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Online Cooking Class designed to teach you the basics of healthy cooking, and chic etiquette in the kitchen.

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You know you need to lose some weight. Maybe you are already in pretty decent shape and you need some strategies to keep it off. If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

One thing for certain is you enjoy delicious food that has lots of flavor, amazing aroma and spa quality appeal.

But the problem is you often find yourself dining out often, juggling career and life leaving you no clue or too tired to pull it together in a organized, easy, healthy way in your kitchen.

Now here you are midweek! Craving just wanting to enjoy great food and perhaps a smooth glass of wine in the comforts of your home.

What do you do?

Order out perhaps. Since you were never taught how to cook healthy food or you never learned how to cook a decent meal. This is definitely not your forté.

Imagine going from living life like this?

learn to eat healthy in the kitchen and lose weight

To living a more mindful healthy life like this?

Healthy eating habits starts in the kitchen not at work

Elegance requires better organization. 

It’s time to live more elegant, chic and organized starting with your kitchen and dining.

Lack of time may be your complaint to eating better. But it is just an excuse. Let’s get elegant in the kitchen!


Week 1 Workshop: Make it sizzle! In this workshop you’ll understand that the true source of dining well is using the right tools so you can cook healthy gourmet food.

Week 2 Workshop: Learn how to navigate your favorite market with finesse so you will always have the right staples on hand.

Week 3 Cooking Class: An exciting explosion of flavors! Introduction to using colorful, vibrant vegetables, fresh herbs and mouthwatering spices.

Week 4 Cooking Class: Cook like a chef! Develop a menu to impress your taste buds; stuff your breast, sear, saute, or braise it. Get ready to toss out your cookbooks.

Week 5 Cooking Class: Live satisfied not full! Learn to eat intuitively infusing flavorful whole grains in your life and listen for the language of your body.

Week 6 Cooking Class: Eat in a way influenced by the French that keeps you fitting in your clothes. Your lifestyle of mindful eating chic & elegant.

  • Each week we’ll have a 1/45 min online Zoom cooking class or culinary training session together (private or small group) + Q & A follow-up, exploring the topic of the week. You’ll get personalize guidance which you can’t get from a cooking show.

  • Between cooking sessions you can connect with Milan by email or request to take the conversation deeper.

  • 1 /60 min Session with Milan before the program to analyze your needs, taste and personal preferences.

As a Result of Your Chic Dining Experience– Your Take Away 

~ Create new recipes that you absolutely love, delivered weekly from my repertoire.

~ Connect with how you want to feel and begin to reconnect to the wisdom in your body.

~ Be clear in that diets do not work, your body knows how to serve you for the greater good.

~ Feel more at ease cooking French inspired delicious healthy food.

~ Never worry about what to eat again. Your greatest takeway that will impact the way you live!

~ Learn to execute your menu with a little finesse and navigate the market with more ease.

~ Embrace and enhanced your taste-buds, your senses, visual food appeal, wherever you dine.

Course begins March 4, 2019

I want to feel fabulous



Permission to Play with your Food

Sneak Peek Tutorial…WATCH VIDEO BELOW 

A New Love Affair Will Begin. Now You Can Lose Weight or Have a Healthier Relationship With Food. 

learning to cook basics healthy at home online for beginners in your kitchen

I’m so excited you are here! I truly believe you landed here for a reason. One place you can always find me is in my local market.

While receiving training in Chicago from the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes Chicago, my love of wellness continued to call me home.

My culinary educational studies included: Food Styling, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

After working as a personal chef to high-level clientele in Chicago, infusing wellbeing seemed only natural. Blending the two was the perfect marriage of committing to the art of dining well.

My specialty is showing you how to create spa quality food, inspired the French. Chic food that speaks to you, sorry no bland stuff.

I enjoy helping my clients learn how to cook using natural ingredients without preservatives, that are fresh spa healthy cuisine and un-processed delicious food. Food brings people together, it is a Naturelle Exchange, join me in the kitchen!

Change the way you eat, change the way you live. Let’s get elegant and have fun!

Interested in other health, wellness & retreat lifestyle services OR you simply have questions LET’S HAVE A CHAT CLICK HERE 

I want to feel fabulous