages and stages, every woman’s experience is different.

Yes, there are things which are sure to happen to your body during menopause to make you feel like you have no control over the outcome.

  • Body changes especially if you have poor body image.

  • Moods shifts going up and down uncontrollably most days.

  • Severe hot flushes & excessive sweating taking away confidence!

  • Issues with blood pressure having a tendency to be rather high.

  • Low thyroid or thyroid stop working the way it should overall.

What you can control is how you look at it and how to bring your body back in harmony with a sense of balance, as I have done. 

If you are not confident in your skin going into menopause, then you won’t be confident while in menopause.

The minute I discovered that my symptoms were just symptoms of change and they had stopped; the self-hate and anger stopped.

Although the struggle with energy is a constant uphill battle but only when I find myself not moving much or getting outdoors in fresh city air.

With my knowledge of herbs and supplements, I knew what would help.

Herbs that support the body and stressful symptoms of menopause

The less weight you gain during menopause, the better your menopause symptoms will be.

Waiting until they did their job was the hard part. I’m not the most patient person either.

When it first began (with hot flushes), I went online and came across many forums of women who were sad/distraught/lost/angry and I decided that this wasn’t going to be my experience – because our experience of menopause is actually our choice.

There are so many social beliefs about what happens during menopause from what textbooks tell doctors or what is passed from generation to generation from our mothers.

I have found every woman is different and unique. 

Having experienced forgetfulness and fogginess as symptoms of menopause; every woman the experience is different but going through life’s changes at a certain point in life is real.

No one, not even medicine can explain it because there is no test that will tell you that you are in menopause.

When you take into consideration your lifestyle which can make our symptoms worse or easy to cope with.

Within your DNA are traits that influence how your body works, your aging ability, the right type of foods for you to consume, exercise and the best lifestyle habits.

These are the behaviors that directly impact how you feel, function and look – right down to the cellular level.

Isn’t that a staggering thought?

You hold the key to true change and transformation

Your very own personal roadmap that we create will give you a concrete plan of action to optimize how you want to feel. With knowledge comes power!

Let’s get going so you can take those beginning steps to make you feel and look better for the healthier, fab-fit life you desire.

Of course, we have to work harder/longer to achieve similar results of our youth …. definitely why “use it or lose it” makes so much sense.

I make a choice every day, how we want to age and how to do it in a way that defies the status quo: herbal therapy to support changing hormones/immune system.

Benefits of lifestyle changes for menopausal symptoms:

  • More confidence

  • Lifestyle plan

  • Higher libido

  • No hot flushes

  • Weight loss

The better your lifestyle which can include getting adequate amounts of sleep, moving your body, finding joy in life, including wellbeing as part of your daily routine, staying hydrated, fewer symptoms that your body will experience.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, please feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Facebook page, where I post daily nutrition and health tips, articles and resources for how to live a chic healthy lifestyle, lose weight, lower your cholesterol and dine in or out, all without dieting.

Milan Perry, HHP, MH provides Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for successful women 50+, holistically oriented who are at a point in life where they need more to take her health to a higher level. She is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified in Herbalism and is a Culinary graduate.

As a herbalist. healthy lifestyle coach, menu planner, busy wife. The “joie de vivre” is wine + anti-aging (not in that order). She coaches women that have tried the fad diets of quick weight loss of 20 pounds without success.

Moving past that, you’re at a point in life where you feel more in touch with your need of well-being.

If you’re still struggling with trying to maintain your weight and feel as confident as you used to, schedule your FREE ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Makeover call with Milan.


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