Lifestyle and cancer combined are two words that we don’t seem to give much credence to. But it has a huge bearing on the outcome of our life. Our lifestyle dictates rather or not we suffer from low immune function, digestive imbalance or are at risk for cancer.

When I was younger perhaps as yourself, I didn’t always eat the most healthiest foods. When I became an adult I realized how what I ate had a huge bearing on how I aged. I didn’t think about disease in relation to my lifestyle until I became wiser.

Most of the time we associate ones lifestyle with partying or financial spending habits. It goes deeper than that. Our lifestyle can be created by our influences as well as the way we were raised. Our diet, physical fitness levels, our mental thoughts, even external environment. These are the types of lifestyle changes that we have to give consideration to.

There are however, other changes that we can make in our life to reduce our risk of getting cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I wanted to share a holistic view on how to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Support that you need after the chemo

Cancer tumor cells have about 15% of drug resistant cells which are not affected. Their levels of toxicity is so high that they can only be used for a short period of time. The FDA criteria for chemo-therapy is to shrink the tumor by 50% in 28 days. So, if your lifestyle is not changed within a certain time frame, the chances of regrowth is extremely high. This puts a different spin on things doesn’t it?

Lifestyle changes that you can easily make

  1. Lose Weight – this may be easier said than done, especially if you have never really gave a lot of thought to what you eat.

  2. Improve Diet -balance and harmony is key to bringing your body back to harmony. Looking at all areas of your lifestyle; your nutritional intake, emotional needs, your spiritual issues, self-image, pand your mental state. Being a optimist or pessimist

  3. Avoid chest/breast radiation – thermography is one of the best alternatives for breast cancer discovery. And you don’t have the anxiety of putting your breast on a cold machine getting squeezed.

Holistic Therapy that you can integrate

Detoxification – since your body is self-healing it has an amazing  ability to rid waste and poisons from the body. Which means that when we work together, I will make sure that all of your organs of elimination receive support. What you can expect is:

  • Support your whole system or elimination

  • Target any over taxed organs using herbs

  • Alleviate symptoms and address any present concerns

Herbal Therapy has so many wonderful benefits different than pharmaceuticals, they help to support the body so that it can do what is is design to do. If you are taken chemo-treatment, herbs are an excellent alternative to add as a compliment in your healing.

Years ago, I worked for a Chiropractor who had a patient that didn’t have children and she wasn’t married. I recall may times her saying that she was alone. No one should have to leave their support of doctors to be alone. If you need additional support after the treatment, schedule a complimentary, Live Life to the Full Strategy. I would love to help you in your journey to wellness.

…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,


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