“Mammogram, screening for breast cancer is a personal choice rather or not you decide to have one”.

This was my thinking as I got my little slip. I was long over due to see my doctor. During my routine visit I was rather anxious to know if I would get the clean bill of health this time around.  Turning 40 has a lot of worries that you think about often. I reflect often on my mothers health and her mother’s and then I change my personal health blueprint. After slipping my clothes on I left the examination room while my husband so patiently waited for me.

When I got into the car he handed me a little pink slip from the receptionist. I looked at him and said, what is this? His reply was oh, the receptionist gave me this to give to you. After reading it, there was a long pause and I thought to myself am I at that age now where I should be thinking about a mammogram?

I sat rather numb for a second. My emotions wasn’t founded upon the what if, but how will I explain to my doctor that I personally refuse to have a mammogram. No, it’s not for some religious reason, it is my personal choice that I would not have this testing done on my body.

I understand that many women feel that if such a screening had not existed they would have never have found out if the had breast cancer. From my perspective there are no studies that show if you would have never received extreme amounts of radiation that you would have not developed cancer. In fact, I had the privilege to be a host at a lecture sponsored by the ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology). During one of the lectures, the doctor speaking asked the question to his colleagues, “how many of you believe a patient will die if he doesn’t have treatment?” At first no one raised their hand then the question was repeated. Out of a room of 114 specialist in their fields. Only 4 raised their hand. That was very powerful for me. 

But let me explain my reasoning just in-case some of you think this is non-sense on my part. Just want to share with something that I learned from one of my Nutrition Classes that had a profound affect upon my decision to not have a mammogram.

Cancer is a group of diseases by unrestrained cell division and growth that can disrupt the normal functioning of a organ and spread beyond the tissue in which it started.

Cancer has a two step process: (1)a Carcinogen, such as an X-ray, initiates the sequence by altering the genetic material  of a cell (DNA) and causing a mutation. These cells are either repaired or replaced. But when the cell is not replaced.. (2)A Promoter like alcohol and high calorie diets can cause the mutated cell to grow into a tumor


With this in mind I realized I had a choice. Since I have changed my health and lifestyle my other choice was how much X-ray do I want to put my body through.

With knowledge we can make the best decision for our body without being pressured to do something that we feel may harm us. This is my personal choice and I don’t push my opinion on anyone else.






I do not diagnose disease, treat disease, prescribe drugs and pharmaceuticals, or perform invasive procedures. My goal is to guide and educate YOU about wellness for lifestyle changes. It takes teamwork to figure out the underlying cause that contributed to the problem and teamwork to eliminate it, this is the nature of my holistic therapy. {Disclaimer}