Kitchen Skills for The Health Conscious Cook

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Online Cooking Workshop designed to teach you the basics of healthy cooking, your kitchen etiquette in the kitchen.


Week 1: Make it sizzle! The source of great cooking — it’s not what you think.

Week 2: Gain confidence in the kitchen with your newly created 5 star menu. Have finesse in the kitchen, what makes a home cook from a chef?

Week 3: All about you – How to serve yourself well, get out of your own way and and have your sauce. Poach with elegance. Your health and taste buds need you to up-level.

Week 4: Other people – Ways to develop a menu to impress your guest, saute, stuff your breast and toss out your cookbooks. How to cook like a chef.

Week 5: Your lifestyle – Dining in mindful, dining out chic, and eating well. How to stop fretting about eating well and listen to the language of your body.

Week 6: Embracing style and presentation, eat with all your senses.

Each week we’ll have a 90 min call together as a group exploring the topic of the week. I’ll be coaching you on the exact things you need help with on each call. Between sessions you can use the Facebook group to connect, explore and take the conversation further. 1 /60 min Session with Milan.

As a Result of Your Fashionable Dining Experience– Your Take Away 

~ ​Move forward with our health and wellness even if you are in pretty decent shape.

~ Begin to create new recipes that you absolutely love, delivered weekly from my repertoire.

~ Bring excitement back to shopping again, unlimited access to Milan.

~ Connect with and begin to reconnect to the wisdom in your body.

~ Be clear in that diets do not serve you, your body knows how to authentically serve you for the greater good.

~ Feel more at ease cooking healthy and never worry about what to eat again. Your greatest impact!

~ Good food create amazing relationships and communication with people.

~ Become more comfortable around choosing wine and pair your drink and meal perfectly every time. Introducing Vitamin W.

~ Learn to execute your menu with a little finesse and navigate the market with more ease.

~ Embrace an enhanced change in your taste-buds, your senses, visual food appeal, or any area where you dine out and in.

EARLY BIRD $547.00

First 5 sign ups get a 1hr skype session with Milan

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Permission to Play with your Food + Be Ready to Get Fashionable

A New Love Affair Will Begin

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