Virtual Cooking Workshop designed to teach you the basics of healthy cooking, fun fashion in the kitchen.

Virtual Beautifully Simplistic

If you have no kitchen savvy but you want to learn basic kitchen skills & healthy cooking That's Right, It's For You! , we will keep it simple to get you in and out.

Free Support & Mentorship

Milan truly cares about what goes into your body which is why fashion in the kitchen was born! Over 32,000 Users! To support your healthy journey!

Easy Client Access

Fashion in the Kitchen will familiarize you in Wellness and Basic Culinary skills; food prep, menu planning & time Pretty chic right! saving tips.

Kitchen Skills for The Woman Who Want to Eat Well at Home Without Dieting


Episode 1: Pots and Pans Essentials; Cutting Skills

Episode 2: Cooking Vegetables & Whole Grains

Episode 3: Cooking with Protein & Fats

(learn to de-bone, filet, sauté, poach or sear)

Episode 4: Food Styling & Presentation Lesson

BONUS WEEK: Menu Planning 101

1 /60 min Session with Milan

 1-on-1 Personal Attention

Your Fashionable Take Away 

~ ​Two videos weekly teaching culinary techniques

~ Easy and quick recipes delivered to your mailbox

~ Unlimited email access to chef Milan

~ Guided Video Tutorial on the best way to organize your space

~ Cook like a professional chef

~ Discover what to look for at the grocery store

~ Feel more at ease cooking healthy

~ Good Food For Non-Vegans

~ Questions answered within 48 hours

~ Learn to execute your menu with a little finesse

*Space is Limited Personalized Attention*

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Permission to Play with your Food 

Be Ready to Get Fashionable

A New Love Affair Will Begin

Recipes & Menu Customized For A Busy Lifestyle! 

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 I want to feel fabulous