I live close to the lake but one of the things that I love to do is walk 6 miles aiming at my 10,000 steps while enjoying the blue waters of Lake Michigan. Depending on how I feel, I may polish up my vintage green Schwinn and bike the drive. Either way beauty and age-defying exercises always await me. These are simple lifestyle changes to lose weight before mid summer. I want you to look great, feel amazing and have fun doing so! How can you reach for your goals in a short amount of time?


  • PLAN to have healthy snacks at home

  • Understand how to READ labels

  • Listen to your body, stop if you are satiated

  • If you need help, I am your SUPPORT!


Our bodies can’t process and burn off the amount of food that a man’s body can. When you incorporate lifestyle changes to lose weight, know your limits and respect that your body can only consume so much. When I was a newly-wed, I will admit that our quality time revolved around food, but it doesn’t have to.

Last year surprisingly, I allowed hubby to cut my hair, with my guidance of course. When you choose to go Au naturale and no more chemical, you refuse to let anyone touch your strands. I even let him give me a henna once. No, he is not a hair stylist but just allowing him to do something that was dear to me was kind of nurturing. That being said, plan a night to cook something healthy together. If trying new recipes is dear to you make healthy traditions. There is something nurturing about taking care of each other.

One of my single friends asked me, Milan, how have you maintained your weight over 20 plus years of being married?

My response to her was,
 if I can’t be the best looking women in the room I will always aim at being number 2! Vanity.. maybe not, you see I have come to terms that how I feel about myself is more important than how my husband sees me. 


I have been married almost 22 years but maintaining my weight has been a struggle. Just because I am a health & lifestyle coach doesn’t mean that I don’t experience issues as other women. Every woman has some issue or flaw. A pattern that I observe among a lot of women is that we allow others to dictate how we feel about ourselves. This should not be the case. Our sense of self-worth should come from inside especially as we get older.

Yes, it may take some effort just to get motivated but start small and PRIORITIZE. Take note of these lifestyle changes if you want to lose weight. Seriously look at your life and begin to make changes 1 step at a time.

5 motivational tips to help you on your journey

  1. Identify the reasons you gained weight

  2. Deal with them, then move on

  3. No more dieting or fasting it’s not a long term fix

  4. Start walking, jogging or biking as exercise

  5. If you stop the momentum, start up again

Eventually, whatever movement that you do will become your habit…your lifestyle change. There are so many things in chicago that you can do to begin your journey to health. Since we will finally have spring or summer it should be pretty easy right. The lifestyle changes to lose weight should be something fun for you.

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